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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.   Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 01/17/2015
Status: Adopted
Age: 10
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 53 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Locust Grove, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, chest lumps and eye cyst successfully removed and determined harmless
Temperament: Good with adults, intolerant of young children, generally good with other dogs, unknown with cats

Brooke's Story . . .

Update 02/24/2015: “This sprightly Springer really enjoys her walks and she doesn't care what the temperature is out there!”
Beautiful Brooke is ready for her permanent family to find her!  The lumps that were discovered on her chest have been removed, evaluated, and declared harmless; the same goes for the cyst that was on her eye. With these medical issues taken care of, the vet has declared Brooke to be in remarkable health for her age. She doesn't need any regular medications at this point.
This sprightly Springer really enjoys her walks and she doesn't care what the temperature is out there!  She knows when it's time for the daily afternoon outing and starts in with the dreaded "Springer stare" if the schedule isn't followed. Once outside Brooke acts like she could walk forever. She loves exploring with her nose, often stopping to stand and sniff in the crisp winter air. Our girl walks quite well on the leash but can get a little stubborn if she's not ready to turn around and head for home. Her foster mom reports that she practically has to drag Brooke up the driveway and into the house when the walk is over!
The anxiety that Brooke demonstrated when she arrived in foster care continues to diminish. She will still, from time to time, curl her lip and vocalize to signal that she needs some space. And she definitely does not like having her paws handled, especially to be wiped down when coming in from the snow and muck outside. She loves having her head, ears, and belly rubbed. She likes to cuddle but she also enjoys hanging out by herself nearby. Brooke is a sweet girl!
Brooke generally gets along well with other dogs.  She lives very peacefully with the resident Springer but they don't interact much.  Sometimes she will greet dogs appropriately on her walks, at other times she will bark at them.  She loves to play and frolic with the little Shih Tzu who often spends the day at her foster mom's house.  Her attitude towards cats is still unknown.  As reported initially, this senior lady requires a home without children.
Brooke is looking for a home where there isn't a lot of constant hubbub and where her people will understand both her needs for attention and space.  She is a loving and sweet Springer who loves feeling welcome and safe in her foster home and can't wait to feel that way in her permanent home.
“This beauty now enjoys having her head massaged and petted, comes to her foster mom for belly rubs and greets 'mom' excitedly at the front door.” 

Beautiful Brooke is a 10 year old liver and white senior lady with a white blaze on her forehead and freckles on her nose. Before coming to MAESSR, she lived her whole life with the same Pennsylvania family, first with the couple for six years and then with the couple's babies as they started coming along. About a year ago, after the birth of the second child, Brooke began to experience anxiety around the children and became increasingly intolerant to the point that her owners kept the children and Brooke separated.  They realized that Brooke needed to find a new home without children and asked MAESSR to find their lady a new home that would be a better fit for her senior years.
Upon coming into foster care, Brooke continued to exhibit anxious behavior in the form of curling her lip, showing her teeth, and soft growling. She did not like to have her head handled or approached. Her foster mom gave Brooke room and time to get comfortable with her new surroundings, and within a few days, the anxious behavior had subsided significantly. This beauty now enjoys having her head massaged and petted, comes to her foster mom for belly rubs and greets “mom” excitedly at the front door.  Brooke still shows her anxious behavior from time to time, but seems to be getting more and more at home with her foster mom, the resident Springer and the people who come in and out of the house.
MAESSR’s new girl passed her vet visit with great results for a senior dog. She was relaxed during the vet's exams and didn't mind having her ears and paws handled. She's a bit overweight, but looks a lot younger than her 10 years!  She does have several fatty deposits under her skin, fairly common for a Springer of her age.  There is one lump on her chest, as well as a nodule on her eye, that are being evaluated by the vet.
This sweet girl has very good house manners. She's completely housetrained and stands at the door to signal her need to go out.  She does not seem to like the crate and has the run of the house when her foster mom is out Brooke was allowed on the furniture in her former home and has continued that routine in foster care.  She sleeps on the bed along with the resident Springer.  She will bark when she sees people from the window or when they enter the house, but settles down quickly. Miss Excitement jumps up and down when she sees the leash come out and loves to go on long walks. She walks well on the leash and acts appropriately when meeting other walkers and other dogs. She hasn't met any cats while in foster care.
Brooke does not counter-surf, but does stare longingly at the food when the humans are eating their meals. She was fed table scraps in her former home, is learning that doesn't happen in her new home, and starting to lie down now when her people are eating.  She doesn't resource guard her own food, but is a little possessive of the rawhide chews she gets for treats.
This lovely senior lady is looking for a quiet home where she can feel welcome and loved and where she can spend her days sleeping in the sun, looking out the window and continuing the walks she loves. A family with no young children will be best for this girl, and a home where she can cuddle on the couch with her new person would be an extra special treat for her!