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Chase IV

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Entered: 07/04/2011
Status: Adopted
Age: 5
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 48 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Dumfries, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for urinary tract crystals complete, degenerative joint disease not requiring
Health Cont.: treatment at this time
Temperament: Good with adults and older children, not comfortable with small children, good with other dogs
Temp. Cont.: for a while but needs to be an only dog, not good with cats or small animals

Chase IV's Story . . .

Update 02/23/2016: There is nothing wrong with this boy.  He just needs to be the only dog.” 

Occasionally an adoption does not work out. Chase has been returned to MAESSR because he did not get along with the other dog in his new family.  He gets along with dogs on a short-term basis, but he prefers to be the only dog in his family.  The new family’s dog wanted to be friends with Chase and to be in Chase’s space, like sleeping next to him.  Chase did not like this and would growl.  The other dog could not understand why Chase did not like him or want him always nearby.  So, Chase is back with his original foster family.
There is nothing wrong with this boy.  He just needs to be the only dog.  After returning to his foster home, Chase acts like he never left.  He sleeps on the furniture or doggie beds, jumps on a lap, and loves to cuddle with his foster parents.  Chase also loves to be outside and needs a large, fenced space to run in. He’s still looking for a special home to call his own.  So, if your family can provide him with the outdoor area he needs, cuddle time on the couch, and a Chase-as-the-only-dog environment, ask about this sweet boy!

Update 11/11/2015:
“He’s most decidedly a runner, not so much a ‘springer.’” 
Lucky boy, Chase, is spending much time on his foster family’s farm and LOVING it!  He has all of the wonderful qualities of a field bred Springer and he thrives in this environment. His foster mom stresses that Chase needs a home with lots of land.  As soon as he gets to his family’s farm, he runs constantly.  He’s most decidedly a runner, not so much a “springer.”  Up and down the field rows and across the fields he runs, never leaving the boundaries of the farm. Attentive to his foster parents, Chase always comes as soon as he’s called. Good boy!
While Chase is aware of critters and on high alert, this boy would not make a good hunter. It seems that loud noises frighten him. On a recent walk, the sound of a school bus rolling along spooked poor Chase. He does, however, bark at horses and the fox that frequents the fields.  Although he’s not exactly a brave boy, he’s a happy guy who’s just looking for love from his humans.
Don’t be worried about this boy’s energy level. Chase can stay in the house all day and be content to sleep.  He just needs time to run off all of his energy.  As mentioned before, Chase needs a home with adults because small children make him nervous.  Additionally, his foster mom has found that he doesn’t care to be picked at.  When she tries to pull off burrs from his fur, he grumbles as if to say, “I love you, but don’t bug me!”
Do you have some space to help this sweet guy take his daily run?  Do you have a household with little ones no longer at home?  Would you like a wonderful, sweet Springer to love and supply you with love?  Chase just might be the one for you.

Update 10/29/2015: 
If asked for 'Chase’s kisses,' he will lick his person’s face.”
Chase was returned to MAESSR by his adoptive family in Pennsylvania due to his anxiety over a crawling baby. 
This handsome fellow is a field-bred Springer with a lot of energy.  His world is the outdoors where he loves to run and hunt.  A good boy, he stays right around the house or barn area at his foster home.  His returning family reported some “gimp” in his walk at times.  When x-rayed to investigate this during his vet check, the vet found some degenerative joint disease but did not feel it was a serious concern and didn’t require treatment at this time. 
Inside during the day, Chase has full roam of the house and lies on a chair or doggie bed.  He is housetrained and is infrequent in his needs to go out.  He does not chew, but will counter-surf...typical Springer!  He is perfectly mannered at home and knows “sit,” “come,” “stay,” “wait,” “paw,” “up,” “down,” “off,” and “go to your bed.”  If asked for “Chase’s kisses,” he will lick his person’s face.  Mr. C. is not a barker and does ride nicely in a car.  He was successfully crated when traveling with his owners overseas.
Outside, Chase walks nicely on a leash and pulls only when he sees a squirrel or other game animal run by.  He does become agitated when seeing another dog on a walk, but just watches a dog walk on the other side of the street.
Chase’s temperament is such that he provides a warning if he is uncomfortable about something or some situation; he begins with a low grumble under his breath.  If not acknowledged, his grumble becomes louder.  Although he behaves himself at the vet’s office, he has been muzzled during grooming.  This boy definitely doesn’t like to have his hair pulled on.  His foster mom moves slowly when removing the burrs from his hair...a fact of life with a Springer who loves the outside.
Chase is a huge people pleaser but also needs a home where he can spend hours a day in a field searching for critters; rabbits and chickens in his neighborhood have learned of his prey drive the hard way.  He shouldn’t live in a house with cats, gerbils, or other small animals.  Chase needs a home where people with older children will understand his anxiety and will work with him and love him.   They’ll be rewarded with clean counters and “Chase’s kisses!”

