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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Valentino II

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Entered: 02/11/2013
Status: Rainbow Bridge
Age: 9
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 47 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, continuing treatment of ears with polyps diagnosed, anal gland infections being treated
Health Cont.: with mass detected, some lumps which require no treatment
Temperament: Good with people as young as 13 (younger unknown), good with other dogs, okay with cats

Valentino II's Story . . .

Update 01/20/2015:  Tino was my buddy, my pal and he was always by my side.”

Tino became a MAESSR boy almost 2 years ago.  He came out of his shell in the steady hands of his foster parents and began to bloom.  He ran and played with toys…perhaps the first he’d ever had…and was following his foster mom everywhere in short order.  When the season for travel arrived, Tino didn’t pass up opportunity.  The family RV became his home on wheels and took him to sunny Florida and NASCAR events; easy to understand as anywhere his mom went he would go too.
Along the way, Tino dealt with a lot of health issues.  He never let the ones that weren’t curable get him down but at last they ended his travels.  In his foster mom’s words…

“Valentino came to me as a poor broken spirit. He was dirty, not house broken, didn't understand what to do with a toy or a bone.  But he learned quickly that a warm bed and food and treats were a good thing.  After his cancerous tumors were removed, we tried to clear up his horrible ear infection. Unfortunately it was a stubborn one but he tolerated being fussed over. Tino was my buddy, my pal and he was always by my side.  It is a lonely place without him but he is in a much better/healthier place.  Run free my Tino and know that Mommy loves you and misses you!”

The RV will be a little less full this winter, but memories of Tino’s hugs to all will be as warming as the Key West sunshine.  You’re missed, Tino, and will never be forgotten…

Update 12/11/2014: 
May he have peaceful snores under his Christmas tree and hear Santa’s “Ho, Ho, Ho” in his dreams.”
Hot off the NASCAR circuit, Tino was back home in time to enjoy some…just a little…turkey with his family.  Being home brought enticing culinary smells his way and a welcome calm in the aftermath of following his favorite racers!
MAESSR’s senior citizen is looking thin, but still has a huge appetite.  This guy loves his foster mom and follows her everywhere…probably hoping for more turkey.  Keep aging Valentino in your thoughts this holiday season.  May he have peaceful snores under his Christmas tree and hear Santa’s “Ho, Ho, Ho” in his dreams.

Update 09/08/2014:
“His life now is loving and all about his being spoiled rotten!!"

Like most MAESSR families, Tino’s foster family is a very busy one, but one that always finds time after working long days to update his followers.  News is short this time and, once again, all good to hear.
All in all this fortunate gent is doing great. There has been no change in Valentino.  He’s a good boy at home during the week but has his kibble and treats packed so, when the weekend comes, he’s ready for a get-away with his family.  He’s going to NASCAR races with them this season and camps in the RV for these events.  He still gets a little apprehensive about riding in the RV but will settle after a while. 
With time, space and much patience, Tino’s enjoyment of human touch is kindling.  He will let his foster mom kiss him on his head and muzzle.  He is starting to let her scratch his head and pet him without cowering.  Though heartbreaking to think he experienced some trauma that wrecked his faith in people, he’s beginning to trust again.  His life now is loving and all about his being spoiled rotten!! 
Tino sends hugs and wet doggie kisses to all!!!  And to him from his extended MAESSR family comes the wish that his favorite driver win the next race…………..:)).
Update 06/17/2014:  “He does love, love, love to snuggle at his foster mom's feet and enjoy some scratches."
MAESSR’s senior citizen is doing well in spite of his constant ear infections and some “bumps” which are nothing serious.
Tino doesn’t like his resident ESS sister or the resident Cocker but, in the true spirit of sharing….he tolerates them.  At his age, he’s allowed to have a few opinions.  He does love, love, love to snuggle at his foster mom’s feet and enjoy some scratches.
Unfortunately, Tino’s RV travel has been limited because of “accidents” on the motor home carpet, but peace, quiet, and air conditioning at home more than make up for this change in routine.
Valentino will enjoy the summer in comfort and continue to add spice and Springer love to his family’s life!  Couldn’t be happier for you, Tino!!

Update 03/25/2014:  “Tino is full of surprises, his foster mom’s shadow, and a complete love.”       
Valentino really understands the phrase, “lucky dog.”  He traveled to Key West this winter and enjoyed the warm sunshine and beautiful sunsets………and maybe listened to some Jimmy Buffett. What a wonderful place to spend the snowy season….and he was with his favorite people!          
Tino does prefer his house as he had some “potty issues” in the RV, sometimes leaving puddles in spite of having just been out.  He also continues to battle horrible ear infections.  But, he also continues to love everyone.  What a special boy!
Now, back at home, this handsome guy found a bone leftover from one of the resident dogs and is enjoying chewing on it.  Tino is full of surprises, his foster mom’s shadow, and a complete love.
Update 01/20/2014: "Tino is doing very well except for his ears, and seems to be healthier with a shiner coat than he had a year ago."
Lucky, lucky Valentino has escaped winter’s blast and is in sunny Florida traveling in an RV with his foster family.  Wouldn’t we all love to be with him?  
Tino is doing very well, except for his ears, and seems to be healthier with a shinier coat than he had a year ago.  He is not always sure how to communicate his need to go “outside” while he’s in the RV and has had a couple of accidents, and such close living with the resident female Springer is also a bit problematic. But, he’s learning that life “on the go” is different.
Tino’s foster mom has suspected that this handsome fellow was more comfortable with women than with men, and, indeed, he has become a bit snappish when taking treats from males in spite of the “gentle” command.  He handles that routine much more thoughtfully with his mom.
All in all, Tino is a great, sweet dog, very loving to his mom and much loved by his family who will keep him safe and comfortable as long as his quality of life is good.  Enjoy the sunshine, Tino, and safe travels!!
Update 10/20/2013: "Thank you MAESSR for sending me to these nice people who have been spoiling me!”

