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Brody 2

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Entered: 01/03/2015
Status: Adopted
Age: 8
Color: Black/White
Weight: 48 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Reedville, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, vision compromised but stable, receiving treatment to slow progression of PRA, benefiting
Health Cont.: from new OTC medication, food and calming treats for anxiety, benefiting from medication for joint
Health Contd.: stiffness, initial dental complete, treatment for whipworms and ear infection complete
Temperament: Good with adults and children as young as 9 (reportedly good with younger children), good with other
Temp. Cont.: dogs, reportedly good with cats

Brody 2's Story . . .

Update 11/13/2016:  "He’s doing so well he no longer requires a leash and stays in his yard while out on his twice daily supervised runs."  
Brody and his family moved to a new home; he took the packing of boxes and all of the visitors to his home very well without stressing for a moment. His foster mom was concerned that it could disrupt the progress he has been making with his anxiety, but Brody proved her wrong every step of the way.  He settled into his new home with ease, acting like he’d lived there forever.  Brody and his brothers spent time over the summer visiting the new place and getting acclimated before they moved in.  He seemed to enjoy the long car rides, frequently napping or looking out the windows. Because Brody’s new home is in a very rural area, his foster dad is sure Brody felt just like the song “Over the river, and through the woods…” as they passed farms filled with corn, beans, cows and horses, only to find himself on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.
Daily walks have become a huge favorite for Brody. His family has a large open field for him to enjoy. Brody really loves hanging out with his friend who frequently visits. He’s doing so well he no longer requires a leash and stays in his yard while out on his twice daily supervised runs. He runs with his friend over the entire property exploring everywhere, and he even took a dip in the tidal pond while his buddy was swimming!  Yay, Brody… you’re putting those Springer genes to use.  He doesn’t mind when it’s time to get his leash on for the last part of the walk home that requires them to be near the road.
As a result, Brody has mastered “come,” but only if his mom and dad are careful not to cause echoes in the fields. They sometimes confuse him, causing him to head off in the opposite direction, but he turns around when he continually hears, “Brody, come!”  Good boy, Brody!  At bedtime he also is mastering “wait,” a difficult accomplishment given one of his very demanding brother’s barking and typically bad behavior. Brody occasionally participates, but is much better and sits politely when told “wait.”  Way to go, Brody!!!
Brody attended the Springer Splash-Bow Wow Brunch in August. He was very shy and wanted to stay clear of the other pups at first but, once settled, he blended right in and even tried to play some. He was such a good boy in the car; sleeping most of the way home.
Brody is wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

Update 07/23/2016:  
He managed to find his way around his new home with ease and even ventured upstairs; he did need assistance coming back down.”

Brody, aka “Mr. Wigglebottoms,” had a great time visiting with new people and pups at the Springerfest in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, in May.  Brody was a bit nervous and jittery with all the activities and preferred to ease his way into the pavilion slowly to find a spot and get comfy.  He was happy to stroll around with his mom, meeting new people, and especially liked to see what kinds of treats they had.
Brody is apparently an all-weather kind of Springer.  He loves to take afternoon naps in the sunshine, even on 90 degree days, and doesn’t mind hanging outside even in the rain.  Silly boy.
The big move is underway in Brody’s home.  He has been making trips to the new house with his family with ease.    Brody can be rowdy in the car but, on one recent trip, he politely lay down in the back of the car with his brothers and napped or sat quietly watching out the window during the two hour trip.  He loved ripping and running in his new yard.  He managed to find his way around his new home with ease and even ventured upstairs; he did need assistance coming back down.
Brody saw his ophthalmologist in early May and once again got great news.  He still has blue/green vision and his sight is holding steady.  Wahoo for Brody!!  A little bit of cheese “…helps the medicine go down,” and he is so good about taking it as well as getting his daily eye drops.  Brody has done well at the groomers on two occasions and had little trouble getting his nails clipped.  Big improvement, Yippeeee!!
Brody’s family has finally found the right combination of a calming food mixed with his regular food, an OTC medication and calming treats to help with his anxiety.  He is doing well in situations which previously would have not been possible for him.  However, all the July 4th fireworks scared him.  They seemed to go on for days and, in one instance, he hid himself in the bed under the covers and cuddled with his dad.
Brody and his brothers are hoping to get to one of the fall MAESSR picnics.  Be on the lookout for Mr. B. and his band of brothers….

