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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Peyton 4

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Entered: 07/26/2015
Status: Adopted
Age: 13
Color: Black/White
Weight: 60 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Lawrenceville, NJ
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for tape worms complete, limited hearing, overall good health
Temperament: Good with people as young as toddlers, good with other dogs, shared vacation time well with a cat

Peyton 4's Story . . .

Update 10/08/2015:   Their take on Peyton is that he may chronologically be 13, but he looks and acts more like he is 8!”

A month ago Peyton declared himself to be “the perfect companion”, and, in recent weeks, he’s had the chance to prove himself as he vacationed with a temporary foster family while his original one was out-of-town.  Not to disappoint, he won over people and pets alike in that home.  Peyton got along wonderfully with the cat.  He just wagged his tail when meeting her and did not bother her at all for his whole visit.
Peyton got along very well with the resident Springer too.  The boys never had a cross word, even when playing steal-the-beef-bone from each other.  Yes, there were two bones!  The two walked well together on leashes.  Peyton doesn't pull generally but would charge when meeting another dog. Then, there was a lot of friendly tail wagging.
His Springer-loving hosts found Peyton to be a real character.  He loved to roll on his back in their yard and back inside, he would hop on the couch to be close for some petting and cuddling.  Their take on Peyton is that he may chronologically be 13, but he looks and acts more like he is 8!
When his original foster dad returned home, Peyton immediately went up to him and greeted him warmly.  This gent remains a well-behaved dog who’s a standout when the grandkids visit in that home.  As can happen with little people about, the 14 month-old grandson tripped on Peyton one day and fell on him.  Peyton did not move so much as an inch.  Indeed it seemed he almost hugged the little tyke.
What’s not to love about Peyton?  Look at his pictures again...and again...and again.  That face can make any old day special!  He’s “move-in ready” and could help his adopting family pass out Halloween candy to their trick-or-treaters.  He might even put on a costume!  If loyal companionship and comfort with children are both at the top of your list as you consider adding a canine to your family, ask about meeting Peyton.  He’ll convince you he’s perfect too!!
Update 09/06/2015:  Remember, I am the perfect companion.
Hi All!  Peyton here…
Let me tell you about myself…I’m such a good dog!  I’m very low maintenance and have no special needs at all. I just want to be around people and dogs.  Both are really important to me.  The resident dog here in my foster home is great fun to chase with and race for balls!  A 4 year old lady dog visited for a week since I’ve been here too and I got along great with her.  I’d gladly share toys, dog beds, the yard and the lovin’s with another dog if my adopting family already has one…or two!
The only thing better than playing with another dog is playing with my people.  I LOVE my walks and hope the family who asks for me includes someone who loves to walk as much as I do.  The family could also have little people.  You see, I’m quite comfortable around small tykes.  There’s a 3 year old grandchild who visits here and loves to play with me.  I’m very compliant, of course.  She plays "groomer" or "vet" and I just sit there and let her do her thing.  She’s very gentle with me, of course, and very sweet.  I think I’m very lucky to get to play with her and often am amazed at what she thinks up.
My strong suite is that I’m a great companion dog…for any type of home.  I follow my people around all the time and, if things get a little slow with them, I go and hang out with the resident dog.  Thinking about that, I would be an excellent companion for the dog that needs to have a buddy when its people are out of the house.  There are dogs like that, you know, ones who simply need a friend, 24/7.  I would excel at fulfilling such a need! 
It seems these days people are always talking about health.  So far mine is good.  The issue with my hearing isn’t as bad as was first reported.  I may be a little limited but, with some time to get tuned into the voices around me now, I can hear and clearly respond to all verbal requests, commands, and kind words.  I am noticing some arthritis in my back legs when going up and down stairs here. My family must notice that too and tries to keep me on one floor, but I just follow them all over.  I appreciate their concern but I’m just happier when I’m close to them.  I’m so good that they even took me on their last road trip.  Wow!  How lucky was that?!
Here’s hoping my luck continues and lands me a family of my own soon.  (I just can’t wait to see my webpage moved to those Adopted listings!)  Don’t get me wrong.  Life as a foster dog has been wonderful but here’s what I’m thinking…when I get a forever family, another dog in need can become a foster and will have its chance at a new beginning…just like me. Remember, I am the perfect companion.  In making me part of your family, you’ll be helping another dog too!

“This boy is affectionate, healthy, playful, and social towards all.   Every day with him would be a blessing.”

Peyton came to MAESSR because his Virginia owners were moving to Florida and could not take him with them.  He was originally the owner’s son’s dog, but due to a divorce he moved in with his current owners.
This wonderful senior—nicknamed “Gentleman Peyton” by his foster parents-- loves to socialize with humans and other dogs.  He has a very gentle disposition who seeks to please those around him.  Peyton and the resident five year old Springer are great friends and love to play with each other.  He is also a good playmate with his foster parents’ one and three year old grandchildren.  He loves to meet people but does not jump on them to greet them; instead, he only snuggles up to them for a pat on the head. 
Peyton’s overall health is good for a thirteen year old.  Not plagued with arthritis, he is able to manage stairs easily and loves to go on walks.  While he can hear, his hearing is a little limited, as to be expected for his age.  He understands hand gestures, though, so his people can communicate with him easily.
Housetrained, Peyton will bark to go out and to come back in.  He is crate trained but only uses it to rest on occasion.  When his foster parents are home, he has full freedom in the house.  When left alone, he has access to the kitchen, family room and basement.  At night he sleeps in the foster parents’ bedroom on the floor.  He is a good sleeper.  When left alone or secluded from his foster parents when he knows they are around, Peyton will initially bark but eventually stops.  He likes to sit on furniture but does get off when commanded.  He does love to sit on your lap, though!    He does not counter-surf but loves to watch his people eat, hanging around the table at mealtime.  He and the resident dog are fed in separate rooms mainly because of potential food-aggression of the resident dog.   Peyton has not shown any food aggression and has his meals twice a day without any problems.
Peyton has had some obedience training and knows some basic commands.  His hearing issues can make it hard to assess his knowledge of the commands, but he is overall very compliant.   Peyton loves his walks and does not pull on the leash.  He can be trusted off the leash as well and loves to play in the fenced-in backyard.  He loves to play ball and Frisbee and will seek attention and approval for his behavior.  There is no digging for this sweet Springer.  Peyton loves car rides and is a very good passenger.
The grooming experience was a breeze for Peyton.  He was great for the whole process-- shampoo, haircut, and nail clipping.  He does not mind getting his ears cleaned, either.  He also behaved well while at the vet.  What a good boy!
Peyton is a great dog for any family who acknowledges his limited longevity and who realizes the great love, gratitude, and faithfulness a senior Springer can bring to a family.  This boy is affectionate, healthy, playful, and social towards all.   Every day with him would be a blessing.