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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Joe Joe

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Entered: 05/17/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 3
Color: Black/White
Weight: 57 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Rockville, MD
Health: UTD, HW-
Temperament: Good with people as young as 10 but will live best with ages 16 and over, good with other dogs,
Temp. Cont.: good with cats

Joe Joe's Story . . .
Update 06/03/2016: “They will sit side by side in the kitchen at dinner time patiently waiting for their turn with no problems.  Astro doesn't mind that the cat is fed first.”
Astro was moved to another foster home where he could receive more individual work on his training. In the first couple of weeks in his new home, he would sprint out the door and race around the backyard nonstop with his nose to the ground as if searching for something. His foster dad had to leash him after only a few minutes to calm his rapid breathing due to his constant motion. A technique used to somewhat check this behavior was introducing Astro to a tennis ball in an effort to redirect his focus to a game of catch. This is working better every day; he is a very good athlete and has a gift for catching a ball.
Initially Astro had no interest in any toy or ball, but consistent exposure has helped him to "occupy" his mouth when he meets new people as he gets very excited, wiggly, and a bit "mouthy. His mouthing is not terrible, but it is unwanted and could scare some people who don't understand what an excited boy he can be. When Astro does start to get wound up, his foster dad just asks him to "bring me something" and it's usually his tennis ball. He has an abundance of energy and his dad had to stop feeding the birds due to Astro’s great interest in chasing them and trying to climb trees to get closer to them. He also will be in hot pursuit if he sees a rabbit or squirrel in "his" back yard, which is understandable now after three weeks.  He does a perimeter check of his yard as soon as he’s released from his leash and "wait" command.  His foster dad has been leading him into the back yard on a leash in an effort to mellow his off leash racing behavior. He also is setting up some other activities to refocus Astro’s attention away from the wildlife and various smells that get him going.
On leashed walks, Astro will stop fixating on the wildlife and cats when asked to "leave it," and he does encounter several dozen critters daily on his training walks. There have also been a couple of afternoons, lately, as his dad was working in the backyard that Astro rolled in the yard, laid down, and actually went to sleep. Progress!
Astro has adjusted to his new home and yard fairly well in a short time. He learns quickly, but obviously has more or less done things his way up to this point. Consistency has been the key to his progress. He had some issues about jumping up on people when he got excited, but that only lasted one day. He also wanted to bolt out of a door when opened; again, it took one day to correct that behavior. He now sits and waits for direction when going in and out and will "move back" when asked.
Astro enjoys the crate and couldn't wait for his foster dad to set it up. He will go right in when asked to do so. He's smart; he just needs rules and consistency. It did take over a week for the resident cat to accept a new roommate, however. Even though he grew up and peacefully lived with a resident dog that recently passed away, the kitty was in hiding for several days after Astro’s arrival. This has run its course and they are good friends now, politely ignoring each other. They will sit side by side in the kitchen at dinner time, patiently waiting for their turns with no problems.  Astro doesn't mind that the cat is fed first. He allows his foster dad to put his hand in his bowl while he's eating and is a member of the clean plate club, as most Springers are.
His foster dad tries to take Astro to different places to expose him to a variety of settings, other people, and dogs. They attended an open house where they walked among dozens of dogs of different temperament, and Astro was a perfect gentleman. Another dog visits Astro’s home frequently and the two run around the yard together.
Astro has shown no sensitivity to loud noises in his new home. He is exposed to close car and truck noise on daily walks with no issues. Other loud noises he’s been exposed to include:  a commercial lawnmower, weed eater, blower, circular saw, power drill, and his dad’s Harley…all with no problems. He will bark at the trash men, but just to alert that they have arrived and he will stop when he’s told that it's “okay.” Fireworks elicited a little barking until Astro was told to "settle." It doesn't take much to calm him down because he is very smart.
Clippers have been used on him; he's fine receiving a trim on his body, but near his head he's not yet comfortable. He’s working on that. Currently his foster dad is getting Astro used to the Dremel as his nails will soon need to be trimmed.     
When off-leash outside, this adorable bundle of energy seldom allows himself down time unless it’s scheduled for him. Astro is so curious about everything that walks, hops, or flies into his yard and lives to investigate it!  Indoors he minds pretty well, but off-leash outdoors he is easily and frequently distracted from obeying even simple commands. The call of the wild is enticing and he will come when called only if he is ready and wants to. This is the main focus of Astro’s training now. He has made good progress, but not coming when called is a major safety concern and the number one priority for him. 
Astro is a very happy boy, almost always smiling, and is very polite when not excited. It will take some patience and consistency to reinforce desired behavior, but he’s intelligent and appears willing to learn and accept direction. His forever family must be willing to follow through with his current training and give Astro the structure he needs for success. He’s well worth the effort!

