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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Gabriel 2

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Entered: 11/08/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 7
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 40 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Lebanon, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for asymptomatic Lyme disease and ear infections complete,
Health Cont.: well adapted to being blind, overall good health
Temperament: Good with adults and teens, good with other dogs after proper introduction,
Temp. Cont.: not good with cats

Gabriel 2's Story . . .

Update 04/01/2015:  “I must be pretty funny because my people laugh at me a lot.  I’m glad that I make them so happy!”

Seniors and special needs dogs are the best…just listen to what Gabriel has to say:
“Gabriel, here!  Or, as my people call me, Gabe.
I’m having a great time in my foster home…outside, too.  I just love being outdoors with my foster parents whether they’re just sitting with me or doing yard work.  I understand that I’ll be doing some traveling with them in their camper, too.  They’ve told me that they like to go boating on a lake and want to see if I enjoy swimming.  Sounds like fun to me!
I’m getting along pretty well with my canine foster sister, too.  There was a little bit of a problem with toys, but my folks think they’ve figured it out.  We both like playing with toys – lots of toys – like 10 at a time.  We share MOST of the toys really well but TWO of them are really special.  It seems we couldn’t agree to share them so my foster parents took them away.  I’m not too happy about that!  I know they were put on top of the refrigerator, so every night I stand by the fridge and let them know that I want my toys.  I’ll spend a good half hour barking and whining and moaning to let them know that I’m devastated by their removal but NOTHING works!  They tell me that they aren’t up there anymore and then they just laugh at me!  I think my dignity is hurt!
I must be pretty funny because my people laugh at me a lot.  I’m glad that I make them so happy!  Life is good here in my foster home.  I’m just hoping that maybe a home of my very own is coming my way. Maybe that Easter Bunny I keep hearing about will bring me one…or at least a new toy...
Happy Spring, everyone!



Update 03/04/2014: 
Gabriel’s blindness doesn't stop him from playing with small balls…an amazing game to watch as he looks silly when he pounces with both front paws to attack the basketballs inherited from a foster brother.”  

Fortunately for Gabe, given this winter’s weather, he loves the snow!  Perhaps someone told him he can't go to the bathroom on any shoveled or plowed areas, because he is determined to climb on top of the snow pile to relieve himself, even if it means falling through it several times.  His foster mother does appreciate the clean up time he saves her; he aims to please!
Gabriel’s blindness doesn't stop him from playing with small balls.  It’s also amazing to watch as he pounces with both front paws to attack the basketballs inherited from a foster brother.  The only thing better is...a basketball in the snow because it scoots out from under him, and he can just keep pouncing on it. This boy not only loves to play with someone, but is also great at entertaining himself with his toys.  Obviously, Gabe is a man of creativity and good taste.
His foster mom is also really amazed to watch this blind dog outrun a seeing dog so he can chase the birds he hears flying.  He may be blind but that doesn't stop his hunting instincts.  He doesn't have to catch anything; he's on a mission!!
This love gets up on the bed if he thinks he smells food.  He will automatically lie on his doggie bed beside the big bed UNLESS his foster dad is in it and he is invited up.  His mom is hoping he changes his mind and wants to cuddle and enjoy some long talks with her as well.  She has much to share with him and would be sure to tell him how beautiful his eyes are.    
As with some other dogs, Gabe does not like…really, really does not like…to have the hair on his feet trimmed.  Although he will offer his paw and allow people to shake it when he sits down, when his feet are casually touched, he will remove them quickly.  He has accepted his foster mom’s rubbing his ears inside and out, but does not want any other object (like an eye dropper) to touch the inside of his ear.  Much patience and special care may always be required to keep Gabe’s feet and ears tidied up.  And, when it comes time for Gabe’s adoption, he will probably need a home with adults and teens who will respect his personal grooming space.
Gabe is doing great and is getting along well with his MAESSR sister.  His mom can’t wait for nice weather since she knows this boy is going to really enjoy playing outside and taking hikes; he’ll be sure to help her and his foster sister get into summertime shape too!  Are you ready to enjoy some outside time with a very special guy?  Ask about MAESSR’s Gabriel, the gent who aims to please!

