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Buddy 43

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Entered: 10/13/2019
Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Color: Liver/White/Tan
Weight: 40 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: West Chester, PA
Health: UTD, HW-
Temperament: Good with adults, has not met any children but probably would be good with older ones, good with other dogs, curious about caged cats at the vet’s office

Buddy 43's Story . . .

Update 11/09/2019:  “He came out of the grooming room wiggling with joy, showing off his adorable Halloween kerchief.”

Buddy is doing very well now. His cone collar came off a couple weeks ago which has freed him up to enjoy the dog park, move around his foster parents’ house much better, fit into his crate, and sleep through the night.

The dog park is heaven to Buddy. There he is happy to see other dogs and continues to be friendly with them. However, he knows that the dog park is where he gets to chase the tennis ball and that is his number one interest, by far. He will run, and run, and run, and run after that ball. Fortunately, there are many tennis balls at the dog park, as he does not know how to “drop” the tennis ball for another throw.  He loves to get into the crate in the car, as he expects (not always correctly) that he will get to the dog park that way. He rides wonderfully in the crate in the car.

Buddy has put on a total of five pounds since he came to his foster parents and now is sporting a buff 40 pounds. He often needs coaxing to finish his kibble. Buddy has become quite tolerant of bathing – a necessity as he really gets ratty at the dog park. He tolerated his first trip to the groomer, where all those knots in his ears were cut off and his nails were trimmed. He came out of the grooming room wiggling with joy, showing off his adorable Halloween kerchief.

Buddy has had just a few accidents in his foster home and his foster family has discovered some leaking that's possibly either submissive or excitement. His foster family is working on determining what may trigger this so they can work on helping him with that behavior. They are also working on determining what signals he may give when he wants to go out or helping him learn a signal to alert them. In the meantime, he is being walked every few hours to help him with a schedule.

Buddy is getting better and better at “sit,” “paw,” “lie down,” and “stay.” Becoming reliable with these cues as well as being able to control his excitement will really help, as getting the leash on him for a walk can be a wild experience otherwise. He is also better on the leash, thanks to some guidance from the MAESSR trainer.

Buddy is very playful, loves dog toys but does not destroy them. His antics with his toys are hysterical.

Affectionate when he first arrived at his fosters, Buddy is now a devoted companion. He follows his fosters all over the house when allowed and will cuddle nonstop. He has completely stolen the hearts of his fosters and will no doubt do the same with his forever family.

Original:  “Buddy is a lively guy with the ultimate Springer personality.  All he wants is love.”

After Buddy was abandoned at a Pennsylvania boarding facility a year ago, a family adopted him.  This kind family already had two dogs and were busy working and raising a family. They found they just could not provide Buddy with the attention and exercise that he needed.  So, they relinquished him to MAESSR.  

Buddy is a lively guy with the ultimate Springer personality.  All he wants is love.  The vet said he wagged his tail even under sedation during his neutering!  Buddy is incredibly gentle; his foster parents have never seen him growl, despite some unpleasant situations he’s been in during his recovery from the surgery.  Much to their surprise, he did bark – and wag -- when a visitor came to the door during his first week in foster care.

Although Buddy is housetrained, he has a history of “marking.”  Since he was just neutered, his foster folks are hopeful that the surgery will correct that problem.

Buddy loves his crate but can’t fit in it right now with his “cone collar” that he must wear until he heals  from his surgery.  He is confined to the tiled area of the house because he is still bleeding a bit from the surgery as well (there were some complications that will soon be completely corrected).  He is not thrilled to be kept away from his people because of inside gates, but he eventually just goes to sleep when his foster parents don’t respond to his pleas for company.  He sleeps on a dog bed in this gated section of the house right now.  Once the cone comes off he will probably sleep in his crate since he likes it so.

Even though there are no other dogs in his foster home, Buddy interacts very well with dogs has met while on walks and appears to be rather submissive.  (The cone scares some other dogs right now). His foster family thinks having another dog companion in his forever home may be great for him, as he would love a full-time playmate.  At the vet’s office Buddy was curious but not too interested about the cats he saw crated there.  He has not been around children in his foster home but his foster mom thinks he would be marvelous with children.  He does get excited, though, and jumps, so tiny children should be supervised at all times with him.
Buddy is a skinny 37 pounds and a somewhat fussy eater.  He loves treats of peanut butter or cream cheese which he is getting several times a day with his surgery recovery medicine and to fatten him up.

As for commands, Buddy knows “sit” and “come” and is learning not to jump up every time he sees a person.  He is a little wild on the leash but his foster parents can’t get a harness on him currently because of his E-collar.  However, he is a small guy so he is manageable on walks.  Buddy is interested in what is being made in the kitchen but, again, is doing very well learning “down.”  He does not bother shoes or trash, though.  He likes climbing on furniture but is quite responsive to house rules and gets off when told.  He really wants to please.

Buddy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his tennis ball!  He will play fetch forever with incredible enthusiasm.  His antics are hysterical and his foster parents are eager to really get playing with him after his recovery time ends.  Reportedly, he loves water, too.  Buddy is a good passenger riding in his crate in the car on his way to new adventures.

For English Springer Spaniel lovers, Buddy is the real thing!  This pup is truly adorable and will bless whomever is lucky enough to adopt him.  If his person gives him loads of love and exercise, he gives back a million-fold.