Update 04/18/2016:  "On leash Astro is well behaved; off-leash he is trustworthy and will not stray far."  
Joe Joe was returned to MAESSR because he was just not the right fit for his adoptive family. He is a high-energy boy and they had two young children; Joe Joe was just too much for them.
His family had renamed him Astro, and he does respond to that name. Astro knows many commands: the basic seven, as well as others, which suggests that he is very well behaved. His previous family used words like “intelligent” and “very eager to please” when describing him.
Astro does hide under the bed during thunderstorms and he does seem to be very sensitive to loud noises: vacuums, hair dryers, etc. He is fine for bathing.  In fact, he really enjoys a bath; he’s a little prissy and likes to be clean! Hair and nail trims are okay for Astro, too, but he HATES the noise of the hair dryer and most likely, the clippers would bother him. He appears to be sensitive to having his ears and feet handled, as well.
Both housetrained and crate trained, Astro occasionally would use his crate when his family was not home. He has been very trustworthy and is fine when having full run of his foster home. He sleeps in a dog bed in the master bedroom or under the bed, as he chooses.
This good boy will bark to alert his people. He does not dig or chew inappropriately, and has no submissive urination. While Astro does not counter-surf or beg for food, he will lie under the table hoping for scraps. He is very good in the car and really enjoys being invited to go for a ride. When traveling, he is experienced with being tethered to the seat belt clip. On leash Astro is well behaved; off-leash he is trustworthy and will not stray far.
Great with other dogs, Astro enjoys the company of another canine. He loves the water and being outdoors. Because he enjoys human companionship, Astro will jump up on people, especially in greeting them. For this reason it would be best for him to be in a home with children 16 years or older. He would just be too active for younger children.
One little quirk that Astro has: he does not like having his picture taken. Who knows why this handsome boy is camera shy…maybe the flash bothers him.
Astro is a wonderful sweet boy that needs a family with time to spend exercising him, being with him, and loving him. If you have older children or no children, Astro could be a terrific fit for your family.

  “Joe Joe hasn’t met a person he doesn’t want to become friends with!”

