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Finn 6

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Entered: 09/25/2020
Status: Adopted
Age: 1; born 02/29/2020
Color: Black/White
Weight: 38 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Front Royal, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment complete for UTI and ear infection
Temperament: Good with adults, good with children as young as 8-10 at dog park, good with other dogs, working on his acceptance of the resident cat

Finn 6's Story . . .

Update 12/10/20:  “In only three weeks this smart boy has learned not to pull when walking -- amazing for a young dog." 

Young Finn has moved to a new foster home and is settling in nicely after three weeks there. He continues to show his ability to adapt, learn, and become a family member. Each day he shows more promise as he learns the rules (and occasionally breaks them as part of the process.) He is still very much a puppy, yet his foster dad can see the dog coming out in him. He wants to please and doesn’t object to most expectations. His foster dad thinks that Finn feels he is very much a part of their family.

Finn has been to the dog park three times now; each time he has encountered other dogs and has played very nicely with them. He hasn’t shown any signs of aggression with other dogs. Each time he went, there also were young girls between 8-10 years old in the pen. He has allowed all of them to pet him and he has been gentle with them. His foster dad does not have any real fear that he isn’t good with children. Finn also loves to go for walks in the park where he sometimes runs into more aggressive dogs. He will lunge when they show signs of aggression but doesn’t pursue it any further and keeps walking.

Finn is still working on accepting the resident cat. He likes to walk with his head held over the kitty showing dominance and will try to engage him in play. The cat is old and wants nothing to do with Finn. That is an area of concern that is being addressed.

The biggest area of concern remains Finn’s resource guarding and he is very serious about it. This would still be a concern with young children. Trading for things works well with him. His foster dad has learned that not bothering his toys until he brings them to him to play is the safest bet right now. He loves to play with the toys but doesn’t want his dad to touch them when he is guarding them. Finn’s big thing now is rocks! He gets them in his mouth and rattles them around in his mouth which is worrisome to his foster dad. It seems that Finn has learned that he gets a treat for the rocks, so he must think his dad treasures them, LOL!

Finn is set to begin professional training next week and his foster dad hopes to work with his resource guarding, his only real issue. It is hoped that some head way can be made with that in the coming month. Another expectation is to have Finn learn to “heel,” although he is already starting to get the hang of it.

For the first time Finn was left alone in his crate while his foster dad went out. He was very good about it, so he is crate trained. In only three weeks this smart boy has learned not to pull when walking – amazing for a young dog. Finn also responds very well to “come.”

Finn’s foster dad has exceptionally high hopes for Finn. What a terrific family dog he will make!

Original:  “His foster mom has been working with him on trading for a cookie.  He is really good at the trade game.”

Finn was relinquished to MAESSR after displaying some guarding behavior with items he had "stolen."  His Pennsylvania family was concerned about his potentially displaying this behavior around their young children.  The difficult decision was made to find him a home without young children.  So Finn became a MAESSR boy.

Since he has been in foster care, Finn has shown one instance of protecting a bone.  His foster mom has been working with him on trading for a cookie.  He is really good at the trade game.  Smart boy, Finn!

Already housetrained and crate trained when he arrived at his foster home, Finn is all set for obedience training.  Note that MAESSR will require his adoptive family to take him through a series of obedience classes within 90 days of adoption.  MAESSR only places puppies – even older ones like Finn– in homes that are committed to training and bonding with the pup in obedience classes. Puppies require a lot of care, attention, and patience.  MAESSR believes the decision to get a puppy and raise it to be a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted dog is a serious commitment.  Finn will really benefit from the required training! Right now he pulls a lot on the leash.

Finn is all puppy!  He loves playing with toys and he has a blast playing chase with the resident Springers.  He is really good with other dogs.

This handsome boy will soon be looking for his forever home.  He will need a family who will be committed to giving him the training, exercise, and love he needs to become a great companion.  Teens and dogs would be a fun plus in his new family too!