Update 04/17/2016:
   Brody, who also is affectionately known to the children in his neighborhood as ‘Mr. Wigglebottoms,’ is out waiting for them every morning to greet them at the school bus stop.”
 Ah, Spring!  Mr. Brody loves the springtime. He is out and about in the yard helping his dad to get ready for the summer season. Brody, who also is affectionately known to the children in his neighborhood as “Mr. Wigglebottoms,” is out waiting for them every morning to greet them at the school bus stop. His tail and bottom waves and wiggles each and every morning when he sees them.
One of Brody’s brothers joined him for a spa time together and the groomer noticed the improvements that Brody has made getting his nails clipped. Woohoo!  Such outstanding news for this sweet boy…progress is progress.
Brody’s family is getting ready to move and there was some concern about how it might create anxiety for him. But Brody seems to be doing very well, taking all of the boxes and visitors in stride. This is wonderful news, as packing and boxes everywhere is stressful even to humans. Brody makes it look like a piece of cake; after all, who doesn’t enjoy having so many visitors to greet at the door?
Along with his brothers, Brody is eagerly awaiting the Langhorne Springerfest. Come by and say, “Hi.” Mr. B. would love to meet you.

Update 01/03/2016:
“Brody is always excited to greet his Nana at the door and then sits down with her so he can be the first in line for massages.  Woooo!!   They feel soooo good.” 

Brody continues to make steady progress.  He’s currently taking OTC medications and a calming treat to help him with his anxiety in stressful situations. Of course, having his two best buddies with him constantly also helps him feel secure and safe. His parents have been able to go for a day long outing, leaving Brody and his brothers at home until the “sitter” arrives to give them walks and outdoor time.  Yay Brody!
Brody is always excited to greet his Nana at the door and then sits down with her so he can be the first in line for massages.  Woooo!!   They feel soooo good.  Nana learned massage techniques for her horse and has easily transferred her skill to dogs as evidenced by the line of pups at her feet when she visits.  Brody just wishes he could get them more frequently...four per week just doesn’t cut it for him.
Toenail clipping continues to be a sore spot for Brody.  One paw at a time with numerous breaks is about as good as it gets. But it’s still progress, and hopefully he’ll slowly improve.  He lets his foster dad clean his ears without too much problem these days.  Brody’s teeth are holding steady, and, he is still eating softened dry food.   All is such good news for this sweet boy.
Brody enjoyed Christmas and loves his new yellow space man toy. It’s soft and he is frequently seen using it as a pillow.  He loves pillows and is quite the master at stealing them all.  He has several of his own kept in various rooms for him.  He has decided he likes pillows so much that after he has had his breakfast and been out to do his business, he will get in his parents’ bed and plop on the pillows to rest while his mom gets ready for work. Silly boy.
Brody wishes his MAESSR friends a happy is good now that those scary fireworks have stopped...and he hopes they’ll check back on his progress.

Update 09/09/15: 
Brody recently went grocery shopping with his foster parents and his favorite foster brother.”
Brody is making continued progress. The vet has decided to wait on any further dental work unless it’s absolutely necessary. He has graduated to dry kibble that has been softened with yogurt or chicken broth. So far he is doing quite well.
The anxiety medication Brody was taking wasn’t working very well for him, so he is transitioning to a new one. This has come with some ups and downs.  At times he is very relaxed and at others, rather nervous...especially when he sees other dogs on walks. His foster parents have been working with him to focus his attention on them when dogs he hasn’t met approach. This is still a very slow work in progress as Brody feels that any new dog is a potential threat to him. The good news is that Mr. B is more relaxed when walking and greeting friends he knows in his neighborhood.  He requires a harness; he’s a master at slipping his collar...his Houdini impression!!  He knows what his harness is for and can even help with putting it on by slipping it over his head.
Brody recently went grocery shopping with his foster parents and his favorite foster brother. This was new for him.  He walked to the store with his foster family and did a great job of meeting all the people as well as seeing the grocery carts and activity for the first time.  A veteran in a motorized wheel chair stopped to say hello. The gentleman is familiar to Brody’s foster brothers who greet him with kisses.  Brody seemed a little nervous, even growling low at the wheelchair but, when the man spoke to him and lowered his hand, Handsome gave him a sniff and then let his new friend scratch behind his ears.  Good boy Brody!
Nail trimming and feet cleaning are not Brody’s favorite activities. However, his foster dad has been able to successfully trim his nails with only a few breaks between feet...steady progress for sure!   A recent trip to the vet to check his ears following an infection showed all was now clear. Yay!!  Careful attention will need to be paid to his ears because Brody does not show any indication of infection or discomfort.  He doesn’t scratch or dig at his ears or even make a peep that anything is out of the ordinary.
Brody is a very sweet, loving boy who just wants to love his person.  He’d also appreciate a canine friend to help him adjust and feel safe.  Wouldn’t you like to welcome him into your world?  He’ll help with the shopping!
Update 07/31/15:  My perfect forever home would have great parents who dote on me. They would love to cuddle with me and spend lots and lots of time with me.”