Joe Joe just turned a year old in March and was relinquished to an Ohio dog warden because he was ”too much dog” for his family.  He lived with two young boys and the family reported that he wouldn’t stay in their unfenced yard.  Another rescue group pulled him from the shelter and took him to a veterinary hospital where he was neutered, brought UTD on all vaccines, tested for HW (negative), and treated for an ear infection, kennel cough, and worms.  He was boarded while he recuperated from his vetting procedures and within a few weeks he came all the way across Pennsylvania to become a MAESSR dog.
After a full day of riding to his foster home, Joe Joe arrived at his foster home all wound up, but has settled down some into a very sweet, loving boy.  This handsome Springer mix has a full tail and a fun loving temperament.  He hasn’t met a person he doesn’t want to become friends with!   He arrived weighing a slight 45 pounds with ribs showing, but he will put on a few additional pounds as he fills out.  Dry skin also initially bothered him but that is now gone since he is eating a high quality puppy kibble.
This good boy was recently groomed and the groomer reported that he was an excellent client.  He also visited the vet for microchipping and some vaccine boosters. Again, he was a model patient― not making a peep when microchipped.  Joe Joe isn’t too fond of ear cleaning, though, and will run out of the room when he realizes his turn for ear cleaning is next.
A real “people” dog, Joe Joe adores meeting new folks.  He wiggles his butt and gets very excited and animated.  He can get mouthy in a puppyish way and may jump up when excited- both of which are being discouraged.  When he is not excited, he does not jump up or get mouthy.  He likes to sit beside new people hoping to get lots of attention.  Also, he sometimes has a little bit of submissive urination due to the excitement.   His foster mom is working to have new people visits be less exciting by having people ignore him until he calms down.
Joe Joe does know “sit” and can give his paw.  He has selective hearing outdoors and doesn’t always respond to his name or requests to come.   His foster mom is working on getting him to respond to his name by using treats.  His foster home has a four foot, split-rail fence with wire and he often pokes his nose through the fence and checks to see if there are gaps at the bottom.  He also jumps up onto the gate and seems to know that the latch will open the gate.  His savvy foster mom has a bungee cord around the gate so it won’t open if he jumps at the latch!  She also has him drag a 20 foot line and keeps him under constant supervision while outdoors.  Joe Joe could probably jump the fence if he had the opportunity.  His foster mom follows him around and corrects him with a “no” if he gets near the fence.
Joe Joe spent Memorial Day weekend down at the Jersey Shore with his foster family.  That home has a six foot, solid vinyl fence and Joe Joe was safely contained and didn’t have to drag a leash.  He did, however, walk around the whole yard and check out the gates.  His foster mom put a padlock on the gate latch just in case he decided to try and open it.
Did someone say, “Ride?”  Joe Joe LOVES to ride in the car.  He is tethered in the rear seat, sitting up and looking out the window.  He makes daily car rides to drop kids off at school and at activities.  He and one of the resident dogs will jump into the van (if the door is open) and spend hours relaxing there in the garage.  Often he needs to be bribed out with a treat.  One cool day, he spent four hours sitting in there.  He will surely be sad when the garage becomes too hot for doggies to sit in a van with the door open!
Joe Joe is living with three resident Springers― two males and a female, ages 4, 7 and 10.  He gets along with them all.  He tends to be oblivious of their personal space often plopping down really close or wagging his beautiful full tail right in their faces.  He does not resource guard food or toys with them or his human family.  His foster mom can hold his food bowl, take it away or put her hands into it.  He was being tolerant of the 4 year old trying to get into his food bowl, but did assert himself and tell him to move along. He is learning he needs to find a safe spot to enjoy his treats!   He does take treats gently, sits politely, and waits for his turn.
This adaptable boy is becoming comfortable with the sights and activities in his foster home.  He is not afraid of the vacuum, knows the doors chime when opened, and settles down in the evening as long as he has had a full day.  He has not attempted counter-surfing or trash picking, but waste containers are behind cabinet doors.  He does get up on the sofa and is sleeping in bed with his foster parents.  He took one look at the resident dogs on the bed his first night and jumped right up, giving the crate only a glance.
His foster mom has not attempted crating Joe Joe yet.   He is sleeping quietly through the night and isn’t getting up until a human does. Joe Joe is taken outside every few hours to relieve himself and has no trouble making it through the night.  He will walk over to the door if he wants to go out.  He has not chewed any inappropriate items.  When the family is out, Joe Joe is gated in the kitchen with the resident dogs.  At times, he wants to go along with his people and will scratch a little at the door and cry.  He does settle down quickly.
Joe Joe has done a great job transitioning into his foster home and also spending the weekend at the Jersey shore.  When entering both homes, he walked into every room and closet and checked out every inch of the spaces.
An exceptionally smart boy who badly needs to begin puppy school, Joe Joe will be a star pupil.  MAESSR will require his new family to take him to two series of classes to insure he gets trained really well.  Even at 1 year old, Joe Joe is still a puppy and MAESSR only places puppies in homes that are committed to training and bonding with the pup in obedience classes. Puppies require a lot of care, attention, and patience, and they do chew on things! The decision to get a puppy and raise it to be a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted dog is a serious commitment. To reinforce this commitment, MAESSR requires all adopters of dogs a 1 year old and younger to enroll their puppy in obedience classes within 60 days of adoption.  This policy also holds for our 1 year old puppy, Joe Joe who will be required to take two series of classes.  He's been making all the decisions in his life for too long.
Joe Joe needs to learn to walk nicely on leash; he currently pulls using a harness and just about chokes himself using just a collar.  He is going on several mile-long walks a day.  Joe Joe has a really terrific nose and enjoys smelling around the yard.  He might really find classes with his new family in nose work or other dog sports to be great ways to use his fine mind and nose.  When Joe Joe sees people on walks, he really wants to go over and greet them but his foster mom doesn’t let him meet too many people since he jumps up on them.  There are many dogs on the route Joe Joe walks with his foster mom― some within invisible fences and some with no fencing.  A couple of little dogs come out of their yards and greet Joe Joe.  He is good with the greetings even though the rude dogs charge up to him.
Doggie day care has been a new experience for Joe Joe.  He has started attending doggie day care with a foster brother two days a week.  He had a good first day and was very tired at day’s end.  He needs a little work on learning how to tell the other dogs he wants to play.  At times, he gets himself all excited and then barks at the dogs and bites at them and pulls their ears.  His foster family and the doggie day care staff is working with him on learning proper form.  The older dogs in his foster home flat out refuse to play with him if he gets crazy.  A home with a young adult dog who can help Joe Joe learn proper play form would be ideal.
Joe Joe loves to play but his foster mom wouldn’t exactly say he was a super high energy dog.  He spends some time running around and will fetch a tennis ball, but he really he needs a variety of activities throughout the day.  A typical day might be some yard play, a mile walk, just hanging in the yard while his foster mom does yard work, a break, a drive, some training, and another walk.  If he were left for eight hours alone, he would be wired up and if he didn’t get a lot of attention, he would never sleep at night.
This lover boy enjoys nothing more than to cuddle up next to his people, climbing up into your lap for attention and petting.  He is a super sweet love bug.  Joe Joe wants a family who will enjoy spending time with him doing things and hanging out.  They also must be committed to training him.  While he loves kids, he would probably be best in a home without young ones since he is jumpy and mouthy and for his safety he can’t have kids leaving gates and doors open.  If you have been thinking about a real companion dog, ask about Joe Joe!