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Diva 2

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Entered: 11/12/2022
Status: Adopted
Age: 7; born 12/15/2015
Color: Golden/red Golden Retriever
Weight: 75 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Springfield, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, UTI has cleared; dental cleaning completed
Temperament: Good with adults and teenagers (unknown with younger children,) happy around other dogs, tolerates resident cat

Diva 2's Story . . .

Update 12/12/2022: "Always hanging with the other dogs, Diva moves from room to room or roams the backyard with her dog buddies."

Last week, Diva had her spay surgery and a deep dental cleaning with no extractions. She got back to her full activity level within a few days.

Diva still exhibits an easy going and unchallenging temperament. She definitely enjoys a soft quiet place for mid-morning and afternoon naps. This polite girl still stays off the sofa and the bed; she is content with her memory foam dog bed, and she will readily share the dog bed with another dog.

Mealtimes are uneventful since Diva knows her area and bowl, but her foster mom must stand guard because Diva will allow the other dogs into her food bowl. Diva never goes to another dog’s bowl for extras – good girl!  While most food interactions are uneventful and calm (even around other dogs,) Diva knows which closet contains the dog treats. If Diva sees that her foster mom is getting the treats, Diva will bolt over to the closet door and encourage the treat distribution by hitting her foster mom’s leg to make sure she is first up. She does not try to open this closet door or drag down any open treat bags off the counter. Diva is not aggressive with the other dogs over the treats. Such good manners, Diva!!

Always hanging with the other dogs, Diva moves from room to room or roams the backyard with her dog buddies. When left home alone, her foster mom could tell (on a web cam) that Diva was very unsettled and restless. Diva’s ideal forever home would be one with another social dog as she thrives with canine company. Diva also enjoys the company of all people. She is very friendly when meeting new people and dogs. The neighbors all are thrilled to have a visit from Diva as she is so endearing. In fact, her name is a misnomer. She’s certainly not a diva, just an extremely sweet Golden Retriever.

This week Diva celebrates her birthday. She is one step away from all her wishes coming true. Consider adding her to your pack as the best birthday gift she could ever imagine.

Original: “Diva likes to run around with the younger Springers and is an active participant in Springer wrestle mania after breakfast.  When tuckered out, Diva lounges with the older Springers.”

Lucky Diva found herself a MAESSR girl after she was relinquished by her Virginia breeder along with her Springer Spaniel buddy.  The dogs went to separate foster homes.  Diva had been living in a kennel situation but adapted to this change effortlessly. Her foster mom is thrilled to host gentle, endearing Diva.


Upon arrival at her foster home, Diva quickly made herself at home with her new-found Springer Spaniel companions ranging in age from 1.5 years to 10.5 years.  Diva likes to run around with the younger Springers and is an active participant in Springer wrestle mania after breakfast.  When tuckered out, Diva lounges with the older Springers.  She definitely benefits from the presence of other dogs.  The resident cat still confuses Diva.  She is very curious around her, but is flummoxed by what she is.  She has not tried to hurt the cat, though. 


Leaving the kennel environment and landing in a suburban home has posed many challenges for Diva, but she seems to be taking everything in stride.  Diva has had a couple of inappropriate chewing instances, but was readily corrected when “caught in the act.”  Now, she is slowly discovering dog chew toys so is learning what makes appropriate chewing.  When her foster family has to go out, she has been left home alone with the resident dogs for up to five hours with no problems. 


From day one, Diva has presented perfect bathroom habits.  Diva will bark or go to the back sliding door if she needs to get outside.  She sleeps quietly all night on a memory foam dog bed alongside the big bed.  Diva will not jump up on any furniture or the big bed.  She keeps four paws on the floor except when treats come out.  Diva relishes her chicken jerky strips and bully sticks.  This is the only time that Diva seems overly excited and will paw at her foster mom’s leg for more.  Who could blame her when delicious treats are in play?  During car rides, Diva quickly settles down in the back seat and sleeps.  Since she does not quite understand stairs, she gets a boost into the car.  The indoor staircase is still a mystery to this sweet girl. Her foster mom is not encouraging this skill until after Diva is recovered from her upcoming her spay surgery. 


Diva is quite popular with the neighborhood kids and all who meet her are thrilled by her easy-going, loving temperament.  While she may not know a lot of formal commands, Diva is a quick study and constantly is watching what the other dogs are up to.  She loves to charge out the back door and usually is the last one to return inside.  Walks are a total pleasure with Diva; there is no pulling and she walks quietly alongside her companion.  Diva does not react when other dogs are nearby.  Such a good girl!


Stay tuned for further updates on Diva.  Her spay surgery should occur in the near future.