Hi All!!  Brody here…

My foster Mom says I need to tell you my wishes for my perfect forever home.
My perfect forever home would have great parents who dote on me. They would love to cuddle with me and spend lots and lots of time with me. My parents would love to cook and share their wonderful leftovers.  I like just about all kinds of food, but as long as it is soft so I can eat it—my teeth just aren’t what they used to be.  Of course, an occasional boiled bone would be nice too.  I love treats, especially cheese, and I take all my medicine very well when it’s surrounded by cheese--cream cheese or American, please.  I would love to be able to get on the furniture with you and snuggle up to read a book or watch TV after a nice long walk. And, I really would prefer to sleep in bed with you--I need a pillow and blanket, of course.
In addition to all these creature (I’m a creature??) comforts, I do need a family that will continue to give me the medications I need for my eyes and achy joints.  As I mentioned before, a little cheese “…helps the medicine go down.”
Most of all I really wish you to have a canine friend for me to hang out with.  I’d like one that’s not afraid to get into a little mischief, but laid back and easy going; one that is patient and could help me find my way around and not be upset if I bump into them accidentally;  a buddy that will help to keep me safe while out on a walk so I don’t get wrapped around poles or one special friend that likes to cuddle up near me when our parents are out to help me feel safe;  A friend that enjoys running and playing--just not too rough.
My eye sight is holding steady with my daily medication, so I am seeing pretty well. My right eye is something called blind, but it doesn’t bother me much. I admit in the dark it’s not good, so night lights are helpful. As long as I can turn to see the big world AND YOU with the other I’m happy.
I wish I could give you love too, with big Springer kisses!   And I will, if you welcome me into your home this summer.  I am such a love…..
Love, Brody

Update 06/29/2015:  “Who doesn’t enjoy some ‘ice cream’ on a hot summer day?  Brody’s favorite is peanut butter mixed with bananas and yogurt. Yummy!”

Brody is adjusting well back in his former foster home.  He is once again fast friends with the resident Springers, fitting right in as though he had never left.  He is getting to know his new foster brother who moved in right after he left.  Sometimes he’s not sure what he thinks of this new friend and they both are making adjustments for each other. Good boy, Brody.
Brody recently went to the groomer and he was great for most of his stay; he wasn’t fond of getting his nails trimmed, however. His foster dad is working with him on this, frequently rubbing and touching his paws.
The good news from the vet is that Brody’s eyesight is holding steady.  It’s possible that he may have some additional dental work done.  For now, the vet recommends monitoring him and a soft diet of wet food.  That suits Brody just fine because he loves cheese!  He gladly takes the medicine for his eyes and anxiety with cream cheese and sliced cheese.  His foster mom also has been making soft treats for Brody and his brothers.  Who doesn’t enjoy some “ice cream” on a hot summer day?  Brody’s favorite is peanut butter mixed with bananas and yogurt. Yummy!
At meal time Brody eats with the three resident Springers and there have been no issues.  He’s a good boy on walks and stops barking once he gets out of the house. Brody has shown some great prowess at counter-surfing.  Kitchen counters are just too high for this guy, so the dining room table is his best bet to score a snack.  When told to get down, he’s compliant.  During the time in his adoptive home, Brody was allowed to sleep in the big bed.  Back in his foster home, he will only join his family when invited.  Just be careful…Brody loves pillows and is a pro at getting them all!  When not in the bed, he sleeps nicely on the bedroom floor with a blanket and pillow. After all, it is cooler down there!
Brody continues to wait for that special family to call his own.  Do you know how to make doggie ice cream?  Brody would love to share some with you during this long, hot summer.

