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Charlotte 4

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Entered: 03/25/2020
Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Color: Black/White
Weight: 40 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Lewisberry, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from an over the counter calming powder, overall good health
Temperament: Good with people as young as 12, generally good with other dogs, unknown with cats

Charlotte 4's Story . . .

Update 07/08/2020: “She loves attention and can be hugged and kissed without any issues. She does the cutest little paw wave at her people when she wants to be petted and she will actually paw at them if they stop."  

Charlotte continues to be a work in progress, but her foster mom is happy to report that she is much improved over the last few weeks. 

She is still learning that she will receive a high value reward for letting go of items she steals. Her foster family redirects her by throwing the treats away from where she is so they can take what she was chewing on. The most recent example was when Charlotte snatched a paper towel out of the trash and headed to her favorite spot in the dining room, behind the dining room table, to chew it up. Her foster mom spotted her, grabbed the treat container, and got Charlotte’s attention. As soon as she saw the treats, she dropped the paper towel and her foster mom threw the treat away from where she dropped it. Charlotte tried to rush back to grab the paper towel, but her foster mom won that race! Charlotte was given another treat and was praised being a good girl. Slow and steady wins the race, and so far, so good with Charlotte’s progress in this area. 

If Charlotte’s forever home has other canines, her foster mom recommends dogs of the same size or bigger than Charlotte as she likes to be the boss and plays rough. There have been no growling episodes between Charlotte and the resident pack recently, which is another step in the right direction for her.

With people, Charlotte is as sweet as sweet can be. She loves attention and can be hugged and kissed without any issues. She does the cutest little paw wave at her people when she wants to be petted and she will actually paw at them if they stop. 

Charlotte must think she is a cat, as her favorite spot is perched on the back of her family’s couch. They are working on her with that, but for now are allowing it as it seems like her little get away from the rest of the canine crew.

A family committed to working with and training Charlotte will be rewarded with a very loving girl.

Update 05/14/2020: “Charlotte does not jump up on the furniture unless invited up, or in the morning, when she wants to wake up her foster date in bed. She will jump right up and go over to him for some loving. So sweet!" 

Charlotte is progressing nicely with relinquishing high value items that she “liberates.” Her foster family has been redirecting her with high value treats to curb her negative reaction and she will relinquish the item. Sometimes they must throw the treat away from the object in question, but other times she allows them to get the high value item in exchange for the treat. This is still a work in progress, but SO MUCH BETTER!!! The advice from experienced MAESSR staff regarding training tips and the suggestion of a calming powder has made a difference and Charlotte is progressing.

This beautiful girl is an absolute sweetheart and loves everyone she meets. She is not trusted off leash, so she is taken for many walks during the day to get her the exercise; she needs to burn off that two-year old Springer energy! 

She also gets her exercise by playing with the resident American Bulldog/Pit/Lab mix as they have "wrestling" and "track meets" (running laps in the house after each other) all day long. Once evening comes though, Charlotte wants nothing to do with her canine buddy or the other resident dogs and will growl and go after them if they get near her or even enter the room. Her foster parents have been able to redirect her by asking if they have to go outside and they all run to the door like nothing was happening. Her favorite canine friend, even though she has the Bully mix in her, is submissive and will not challenge Charlotte when she acts that way. Apparently, she senses that leaving Charlotte alone is the best course of action. If separated from the pack during these episodes, Charlotte just barks, wanting to be left alone but not isolated from the other dogs. This behavior is only in the evening after a long, active day. Her parents will continue to work with her to encourage more appropriate behaviors when she is tired. 

Charlotte does not jump up on the furniture unless invited up, or in the morning, when she wants to wake up her foster dad in bed. She will jump right up and go over to him for some loving. So sweet!    

Charlotte will need an experienced owner who will be committed to continuing her training. Children should be older than 12 and should have experience with a dog that requires some management and boundaries. Charlotte would love to have a playmate, but one that is submissive would be best due to her issues in the evening.    

Original: “Being a gold medalist in counter-surfing is one Charlotte's not so great attributes.  At any other time, Charlotte is the sweetest, happy-go-lucky pup.”

Charlotte was relinquished to a New Jersey shelter by her owners due to guarding issues with her toys.  Her veterinarian had recommended some training for her but the owners declined.  The shelter reached out to MAESSR for help with this pretty Springer girl!

While in her foster home, Charlotte has gotten along well with everyone.  The youngest child in the house is 14 and her foster mom believes no one younger than 12 would be ideal for her due to her resource guarding.  She is normally great with the four resident dogs but will growl from time to time if she is on the couch.  When this happens, her foster parents have her get down from the couch and go outside away from the pack.  She then comes back in like nothing was going on.  Other than a little scuffle early in her time with the pack, there have been no further squabbles.  

Charlotte is housetrained and only has had one accident since she's been in foster care.  She is also crated trained and is in the crate to sleep at night and when her foster family is away (which is never right now, but she is put in the crate to make sure she is okay in there).  She doesn't signal to go out because she is taken out on a schedule and she does great with this.

Being a gold medalist in counter-surfing is one Charlotte's not so great attributes.  Once she has surfed an item from the counter, she really does not want to give it up and will protest by growling and posturing.  She has not bitten but has made it clear that she believes that the item is hers.  Her foster family is working with her on this issue and will update with their progress as time goes by.   At any other time, Charlotte is the sweetest, happy-go-lucky pup.

Charlotte knows how to “sit” and “shake,” but that's about it.  She will pull a little on the leash, but not too bad.  She is not trusted off leash as she also scored a gold medal in cross country running the other day after she took off after people walking their dog down the road.  She was in the yard running and playing with the resident dogs, but as soon as she saw the other people, she was gone before her human foster brother could grab her.  He was able to secure her without any issues, but now the family knows she has to be on leash.

Since Charlotte had not gotten proper obedience training earlier in her life, MAESSR will require her adoptive family to enroll her in obedience classes within 60 days of adoption This training will help her become a happy and well-adjusted dog within her new household and will also be a wonderful way for her to bond to her new family.

This sweet little girl doesn't really play with any toys but has been interested in the ball when the resident female plays with it.  She will engage in play outside with the resident pups, but when inside, she is as mellow as can be.

Charlotte is fed in the breezeway separate from the other dogs, mainly since the resident crew will eat her food. Her foster mom can put her hand in Charlotte’s food bowl and she could care less.  She let her foster mom hand feed her, too, without issue.  Charlotte also allowed her foster mom to cut the mats out of her undercoat and ears without her objecting.  She just lay down and rolled over.  Good girl!

As for Charlotte's perfect forever home, her foster mom thinks she needs a home with children over 12 and a fenced yard unless the family is willing to exercise her daily.  The family doesn't necessarily have to have another dog, as Charlotte would do fine either way, but she would prefer having another dog to play with. 

Watch for more on Charlotte as her foster family continues to work with her on the issue with high value item guarding.  Hopefully, with continuous reinforcement, Charlotte will overcome this.