Update 02/03/2015: 
Gabe is really a sweetheart…and a smart sweetheart!  He learned the inside of his new house in about fifteen minutes and is enjoying exploring the property.”  

Happy Valentine’s Day from Gabriel who is now in a new foster home but still wishing for his very own furever family.
Gabe is really a sweetheart…and a smart sweetheart!  He learned the inside of his new house in about fifteen minutes and is enjoying exploring the property. His new foster sister, a MAESSR Spaniel too, can be very dominant and jealous, but the girl has totally fallen in love with Gabe (must be the season)! They had one verbal squabble that was started by the gal; Gabe told her what he thought about the issue, and all was good.  The joke in his foster home now is that Miss BOSSY has submitted to Gabe as alpha dog. What a hoot!!
This love is a real champ with handling his blindness and is able to enjoy horsing around with his folks.  However, he has made himself very clear that he likes…expects, needs…to be warned before being touched unexpectedly.  His foster mom calls out, “Touch Ya!” if she is going to approach or touch him so he knows to relax and welcome the session.
Gabriel is “looking” forward to a home of his own; he has shown he is comfortable with other dogs…forget those 4-footed felines…but does appreciate an atmosphere in which he can understand what is coming next.  He seems to do well with a single playmate.  Wouldn’t you like to have him in your home for Valentine’s Day and all the other wonderful times that are coming in this new year of 2015? 

Update 12/30/2014: 
 “With a handicap he doesn't even acknowledge, he is just a kind soul to have around.”
In two short months as a MAESSR boy, Gabe has put his minor health issues to rest; the little guy is feeling tip-top and ready for a New Year.  He remains a really easy foster and enjoys kicking back after playing in the yard with his resident buddies.   He's mostly blind, despite being young, but does his best to keep up…listening for his foster sister as she comes charging around the yard and trying to pounce on her as she goes by.  When his foster parents come out for games, Gabe loves to fetch tennis balls, smelling and listening for where they land. 
Gabe loves life with all of his foster family but would like to find a home where he didn't have to compete with 3 other dogs for attention.   With a handicap he doesn't even acknowledge, he is just a kind soul to have around. Gabe’s hoping to find his forever home in the New Year.
In the final hours of 2014, Gabe’s wishing a terrific New Year to MAESSR vols, the lucky dogs who share their lives, and to people everywhere who enable new beginnings for dogs like him.  From Gabe…
WOOF  WOOF  WOOF and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 12/14/2014:   “This little love bug opens up to humans instantly and would love to have a home of his own.”


Due to too much interest in the resident cat at his original foster home, Gabe moved to another home and took no time at all in settling in.  Despite his limited eyesight,  within hours of arriving, he knew his way around the multiple levels of his new place; he quickly figured out there are 2 steps up to the breakfast nook, and 1 up to the library where he hangs out.  The yard, with fencing to keep the resident digger away from the good plantings, took a little longer, but he now knows where the picnic table and mesh fencing are located.  He seems able to see some with sufficient light because he moves with more confidence in daylight hours and with a night light on than without these aids.


Other than one minor fuss in his first week over a favorite toy, a plastic noise maker, Gabe has had no issues with his foster siblings…a male and a female hound and a small male terrier.  He hangs out on his rug during the day, likes leashed walks and responds to “tree”, “step down”, “wall” and other voice warnings about things in his way.  He loves car rides and went to a fancy car show, greeting other dogs and people with a friendly tail wag, and, when anyone petted him, he'd immediately sit on their feet and offer to give paw………….oh, to see this boy in action!!


This easy foster has been completely housetrained.  He’s getting to be the dog left uncrated at night because he's so well-behaved.  He generally self-crates sometime during the night and sleeps in until the humans get up.  He does group pets and grooming with the other 2 big dogs.  Gabe’s one restraint is that he doesn't like to have his front paws and ears handled too much.  Since these are his primary sensors for spotting hazards, that's to be understood.  At least as far as ears are concerned, though, he's getting better over time with having them touched and checked for issues.