Update 08/01/11: 
"Everything Chase does is done with gusto – he’s a true Springer!" 
Chase received a clean bill of health from the vet during his visit to check on his kennel cough.  He does still have worms and now has giardia, so he is being de-wormed again.  This is often the case with intestinal parasites.  The vet and his staff were amazed at how good Chase looks now that he has gained a few pounds and his ribs are no longer showing.  Since he is such an active boy, the vet suggested that Chase’s food can be increased.  He was excellent during his checkup and was thrilled that he was given treats just for being a good boy!
Aptly named, this boy loves running in the yard and chasing any flying insects, rabbits, or squirrels.  Being a bird dog, he chases them, too, of course!  An accomplished hunter, Chase has already presented his foster mom with two baby bunnies.  With legs dangling from his mouth, Chase was so proud of himself!
Currently Chase cannot be trusted off leash because of his high hunt instinct.  He will need to be enrolled in an obedience course with his new family as a requirement of his adoption.  Once he establishes the close bond that occurs with obedience training (and he is very smart and will learn quite quickly), he will be able to walk off leash because he does love his people and wants to please them.  Chase knows several commands such as “sit” and “stay”, but does not walk well on the leash and needs training in that area, as well.
As do all puppies, Chase has the habit of mouthing.  With encouragement from his family, he is learning to curtail that habit, but he does slip back into it when playing.  Everything Chase does is done with gusto – he’s a true Springer!  He has been known to jump as high as five feet, but he has never tried to jump the fence in the yard.  Because his favorite activity is running in the yard, he actually tries to open the back door.  His foster mom is sure that it won’t be long before Chase realizes that he can open it if his paw hits the handle just right!
Chase is not food aggressive, but he is very food driven, which will help with his training.  He has been known to run and body-slam his foster brother away from the food dish, so he currently is being fed in his crate to avoid any mealtime issues.  Because he devours his food very quickly, he requires a breaker bowl to help slow him down.
A fun-loving guy, Chase really enjoys having a squeaker toy in his mouth.  He also loves to play tug with rope toys and run after a ball or Frisbee.  Once he catches the object, he will bring it back but wants to play tug-of-war before he releases it.  Stuffed animals are fun, too, and Chase is very playful with them.
After all of that playing, Chase will sit and relax when tired.  His favorite spot to regroup is on his foster mom or dad’s lap in the recliner.  He has been known to jump from one recliner to the other so as not to appear to have any favorites!   A real love bug, Chase cozies up to anyone who will pet him and give him any attention.  
Chase is a very sweet boy who will make a wonderful companion as long as he is given sufficient activity and interaction with his new family.  He will not be happy to spend long hours alone, as he really loves to be active.  Chase has the potential to be great at agility training or any outdoor physical activity. If given the proper direction and training, there is no limit to what Chase will be able to do with his new family!  The family that adopts Chase will get a pal for life!
Original:  "Chase has the typical energy level of a Springer pup but has obviously had some training as he has very good house manners."  

An all-breed rescue from Pennsylvania first came to Chase’s aid and then, they transferred him to MAESSR’s care.
This beautiful pup is as friendly as he is handsome very friendly and he loves to be with people— in typical Springer fashion!  When his MAESSR foster parents picked him up from the other rescue group, Chase jumped right in the car with his foster family and settled down in the back for the trip to his new home.  Very curious, Chase would jump up whenever the car slowed down or stopped and would stare out the window to see what was going on.  Once home, Chase settled right in with the two permanent foster Springers although there was a slight learning curve before he realized who was boss— his foster brother Indy! 

Chase has the typical energy level of a Springer pup but has obviously had some training as he has very good house manners.   Housetrained, he stands in front of the door when he needs to go out and goes right into the crate to have his meals.  He does not like the crate for sleeping, however.  Then, he cries and howls and barks until he is released. Since he is trustworthy and not destructive, his foster parents are not forcing the crate training issue right now.  His only bad habit is counter-surfing which is an issue his foster parents will be working on.
Shortly after he came to his foster home, Chase developed a cough which the vet then diagnosed as kennel cough.  The vet put him on antibiotics, but Chase does not sleep much at night due to the coughing spells.  This antibiotic is the same one used to treat the ear infection which Chase also has. Chase was diagnosed with intestinal worms and is now undergoing de-worming.  At just 41 pounds, he is underweight probably due to the worms.  He has a good appetite and is eating well so his foster parents expect the weight to come back when the worms are gone.  He is fed in the crate to avoid any food issues with his foster brothers. He has not been exposed to other dogs yet due to his health issues, but he is very friendly with the people he has met so far.

Chase acts like a typical Springer puppy and his favorite toys are ones that squeak.  He loves to play tug and especially to run after the tennis ball or Frisbee.  A definite lap dog, Chase’s favorite spot is on his foster dad’s lap on the recliner having his belly and chest rubbed!  Chase is the source of much laughter, too. He had his foster parents in stitches when he saw his reflection in the window and ran away from it barking his head off.  He kept approaching the window and barking at himself and then running away to sit next to his foster dad!  A fly swatter is not needed in his foster home since Chase’s keen puppy eyes can spy any flying insect in the house and one lunge eliminates it!  With a high hunt instinct, Chase tracks and chases rabbits in the yard as well as birds.  His foster family’s yard is nicely fenced, but so far, he has not shown any inclination to jump the fence to pursue his tracking farther.  When he is focused on an animal’s scent, Chase does not come when called; if he is not hot on the trail, he will come when called, though.  His forever family and he will both benefit from Chase being taken for obedience training which MAESSR requires for Springers a year and younger.

Watch for updates on Chase as recovers from his health issues.