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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.   Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Zoe 8

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Entered: 07/05/2021
Status: Permanent Foster
Age: 15
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 36 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Audubon, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, mostly deaf, taking medication to prevent urinary leakage, receiving an anti-inflammatory medication for her joints
Temperament: Good with people of all ages but would like a quiet home without young children, good with other dogs and cats

Zoe 8's Story . . .

Update 11/05/2022:  “At almost 15 and 3/4 years old, Zoe is still going on walks and up and down the stairs!”

Zoe continues to be a wonderful guest in her foster home. She is so well behaved and gentle. She recently met five new kids who just moved into the neighborhood. These small ones were not very dog familiar and not comfortable with the jumping resident Cocker Spaniels. Leave it to Zoe to save the day! She stood totally still and let even the most reluctant child enjoy her soft fur with some gentle pets. She is a true goodwill ambassador for Springer Spaniels.

Zoe is still not a good eater. In typical fashion, she loves something new until she hates it! Most recently her foster mom was grinding up her dog food into powder, wetting it to make it moist, and adding some canned food to enhance the smell. Zoe loved that for a few weeks. Then she decided that she could not eat it ever again. Next on the rotating menu is hard dog chow, either hand fed as if it were a treat or in a small pile on the floor. Meals come in bowls; treats come on the floor or from a hand. Her foster parents say this might seem crazy, but if Zoe eats, they are happy.

At almost 15 and 3/4 years old, Zoe is still going on walks and up and down the stairs! Her day is rounded out by lots of naps with hugs and kisses thrown in. Zoe is still smiling and happy and enjoying life as a MAESSR dog.

Update 08/04/2022:  “She continues to be the goodwill ambassador of the neighborhood, giving kisses to everyone she meets on her walks." 

Miss Zoe celebrated her 15th birthday in March! This distinguished senior lady might be slowing down, but she still enjoys life.

Zoe’s foster mom reports that her trick to get Zoe to eat more by supplying peanut butter sandwiches did not last long. She chooses to eat her way – a little today, maybe some tonight, maybe not. Her foster mom just has to accept that this is Zoe’s preferred way of eating.

Continuing to be a perfect house guest, Zoe gets along wonderfully with the resident dogs. She spends much of the day relaxed on her bed or at her foster mom’s feet but is always available for a head scratching or to give some kisses. She continues to be the goodwill ambassador of the neighborhood, giving kisses to everyone she meets on her walks. It is no wonder her foster mom heard someone say that these were the best dogs in the neighborhood. That certainly wasn’t a reflection on the resident Cocker Spaniels who pull and jump, but likely due to the joy of meeting this beautiful, calm senior girl. Although she goes slowly, she is still able to walk the neighborhood.

Like the rest of us, Zoe is looking forward to cooler fall days to come.

Update 01/20/2022:  “Zoe is a lovely dog.  A true lady.  It is easy to spoil her.”

Zoe has been in her foster home for six months and continues to be a wonderful senior girl. She and her foster family are looking forward to celebrating her 15th birthday together this March. Still active, Zoe continues to go for multiple walks a day, spending much of the rest of the time napping with the resident Cockers. 


Zoe's only issue has been a reluctance to finish her food. No matter what her foster mom tries, it seems Zoe finds a reason to walk away from the bowl. This has caused her to lose some weight which she couldn't spare. And it made the always hungry Cocker gain 5 lbs. since he was always happy to step in when no one was looking and eat Zoe's meals.


After some brainstorming with the foster home coordinator, a solution has been found - peanut butter sandwiches!  Zoe loves them! She now eats a couple every day. Her foster mom has found that Zoe even eats her dog food more enthusiastically once she has had a peanut butter on whole wheat bread appetizer.


It may seem like too many calories, but this girl has the room to pack on about ten pounds, so for now, she will be spoiled with the extra treats. The only problem is that the resident dogs don't get any; although they hover around her when she enjoys one, she never steps away from a sandwich in her bowl so there is no chance to steal one.


Zoe is a lovely dog. A true lady. It is easy to spoil her.

Update 08/30/2021:  “She is a special dog, a true lady – calm, dignified, and beautiful inside and out.”  

After close to two months in MAESSR foster care, Miss Zoe is doing very well. She is a special dog, a true lady – calm, dignified, and beautiful inside and out. She continues to be loved by her foster family and everyone she meets.

Zoe has put on a pound or two and is better about eating her meals. A girl can't just wait for treats all day! She also continues to benefit from medicines for urinary leaking and some arthritis. Actually, neither are much of an issue. She climbs the stairs easily with the resident dogs. Zoe even amazed her foster mom by "springing" onto her bed one day in search of some comforting. What prompted this? Well, her favorite human, the family dad, was leaving but mom was reading in bed. Zoe decided to join the resident Cocker spaniels for some cuddling. This is quite a feat for a 14-year-old Springer because this bed is quite high. Fortunately, it was a onetime event; that bed is already too crowded at night. One dog needs to sleep in a dog bed!

Zoe is in her happy place because MAESSR and her foster family have seen to her every need for the rest of her life. She is a special girl that so deserves the love and care she receives.


Original:  “Like Mary Poppins, Zoe is practically perfect in every way.”

Zoe is a young 14 year old Springer who had been with her Pennsylvania family since puppyhood until life circumstances made it impossible to keep her and her MAESSR dog sister, Lucie. Both dogs were sadly given over to foster care.  Fortunately, Zoe adapted immediately to the change.


Friendly and outgoing, very gentle and sweet, Zoe is a fabulous dog!  As her former owner said, she could have been a therapy dog. There is no dog or person she doesn't like. Although she was around babies and young growing children at her original home, as well as a cat, her forever home should be a quiet one without young children. Zoe is largely deaf and easily startles when sleeping.


Zoe goes for multiple neighborhood walks every day and is wonderful on the leash, except when she spots a squirrel or bunny or deer. Then, her hunting instincts kick in and she is very anxious to pursue so she is not to be trusted off leash. It is unclear what commands she knows since she does not hear, but she does offer a paw and knows to wait calmly and patiently for the leash.


Totally housetrained with perfect house manners, Zoe is able to go many hours between walks and does not use the crate. She had been a reluctant eater in her original home, but her foster mom softens her food with water and waits next to Zoe while she eats to be sure the resident dogs don't eat her food. This has helped her to regain some weight she had lost. In addition she is now on regular twice a day medication for some reported urinary leakage which hasn't been noted in foster care, and an anti-inflammatory for her joints. These keep her happy and comfortable.


Zoe naps with the resident dogs during the day, sometimes on the sofa and on the floor by her foster parents’ bed at night. She does not bark or counter-surf or resource guard. Zoe occasionally enjoys carrying a ball or soft toy but easily gives them up if asked. Zoe is quiet in the car, resting on the back seat. She tolerated some trimming of her feet when she arrived and will likely do well with a full grooming since she has been well kept.