Little Gabe, a good size at 40 pounds or so, loves playing fetch with either tennis balls or his current new toy, a squeaky plastic ball with a nubby exterior.  He hears the noise of bouncing and smells around until he finds the ball; from there he’ll fetch and give it to his foster folks for throwing again.


Gabe’s a great guy.  This little love bug opens up to humans instantly and would love to have a home of his own.  A bonus would be living where he doesn't have quite so many things to run into when playing or a foster sister who steals his toys. Easy-going dogs who accept that he doesn't play quite the same way they do would be great.  Gabe is incredibly adaptable and carries the message that hardships can be overcome.  The warmth he brings to those around him will carry far past the holiday season.  He could be the gift you give yourself that truly keeps on giving……………..

Original:  “It was apparent to his foster mom that he is very intelligent and has completely adapted to a life without sight.”

Although Gabe came to MAESSR via a Pennsylvania shelter, his story is far from typical. It seems that he lost his sight as a young pup and had adapted quite well to life without sight. A while back he was relinquished to the shelter for unknown reasons and, after being adopted, was recently found as a stray. This is a difficult situation for any dog to be in, let alone one who is blind. Luckily for Gabe, he is now safe and secure as a MAESSR boy.
Gabe spent time in his first foster home for a short while before it became obvious that he and the resident dog were not a good fit. It was apparent to his foster mom that he is very intelligent and has completely adapted to a life without sight. Gabe learned house and yard boundaries quickly and even learned how to use a bell hanging on the door to signal his need to go outside.
Now settled in his second MAESSR foster home, Gabe again showed his amazing adaptability to new situations. He met the two resident dogs and, although there was some testy behavior at first, he found his place in the house and all three now get along well. Gabe loves all people and now lives with children, ages 9 and 12. He is very gentle with them, allowing them to pet him as much as they want. It’s obvious from his reaction to the resident cat that Gabe is NOT cat-friendly. He’s been known to stalk the cat. Fortunately for her, being blind puts him at a disadvantage!
Gabe has very good house manners. As with any good Springer, he’s a dog that just wants to be around his people at all times. Occasionally he’s curious about what’s on the counter but isn’t too insistent. A firm “down” puts a stop to his inquisitiveness. Passing by the trash can is an opportunity to lift the lid to just check things out. Again, a firm “no” gets him out; but he just can’t help looking. That sense of smell must be highly developed in Gabe! There is no chewing or other inappropriate behavior. He does like to get up on the furniture, but only when invited, and is quick to get down when told. Perfectly housetrained, Gabe is confined to a space in the house when alone. 
Initially, walking Gabe was a little difficult. He loves to be outside and wants to explore the backyard as much as possible. His home has a big backyard and he needed to be walked on a leash so as not to wander off too far; but he definitely needs to explore on his own terms. After a few weeks, Gabe has gotten to know the yard and can be let off the leash for a while; he responds to his name when called. 
Gabe definitely loves his toys. Outside, he loves chasing a soccer ball around and, as long as you keep it close, he’ll chase it down and bring it back. Inside, he has his toys that he loves and spends a lot of time playing solo. He doesn’t play with the other dogs and they pretty much leave him alone. There have been no incidents of resource guarding and meal times are peaceful as the resident dogs are fed apart from Gabe as a precaution.
Gabe rides well in the car and will lie down quietly during the ride. He is not a fan of being groomed. He was taken to the vet to have his nails cut, but he was not very cooperative and could only have the rear nails clipped. Having his ear medication applied isn’t an experience that Gabe enjoys either and he has been muzzled as a precaution. As he gets to know his foster family and builds trust, touching his ears is becoming less stressful for him.
Gabe is very laid back and easy going; he doesn’t let his lack of sight interfere with his life. In each new situation Gabe has adapted to his environment, figuring out the layout of his house and yard in no time. It seems that he can live peacefully with some dogs, but even with a dog he’s comfortable with, an unexpected surprise can lead to a squabble.  Gabe might be best suited to a home where he is the only dog...and definitely one without cats! A quiet home without a lot of activity would be the best situation for him.
Gabe is one sweet dog that loves to give kisses...are you ready for some?