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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.   Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Dandy 2

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Entered: 02/23/2019
Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 47 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: La Vale, MD
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for whipworm successfully completed, benign mammary tumor removal complete, benefiting from medication to treat anxiety
Temperament: Super sweet but reserved and timid with adults, unknown with children, great with other dogs, unknown with cats

Dandy 2's Story . . .

Update 07/16/2019:  “An unexpected discovery was that Dandy really enjoys catching bubbles!”

Dandy’s time in MAESSR’s care has been productive. Although still about the same when interacting with people, she has improved with letting them get closer to her. She also will approach people on her own terms. Dandy is super hand-shy, however. She very much lives by the rule, “Just look, don’t touch.” She will avoid being petted and, if she is petted, will immediately freeze. Her foster parents have been giving her tons of positive reinforcement.

On a really positive note, Dandy LOVES the local dog park. She is very good with the other dogs and she runs and plays like a free girl. An unexpected discovery was that Dandy really enjoys catching bubbles! Obviously these two activities help her leave her anxieties behind.

Dandy’s foster parents continue to work with her as she learns that her new life is a good one and interactions with people don’t have to be so scary. Watch for news on this sweet, bubble-catching girl as she continues to blossom.  

Update 06/06/2019:  “Her family has activities and adventures planned for her this summer to help push her boundaries in a positive manner.”


Pretty Miss Dandy is still struggling with new experiences and new people.  She has started a daily dose of an anti-anxiety medication and is beginning to show some small positive changes.


Her family has activities and adventures planned for her this summer to help push her boundaries in a positive manner.


Fingers crossed that in her next update more significant improvement will be reported as she adjusts to her medication and learns to have fun!!  Go for it, Dandy!

Update 04/30/2019:   “Keep an eye on this wonderful girl as she continues to learn the joys of love and family life.”

Dandy is progressing at Dandy's pace, slow and steady. She has started to allow some of her beautiful personality to show. The other dogs in the home have really helped her blossom but she does still suffer from confidence issues.  If Dandy feels she’s in a vulnerable state or being watched, she immediately becomes guarded, will stop what she is doing and lie down or leave the area immediately. Training has proven to be a challenge, but is progressing.

This beautiful girl knows her name and the meaning of “no."  In addition to her walks, she also uses the backyard for bathroom breaks.  Other commands are a work in progress as this girl likes to do things slowly and needs a lot of reassurance to achieve consistency.

On a positive note, Dandy is learning to enjoy the finer things in life. She has discovered that treats are delicious incentives to interact with the rest of her foster family. She's also discovered that toys are fun, but tries to be sneaky with her playing, and, if “caught," pretends nothing happened.

While previously afraid of it, Dandy now enjoys the fenced yard. Her foster sister loves to play fetch, and Dandy will run through the yard with her even though she doesn’t understand the game. Her foster parents are waiting for the day Dandy brings the ball back herself!

Keep an eye on this wonderful girl as she continues to learn the joys of love and family life.  She will be a dandy of a Springer girl!

Original:  There's an excellent dog trapped in a guarded shell. Dandy is learning how to love, trust, and be a dog."  

Dandy was relinquished to MAESSR after she was retired from breeding by her owner in Virginia. She spent six years of her life being bred and kept kenneled.

Since becoming a MAESSR girl, Dandy has started to adjust to life in a home with some help from the resident male canine. She arrived at her foster home super timid, guarded, and skittish. Her foster parents are working diligently on her confidence and encouraging her growth as an independent being. She has had no formal housetraining prior to arriving in her foster home. Her foster parents, with the help of her canine foster brother, are working on housetraining. She has yet to establish a signal but is on a routine with her foster brother. She currently will only go potty during her walks, which she gets two to three times a day. Dandy has access to a large fenced in yard but is apprehensive to use the yard on her own and doesn’t always go out into it with her foster brother.

Crate training is a work in progress. The crate scares Dandy and her foster parents are working to make it a positive experience for her. When left alone at home, she is gated in the living area with access to the crate. At night she sleeps on a dog bed with her foster brother.

Dandy has excellent house manners. She does not counter-surf or get into the trash. She does not chew inappropriately. She only gets up on the “dog” love seat if her foster brother is on it, and never gets on the furniture if it’s occupied by her foster parents or guests. She’s quite content to lie on the fluffy rug that covers the floor.

Walks are Dandy’s favorite activity. She’s taken to it naturally, only needing some refinement in her techniques. She does not pull, put does dart back and forth as everything is new and exciting. She does not know any commands but is being worked with to learn the basics like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” Dandy is still learning her name and is not treat motivated, requiring her foster parents to get creative with teaching her new things. They are determined to find the perfect treat that she can’t resist. Dandy rides well in the car, but because she still doesn’t understand “stay,” she needs to be secured in the vehicle either by seat-belt or leash to ensure she doesn’t escape.

Dandy does not play with toys currently but has access to anything she could dream of. Toys with squeakers, because everything is new, frighten her. She interacts with people and other animals very well. She is not aggressive and does not jump on people. When trying to play with her foster brother, she will nudge him with her head and run around. Cats are currently unknown to her. Dandy does not guard anything. Her energy level is still undetermined as she is still quite guarded and shy. She does seem like she will be an athletic girl once she comes out of her shell as she is excited and quick-paced on her walks.

Dandy has yet to be at the groomer while in foster care but was groomed and had her nails cut at her spay appointment. She was reported to be a good girl during this. She does not mind having her ears cleaned. She was excellent and received high remarks while visiting the vet for her post-spay follow up.

The best type of forever home for Dandy is still to be determined. A home with love and patience, as well as other dogs to keep her company and help build her confidence, will be essential. Everything is a new experience for her, and she needs her confidence built as she comes out of her shell. There’s an excellent dog trapped in a guarded shell. Dandy is learning how to love, trust, and be a dog.