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Darby 2

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Entered: 01/14/2015
Status: Adopted
Age: 9
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 35 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Girard, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from supplements and OTC support for arthritis, benefiting from a
Health Cont.: supplement to assist with life transition and medication for incontinence, dysplasia in right hip,
Health Contd.: pins in left femur from an old injury, some compromised teeth,
Health Conts.: removal of benign mammary tumors and treatment for Lyme disease complete, worming complete
Temperament: Good with adults, should not be placed with children due to her age and health, generally good with
Temp. Cont.: dogs but will set boundaries, ignores cats

Darby 2's Story . . .

Update 08/31/2015: 
“I’m definitely a lady who knows her own mind and is very much her own person, er, dog.”    
Hi all!  Darby here…
… and glad to be the one sharing my news this time! 
Though a little embarrassing to talk about here, there was definitely a “happy ending” to a little problem that popped up for me recently.  What happened is that these dog days of summer turned me into an “aqua-holic.”  No, I didn’t turn into a swimming fanatic; I became a gal who just was not able to pass up a bowl of water.  The short of it is that this resulted in a visit to my vet.  I’m glad to report that the checkup there showed my kidney function and blood levels to be normal.  That was certainly welcomed news and left the most likely explanation for my little “problem” to be incontinence or “leaky bladder”, which ever you prefer.  OK, there I’ve named it and it was such an easy fix.  The vet sent me home with an inexpensive medication and almost instantly, my problem went away.    With the weather starting to cool, too, I don’t seem to be drinking quite as much either.  Many thanks to my foster mom and MAESSR for always checking out things like this.   I’m now under control and a happy girl again!!
Good timing too…as I’ll have to switch from rolling in the grass to chasing leaves as summer begins to change into fall.  I’ll also switch from riding for ice cream to sitting by the fire.  I’m definitely a lady who knows her own mind and is very much her own person, er, dog. 
I know many of you reading this are folks I’d love to come and cuddle with.  You’re folks who share my values… ice cream, warm fires, and senior Springers. Summer’s almost over and so is MAESSR’s special campaign to get me (and other terrific dogs like me) into my very own home.  Don’t miss out on me.  I’ll gladly be your excuse for that short drive to the ice cream shop in spring and fall as well as summer.  And, I’ll take the fall when you want to beg off from an outing and stay right at home beside the fire in winter. Blame whatever you like on Darby.  I have broad shoulders and a big heart!!

Update 06/18/2015:
  “Can you say 'going for ice cream?'?" 

With greatly improved health since becoming a MAESSR girl, Miss Darby is actively looking for a family with a tender heart for seniors and time to devote to her.  She really is not a “high maintenance" girl. She’s not fussy about her food, has a good appetite, no apparent allergies or skin issues, and she does have the softest fur!  She’s not a barker but will alert to strangers outside the yard. She’s happy just to be with her people in the yard or in the house.   Hoping to find her match, Darby did attend the MAESSR Springerfest at White Oak Park a few weeks ago. Of all her foster family there, Darby was the least stressed when her leash was handed to other people. She was very good at just “hanging out” but went home with her foster family at day’s end.
This is a gal who knows her own mind.  Darby’s “likes” list includes rolling in the grass, using the shrubs to get a good back scratch, and having the recliner all to herself. She enjoys casual walks around the neighborhood and going for car rides.  Can you say “going for ice cream?”? She’s not crazy about being crated in the car and would really prefer to ride shotgun…but that’s not a deal-breaker, when ice cream is involved!
Darby’s “dislikes” list is equally as clear as her “likes” list and shorter.  She dislikes sharing… sharing space, sharing food, and sharing her foster mom.  Indeed, Darby’s only quirk is her wanting space and not sharing.  She has gotten better as she has settled in but, when she wants to be left alone, she goes under the coffee table or bed and everyone in her home has learned to respect this need. 
Darby really is a hoot at times and rarely allows a dull moment in her home.   Her foster mom shares a recent story…Darby is totally mobile, despite irregular locomotion in her rear end. She’s just not as strong as she might be on her feet and can get knocked over somewhat easily. She was sniffing in the backyard, just at the top of the “hill” when she got clipped by two of her canine buddies who came racing around the house. Darby tumbled down the small hill and got up looking very annoyed.  She is one of the very few dogs her foster mom has encountered that has that look at times.  If Darby gets corrected for something, her foster mom may get that look, too, the one that says “darn, she caught me” rather than any sort of "oops, I’m sorry!”  That momentary expression may not be the most becoming but it does put a point on how very expressive Darby can be!
This personable senior will continue her quest to find a family that knows seniors are the very best, can pick up on and respect the truly individual traits of a dog and loves going for ice cream.  If this sounds like you, Darby would love to meet you…regardless of what flavor of ice cream you prefer!!

Update 05/06/15:
  “Ever appreciative of the long-awaited spring, this gal loves being outside with the chance to roll in the grass and under the shrubs.”      

