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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.   Judy Minnick, NJ              

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To view a video tribute to MAESSR dogs, click here



MAESSR – P.O. Box 807 – Goochland, VA 23063



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Check out our senior/special needs dogs! Learn more about:  TOOTSIE 3 at

Our program, SENIORS FOR SENIORS, charges a $75 adoption fee for adopters aged 60 and over who adopt dogs nine years old and older or special needs dogs.  If interested in one of our senior/special needs dogs, contact Candi Lynn at



  • DOGWISE.COM is another MAESSR affiliate whose mission is to bring humane, understandable and scientifically sound information to people who enrich their lives by working with, playing with and loving dogs.  Many of the books, including the pamphlets, in the MAESSR library can be found at  You can support MAESSR and get great training advice by shopping.   They also sell toys and other products.   Look for the $5 books on sale while you are there!  
  • Thanks to all of the families who feed VeRUS dog food. The free bags that MAESSR receives from the Rescue Frequent Feeder Program help the foster homes. To learn more about the Rescue Frequent Feeder Program, go to the Donations tab, then the Affiliates tab, find the VeRUS logo and click on the link or go to this link for details. It is a really easy way to help foster homes. If you need a frequent feeder envelope, please email Debbie at
  • The MAESSR MARKETPLACE is open 24/7 for purchases. Click the Shop Now button on our Facebook page or go to and click on Marketplace under Categories. We’ve got cool toys for man’s best friend and companion. Check out our Almost Gone/Bargain sections and Clearance items as well as our New items which are adorable




  • *LIVING WITH KIDS AND DOGS…WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND (176 pages) by Colleen Pelar. This book covers more than introducing a baby to the family dog.  It has chapters devoted to each stage of a child’s life with parental pointers for setting their family up for success while raising kids and dogs together.  Parenting books say control your dog; dog-training books say control your kids. The reality is far more complex and goes way beyond placing blame on either children or dogs for being who they are.  Living with Kids & Dogs . . . Without Losing Your Mind provides busy parents with simple, realistic advice to help ensure that the relationship between their kids and their dog is safe and enjoyable for all.  You will learn how to • Help your child and dog develop a strong relationship, built on trust and cooperation • Set your family up for success with a minimum of effort • Recognize canine stress signals and know when your dog is getting worried about normal kid activity • Identify serious behavior problems before someone gets hurt • Provide specific help for managing the interactions with dogs through each stage of your kids’ lives from infancy through the teen years • Prevent your child from becoming part of a growing statistic—children who have been bitten by a dog. Donated by Phyllis Chan.

*Recommended by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

  • THROUGH A DOG'S EAR:  MUSIC TO CALM YOUR CANINE COMPANION, VOL. 1. CD. (Total running time 59:58.)  Studies show these solo piano classical arrangements reduced anxiety behavior and induced calmness in 70% of dogs in shelters or kennels and 85% of dogs in households. What’s the secret? Thanks to their breakthrough research, conducted with veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner, Leeds and Spector have developed a unique understanding of how the canine nervous system responds to sound. Using that insight, they have created music shown to be twice as effective as conventional classical selections for soothing dogs. Through a Dog’s Ear brings you timeless music that you can enjoy with your furry companion—and, most importantly, will help your “best friend” live a happier and healthier life.

~The MAESSR library has over 200 titles of ACTUAL DVDs, CDs, and books, both fiction and non-fiction, to lend out.  You can BORROW items directly from the Training Library at by simply adding them to the shopping cart and checking out or you can email your name, address and material you wish to borrow to  The material will be mailed to you and is due back in three weeks; YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURN POSTAGE.  Unfortunately, we can no longer mail materials internationally. 


~To find the TRAINING LIBRARY’S AMAZON WISH LIST, go to  You can purchase materials (new or used) off the list, and it will be shipped directly to the library.  Pretty quick and easy way to help out MAESSR as well as educate adopters!


~Check out MAESSR LIBRARY’S FACEBOOK PAGE at  You can also access the Library on the “Learn More” button on the page.




  • If you have a PET IN NEED OF PRAYERS, please contact Linda Shope at or Linda Johnston at  They would be happy to add your pet’s name to the pet ministry prayer list.
  • IF YOU SEE A SPRINGER NEEDING RESCUE:  For a springer being rehomed in an ad on social media or in a newspaper, please email  For a springer in a shelter, please email  In your email include contact info such as links to the online post, shelter name, state, and phone number. 



Unfortunately, the Weekly Update mail group does not support photos, but if you want to share pics or videos of your MAESSR dog:


  • RAINBOW BRIDGE CROSSINGS are noted on a monthly basis.  If you would like your MAESSR dog included, please send your name, dog’s MAESSR name if different than the post-adoption name, and year of adoption to  Feel free to include who fostered the dog and a little background info about your dog.  To have the information posted on MAESSR’s Facebook page, send it (including photos) to
  • When you send your notes about events or requests for help, please cc: to help ensure that all events are mentioned in the Weekly Update.
  • Mistakes happen!  Corrections or omissions to the Weekly Update can be sent to


Total dogs in our care this week: 31. Permanent fosters: 4.  Dogs pending a foster home: 1.


Moving into foster homes: 

  • Ava to ML Wolfe
  • Bee to Eva Van Stratum
  • Maisey 5 to Ruth Zimmerman
  • Miles 2 to Jen Ansbach
  • Porter 2 to Connie Reiter-Kreps


Moving into furever homes:  Marky 2 to Edwards 




Submitted by volunteer Cathy Moyer

With thanks to those who helped with submissions/information.