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Cosmo 2

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Entered: 07/21/2018
Status: Adopted
Age: 8
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 50 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Aston, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, tested positive for Lyme but is not symptomatic, flaky skin being corrected through improved diet
Temperament: Good with people as young as 5 (younger unknown), fine with other dogs, probably okay with cats with his low prey drive

Cosmo 2's Story . . .

Original:  “Totally mellow indoors, if a leash is picked up, he grins his Springer grin and is ready for whatever length walk that is offered, either alone or with a second dog.

When Cosmo's elderly owner from Pennsylvania passed away, her son took him in for a year.  Minor disputes with the resident young pit bull led the new owner to contact rescue.  So, Cosmo became a MAESSR boy.

Since Cosmo came into his foster home, there have been no issues with the 2 resident dogs, one male, one female, and an extra 7 month old setter foster.  He is quite gentle and is sensitive about his place in the pecking order of the pack. Although he has not encountered any cats while in foster care, his foster mom thinks he would probably be okay with them since he has a low prey drive. Cosmo should also be fine with children.  The youngest child he met while in foster care was about 5 and there were no issues.

Completely housetrained; Cosmo whimpers softly by the door when he needs to go out.  He crates with no issue but since he just parks himself on a dog bed under the table at night, he hasn't been crated except to test that he could be.   

Fine in the house, Cosmo's main thing is that he likes to be able to see his people and will occasionally whimper if they're out of sight.  This is not an issue at night because once it's lights out, he retires to whatever empty dog bed or cushion he can find and just flops there till morning.  He'd love to get up on the sofa, but just looks at it with expressive eyes since this is a no-no in his foster home.  This polite boy doesn't trash dive or counter-surf. 

Cosmo is great on leash, something his foster folks find delightful after having many foster dogs who weren't.  Totally mellow indoors, if a leash is picked up, he grins his Springer grin and is ready for whatever length walk that is offered, either alone or with a second dog.  He tries to greet strangers, either human or dog, on his walks.  He is also fine in the car.  He'll give a few whimpers if traffic is start and stop, but on the highway just hangs out and watches the world go by.

After a week in foster care, Cosmo finally picked up a soft toy that the other foster had dropped, and wagged in a happy manner when the humans seemed to want to play tug with it.  He defers to the other dogs, staying out of the way but not being passive, just not interested.  He'll eat his meals, glance at the slow-eating resident dogs' bowls and seems to understand “that's not yours so leave it” vibes from the humans.  There is no resource guarding out of this sweet guy.  When the foster puppy grumbles about Cosmo being nearby when puppy is eating, Cosmo just walks away.  

Out-of-date with all his shots, Cosmo went to a shot clinic at an ag supply store, and was fine with the grumbling dogs ahead of him in line.   He had no problem with the request to “hide behind that rack of clothes till the nasty duo finishes up, please.”   His overgrown nails were trimmed with no complaints even when he got snipped a little too close and needed a styptic stick to stem minor bleeding.  He loves being groomed, stands quietly for baths, and was reportedly vacuumed at his former home.  Cosmo must have had Lyme disease in his past because he tested positive.  Since he is asymptomatic, no treatment is deemed necessary.

Years of non-perfect food have left his skin and teeth in poor condition.  He doesn't have hair loss but does have some skin flaking.  More good meals, medicated baths, ear cleaning, and TLC will soon have him much better.

Since Cosmo seems to like attention, no matter how low key, a home where folks are around would suit him best.  He can do with or without extra dogs.  Kind voices with focus on him are what he craves the most.  He doesn't have any separation anxiety problems, will occasionally fuss for a few minutes after the folks leave the house but then settles down to wait for the resident young dog to break out in barking when the humans return.  He likes to curl up in whatever sized dog bed is near folks.  Do you have a spot for Cosmo to curl up in within your house?  You’d be forever blessed having this fine boy join your family!