Lovely Darby is a much happier, more relaxed dog these days, wagging, yipping, and bouncing around when her foster mom comes home from work; she’s come a long way toward fitting in with the pack.  Inside, she is not as “on guard” as she was and is even sharing the sofa or chair with her foster sisters, although she still will grumble if she was there first.  Now that she has napped on the bed, this gal will fuss when crated for the night, but does quiet down.  Darby is also still crated when her foster mom is gone….just in case.
And yes, MAESSR’s senior lady does get up on the furniture and the bed.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  But, she needs help getting in the car and she can’t get over a box of cat litter.  Go figure!
Darby does still have her moments, especially if food or the smell of food is around and is still fed separately.  She will snap at the other dogs or cat if they get in her face too much…almost can’t blame her for that.  Age does have its privileges!
Ever appreciative of the long-awaited spring, this gal loves being outside with the chance to roll in the grass and under the shrubs.  Nothing stops her from running at the fence when the neighbor’s dogs come out!  She enjoys walks around the neighborhood and is wonderful on a leash…no pulling for her!
Darby is ready for her forever home; who is ready for her?  She would like walks, a comfy spot to cuddle and some soft summer breezes to keep her comfortable as she rolls in that newly mown grass!  Seniors are the absolute best, and Darby is going to add some fun to a lucky person’s home.  Will it be yours?

Update 02/11/2015:
  “Once healed, Darby will be looking for a quiet home…preferably one where she can be the center of affection!”

Darby hasn’t been a MAESSR girl for very long, but she’s already gotten what all MAESSR dogs receive…excellent health care!

During Darby’s spay surgery she had her mammary tumors removed and examined. Fortunately the lab results showed them to be benign…yay!  She also received x-rays of her hindquarters which confirmed arthritis in her lower back, left hip, and knee.  Her right hip is dysplastic. The x-rays also revealed the reason for her arthritis…an old injury.  At some time in her life, Darby’s left femur had been broken and repaired with pins. Looks like this girl will need a special medical card to go through airport security!  The vet thought for now that supplements and OTC medication are sufficient for giving her some relief, along with gentle exercise to help build some muscle.

This sweetie is still being treated for Lyme exposure and will need a little extra time to recover from her surgery.  Once healed, Darby will be looking for a quiet home…preferably one where she can be the center of affection!

Keep posted for news about Darby as her foster family helps her achieve the excellent health she deserves.

Original: “Despite her health issues, Darby is a happy girl.  She has just a nub for a tail, so she wiggles her whole back end to show her happiness!”

Darby was an unclaimed stray living in a Pennsylvania shelter.  Fortunately for her, MAESSR claimed her as our own!
A visit to the vet was in order and Miss Darby was a very good girl, quietly submitting to the exams.  Although initially listed as 6 years old at the shelter, two vets determined that she is at least 9 years old.  She was brought up-to-date on her vaccines, received a worming, and was treated for fleas and ticks.  Because she tested positive for Lyme’s exposure, she is being treated with antibiotics. Darby has a crooked canine tooth and a few missing teeth, along with some health issues that can come with age.  She has arthritis in her left knee and hip and has begun a regimen of buffered aspirin and a joint supplement to make her more comfortable.  Because some mammary tumors were discovered, she will have them removed shortly when her spay surgery occurs.
When Darby arrived at her foster home she was a bit overwhelmed with all of her life changes.  She currently is taking an over-the-counter supplement to help her relax and settle in to her new environment.
Despite her health issues, Darby is a happy girl.  She has just a nub for a tail, so she wiggles her whole back end to show her happiness!  This polite girl walks nicely on a leash.  She is housetrained and will let her foster mom know when she needs to go out.  Darby is not really interested in toys, but will chew on bones or antlers.  This gal is too small for counter-surfing but will sniff the trash can.  She’ll sniff the litter boxes, too, but she ignores the cats. Good girl!  Darby spent a day at an agility facility and had a grand time meeting people; and she had no problems greeting the dogs she met.
At home, however, Darby protects her “personal space.”  Her foster mom believes this is likely a combination of personality and having arthritis in her rear joints.  When sitting or lying down, Darby will grumble and curl her lips if a dog or cat gets too close.  If that warning is ignored, she will snap at the offender.  She also will exhibit this behavior when food is out.  For that reason she is fed separately. Because of her age, arthritis, and guarding behavior it would be best if Darby lived in a house with adults only or older teens who could respect the needs of an older gal.
Darby rides quietly crated in the car but needs to be lifted in.  In the house, she does not go in a crate willingly.  A high value treat like chicken will coax her in and, once inside, she is quiet.  Because she doesn’t care to be in the crate, she will hide under a bed to avoid it.
Due to the lack of muscle in her rear quarters, Darby has some difficulty navigating smooth floors and steps.  She is able to do the couple of steps off the deck in her foster home.  Hopefully, with the joint supplement and care, she will gain some muscle and stability on her feet.
Darby’s priorities are having a soft place to take a nap, a bone to chew, and some good treats to eat after taking her meds.  She enjoys the short walks she’s been taking, the places she’s been, and the people she’s met.
A visit to the vet will take place soon for Darby to have her spay surgery and mammary tumor removal. She also will have x-rays taken to see the extent of arthritis in her hips and knees and to determine what long-term pain meds might make her more comfortable.
Keep a lookout for more news on Darby as she receives the health care for which she’s long overdue.  What a lucky girl to have her MAESSR family looking out for her!