Tino has had a LOT of health issues since coming into foster care.  It is this that led to his becoming a “Permanent Foster.”    

His ears are an ongoing problem.  They are really sore and he doesn’t like to have them cleaned.  If the problem was limited to infections, he could likely see treatment through but polyps have also been found………a more difficult situation.  To add insult to injury, he has had infections in his anal glands.  This was diagnosed when the vet expressed his anal glands and found nothing but blood.  Treatment began to bring relief but during the exam, a mass was also found in his anus.  His foster mom recently noticed he has another "bump" on his side.  The sad summation is that Tino’s long-term prognosis is not good.  
Fortunately, all these issues haven't slowed Tino down too much.  He does run every now and then.  He loves to be with his foster mom.  Right now his family is doing some RV travel and Tino is on the road with them.  He tends to pace when motoring unless his mom puts the step cover in place so he can lay by the door and right beside her foot rest.  Wow………..what 1st class accommodations for this boy!!!  
The best news comes directly from Tino.…………”I have really won over my foster Mom and she gives me some really neat things. Today she gave me a Kong with peanut butter in it. I really didn't know what to do with it. My foster brother tried to steal it and then told me to lick the peanut butter out of it. Wow was that good! Thank you MAESSR for sending me to these nice people who have been spoiling me! Hugs to my MAESSR brothers and sisters! MAESSR ROCKS!!! SIGNED Valentino in VB” 
As with all permanent fosters, MAESSR’s commitment is to keep Tino comfortable for as long as his quality of life is good.  Happy trails to you and your family, Tino.  May your traveling days be many and all full of sunshine!!
Update 06/15/2013:  "Tis the season for travel and Tino has not passed up opportunity."
Drum roll!!!! “Tino,” as he is known among his friends, is now housebroken. For his part, he lets his foster mom know when he needs to go out. For her part, she has to make sure he goes out just before bed! At this point, their mutual understanding is that she actually has to go out with him, and, then, he will “go.” As light-hearted as this may sound, it’s meaningful progress for this boy and much appreciated by a hard-working foster mom.

Other good news is that Tino’s ears are getting better. His severe infection has been a tough one to eliminate. Treatment continues, as he still has a ways to go, but could be carried on by an adopting family just as it is in his foster home.

Tis the season for travel and Tino has not passed up opportunity. He really rides well in a car and is always ready to hop in when his family is taking off. He’s also traveled some small distances with them in the motor home and did well. This handsome gent simply loves being with his people. If his foster mom leaves the room and he doesn’t notice, he is quickly running around the house looking for her.
A sweetheart, through and through, this underweight stray of months ago may never have even dreamed of life with plenty of food, road trips and no ear pain. No wonder he follows his foster mom around; he certainly would not want to lose her! He understands now that there are good people who will love and care for him. Life is good for Tino now. It will be even better when he rides home with his forever family. Ask about meeting him and complete a dream!
Update 04/22/2013:  "His coat is prettier with good nutrition and a clean bed every night."
Tino is coming out of his shell! If you could have seen him when his foster mom "sprung" him from the shelter, you would be amazed. He runs, plays with toys, and follows her everywhere! He doesn't like people taking his toys from him but his family thinks, with some work, he will realize he gets them back every time.
At the time Tino was neutered, he had two lumps removed. The pathology report noted that the one under his tail was a perianal adenoma and could grow back. The one on his side was a hemangioma, a lump formed by blood vessel tissues in the skin. Both were benign………yeah!! His coat is prettier with good nutrition and a clean bed every night. His ear problem is stubborn and continues to require treatment. Between antibiotics and ointment, fingers are crossed for progress soon. While at the vet’s office Tino met the resident cat, a first encounter for him. When the two went nose to nose with no incident, Tino got another “yeah!”
There is still a problem with "accidents" in the house but, with improving health and a stable homelife, this will fall into place for him. He’s not met small children in his foster home but a 13 year-old granddaughter loves him. No wonder he is a happy boy now! Tino sends hugs to all and is looking forward to the day when hugs are coming his way from his very own family!

Original:  "Valentino is ever the lover and sends hugs to all!"

Valentino’s foster family has seen him blossom in the time he has been with them. He used to sleep all the time but now plays, holds toys in his mouth, and seems like such a happy boy. What is a terrific turnaround for this former stray who arrived dirty and matted at a shelter in Virginia. He has gained some much needed weight. At 47 pounds he still seems thin to his foster mom so she continues to feed his voracious appetite. In short, he eats like a pig!
Valentino is a true Velcro dog! He has not met children under 15 but seems to love all people! As his foster mom sat typing his news, he was at her side wagging. She cannot go anywhere without him at her side! He rides well in the car but does pull on his leash when one is required.
Valentino is crate trained and, with a vigilant family, he is learning good house manners. He hasn’t given his family a signal yet on when he needs to go out, so they watch closely, tell him to go “pee” and he seems to be getting it. Understandably, there are still some accidents. He’s learned to use the doggie door but loves to sit at the back door and bark to come in. Hmmm………with a sense of humor, his family figures that if his forever family doesn’t have a doggie door they’ll still know when he wants to come in!
Now for a word on his health…………Mr. Valentino has been battling a horrible ear infection. He also has a large mass on his side, anal fissures and a cyst under his tail. (That does not stop his "nub" from going non-stop!) Treatment for his ears is the first priority and when they are clear, he will have his lumps and bumps removed.
In the meantime, Valentino is ever the lover and sends hugs to all! Check back for progress on this sweetheart!