Update 06/19/2015:  “He’s having fun getting reacquainted with his three foster brothers and learning all there is to know about the new foster dog in the house.”

Brody and a canine brother in his adoptive home were having some difficulty getting along, so this handsome guy was moved back to his original foster family.  He’s having fun getting reacquainted with his three foster brothers and learning all there is to know about the new foster dog in the house.  You never know who’s going to move in when you go away for awhile!!
Brody’s health is currently being monitored.  Check back for the latest information on this sweet, well-behaved fellow.

Update 03/07/2015:  “Just the sight of his harness and leash gets him excited because he loves walks and being outside in the fresh air.”

Brody continues to flourish in his foster home where he experiences new adventures, to his delight!  He especially loves visits from “Nana” as evidenced by his barking with glee and sheer happiness whenever he sees her.  That’s because Nana showers Brody and his foster siblings with love and…snacks!  He was a bit confused by those crunchy orange things called carrots, but now he loves them.  If they clean teeth and are good for maintaining healthy eyesight, they just might be the perfect snack!

Speaking of eyes, Brody’s vision seems to be holding very well.  In fact, when outside helping his foster mom feed the birds one frosty day, Brody spotted a squirrel on a woodpile.  Keeping his eyes on the prize, Brody took slow, tiny steps, careful not to scare him away.  Suddenly he was on top of him and the squirrel took off with Brody in close pursuit, nipping at his tail.  The silly squirrel was right by a tree when Brody first spotted him but ran back and forth across the yard before he narrowly escaped upwards.  His foster mom laughed so hard her tears almost froze!

Brody is such a good boy when receiving his daily medication for his eye.  He sits very nicely when called for his eye drops.  The two pills he takes each day are no problem either…especially since they’re wrapped in cheddar cheese.  He LOVES cheddar cheese!  Even with his special daily cheese treats Brody manages to lose 2-3 pounds a month. Way to go, Brody!

Brody and his three foster brothers get along just great.  They sleep together on a bed right next to his foster parents’ bed. Occasionally Brody and one of his brothers sneak into the living room to snuggle up together on the couch, but his parents don’t mind if they do on those cold winter nights. During the daytime they love to play together.  Brody lets his hard-of-hearing brother know it’s time to play by barking right in his ear; then they both run to the door to go out and romp around the yard together.  Snowfalls don’t bother Brody because it’s fun and tastes great…like a yard full of snow cones!  When it’s too cold to go outside, Brody plays inside with his foster dad and canine brothers.  After watching a game of tug-o-war, Brody finally figured out how to play.  Now it’s one of his favorite games.

This is one smart and well-behaved boy.  Brody has a foster brother who tends to get into trouble.  He begs at the table, gets into the trash, and has been known to steal his mom’s lunch right off of the table.  While he observes all of this inappropriate behavior, Brody NEVER participates.  What a good boy!  In fact, Brody has been known to rat out his brother by barking when he’s up to no good.  While his foster brother doesn’t look too happy about this, Brody’s mom is so proud of him!  Brody also waits patiently for pets and hugs when his parents come home, even though his little foster brother has trouble keeping four on the floor.

Brody’s leash skills have improved with the introduction of a harness.  He wasn’t a fan of the Gentle Leader, but a harness works just fine for him because it gives him a little extra freedom.  He’s now pulling and barking less on his walks.  Just the sight of his harness and leash gets him excited because he loves walks and being outside in the fresh air.

Could it be that Brody is so smart he’s learning to read?  His foster dad loves to read and lets Brody up on his lap to read too.  This is his special cuddle time and Brody excels at cuddling.

Brody is one very special pup.  He would love a forever family with canine siblings and maybe some young human ones, too.  Playtime and cuddle time are high up on Brody’s wish list.  Is a sweet, well-behaved boy on yours?

Update 02/03/2015:  This boy has a heart so big that every day is Valentine’s Day.”
Brody has been a busy boy these last few weeks.  Daily walks and a low carb/calorie diet have helped him shed some pounds.  He is gaining confidence in his foster home and is no longer taking anxiety supplements. He also has completed his first two treatments for whip worms and had a dental cleaning. 
A visit to a veterinary ophthalmologist determined a diagnosis of Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA, a degeneration of retinal tissue.  Brody is now receiving an eye drop for inflammation in his right eye as well as a supplement known to slow the progression of atrophy in his left.  Because there is no cure for PRA, Brody will need to be on this regimen for the rest of his life. This diagnosis does not make Brody any less of a wonderful dog; he doesn’t let his poor vision get in his way.  In fact, he is adjusting very well and gets along just fine.  This is one happy-go-lucky boy who can always find his people and politely request pets from them.  And he just loves to cuddle!
Brody has made improvements when walking on a leash and is now using a Gentle Leader to reduce pulling.  His foster parents don’t think that Brody will ever stop weaving while walking.  He’s constantly turning his head to see the world because he knows the world is a special place. He just wants to enjoy every part of it!  Through the many vet visits Brody has traveled for, it is obvious that he rides well in a car and prefers to be up front with his person.  If that person happens to be in the back, that’s where Brody can be found. 
Having discovered the joys of being a MAESSR boy, Brody now enjoys sitting on the sofa to look out the window in his foster home. This is something he learned from the resident Springers.  It’s a big world out there and Brody would love to explore it all.  Dubbed “Sir Wags” by his foster family, Brody’s tail is always going full speed.  After all, he is an English Springer Spaniel!  He’s always happy and loves to greet visitors.  Barking only occurs when someone comes to the door.  He patiently waits for visitors to pet him and then takes his spot on his bed where he can see everything that’s going on.
Brody’s foster family feels that he would fit perfectly in most homes, preferably one with another canine friend.  He seems to enjoy being part of a pack and having buddies to hang out and play with.  They also believe that he would do fine with little people but may accidentally knock younger children down due to his limited vision. 
Are you Brody’s special person?  He would love to be your special dog.  This boy has a heart so big that every day is Valentine’s Day.

“Brody is taking in all the smells and sights in his new yard and is eager to get out for a walk.”

Brody became a MAESSR boy when his New Jersey family was not able to give him the attention he needed.  He has quickly become accustomed to the routine in his foster home, getting along wonderfully with the 3 resident Springers and seeming to enjoy being part of the pack.
In his foster home, the new house member loves being outdoors.  Brody is taking in all the smells and sights in his new yard and is eager to get out for a walk. Sometimes he gets so excited he barks as he starts out, but quiets down and moves along at a steady pace—good boy, Brody!!  He does pull and weave but is learning proper leash manners and taking cues from his foster brothers. His foster parents believe Brody weaves due to the sight loss in his right eye. That sight loss really is not a problem for this clever fellow; he found his way around the house and yard in no time. He even managed to get up the stairs in the dark, something that gives the humans in the house trouble.
Brody is a very smart boy and knows some basic commands such as “sit,” “come,” and “paw.”  He has been working on his “stay” command and is already improving.  He is a well-mannered fellow in the house; no counter-surfing or inappropriate chewing for this guy.  Except for an accident his first night at a temporary foster home—perhaps just the jitters from just having left the home he knew--Brody has been accident free and so good his foster parents have seen no reason to crate him—yay, Brody!  At night, this love sleeps in a doggie bed in his foster parent’s bedroom.  He did attempt to join the family on the bed, but was quick to get down when told.
As many beginning the New Year, the new guy in the house has been started on a diet and exercise program to help him get down to a healthy weight. He’s enjoying low fat snacks and lines up with his foster brothers at bed time to get his treat. Brody is fed with the other dogs in the house and no problems have occurred.  He doesn’t beg but waits for the humans to complete their meals. He prefers to join his new buddies in the kitchen as the dishes are being done hoping some food might drop his way.
Handsome is generally quiet in the house and only occasionally barks if someone comes to the door.  He is eager to greet visitors and minds his manners--no jumping for this boy.  He patiently waits for pets from the visitor and then lies down in his bed.  He was a perfect gentleman meeting some two-legged friends of the 12 year girl with whom he lives.
Brody was reportedly all wags while at the groomers.  He has been to the vet and was a very good boy.  He met several dogs and their humans while waiting and did very well with everyone he met. He seemed to enjoy when another “patient” started a conversation with him.  But when asked to calm down, Brody obliged and settled down to wait his turn.
MAESSR’s new boy loves being with his people and follows his foster parents everywhere.  He enjoys cuddling and is always up for some belly rubs.  His long tail goes into full speed wag mode—a dog with a tail!!!! He loves attention and will nicely ask for pets.  Brody is an easy going laid back kind of guy who will fit into many different kinds of homes.  Watch for his progress and think about welcoming this sweetheart into your home for Valentine’s Day.