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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.   Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 10/08/2012
Status: Adopted
Age: 5
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 54 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, epilepsy and thyroid levels well-managed with medications,
Health Cont.: benefits from occasional use of topical medication for itchy skin
Temperament: Good with adults, good with children as young as three, good with other dogs, good with cats
Temp. Cont.: and other animals

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Bex's Story . . .

Update 12/27/2013:  "He has previously lived with dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs, and a pony.  Bex has learned to get along and demonstrate appropriate behavior with all of them!  What a good boy!"  

Bex was adopted by a loving family but, through no fault of his own, has returned to MAESSR.  A happy-go-lucky, sweet boy who loves to be with his people, Bex got along with everyone in his busy household – human and otherwise – but he was not receiving the attention he needed to thrive.  As a non-dominant dog, he was often picked on.  His family felt that Bex, described as a “superb dog,” deserved a home that could provide him with more one-on-one time.
Bex is a sweet dog who loves everyone.  He does wonderfully with children and most recently lived with children, six- and three-years old; he got along great with them. However, when meeting a new person, Bex does like to jump up.  This may be a concern with very small children.  His family found it best to put Bex on a leash when first introducing him to new people.  He is exuberant and loving and just can't help but try to give people a "hug."
An easy-going guy, Bex gets along great with a variety of animals.  He has previously lived with dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs, and a pony.  Bex has learned to get along and demonstrate appropriate behavior with all of them!  What a good boy!
Any activity with his humans is fine with Bex.  He is content hiking in the woods, running on the beach, or curling up beside someone for a day indoors watching movies on the couch.  He is a dog with a moderate energy level and a love affair of any food.  He tends to sneak in a little counter-surfing every now and then, so unattended plates should be watched!  
Bex is a special needs dog requiring twice-daily medication to control his epilepsy.  His veterinarian felt that his current medication regimen does a good job of managing the seizures.  In the past year, he has suffered three minor seizure incidents, but extra doses of his usual meds brought these under control.  Telephone consultations with the vet were all that was necessary in those instances.  Aside from administering his medication, it is very easy to forget that Bex has any medical condition at all as he is otherwise a happy, healthy dog.  He does tend to get itchy skin which can be relieved with a variety of skin-soothing shampoos or an occasional application of topical hotspot medication.  Unlike many Springers, he doesn't seem to suffer frequent ear infections; an occasional ear cleaning is all that's required to keep his ears healthy.
Bex knows the commands to "sit" and "come here."  The one he struggles with is "stay."  He just wants to be beside his human!
Bex will engage in activities on all energy levels.  Whatever his people are doing is what Bex wants to do!  An ideal home for Bex would be one that would provide him with a lot of personal attention, lots of time with his favorite people, and perhaps some cuddle time on the furniture or bed.  Please consider opening your home and heart to Bex.

Update 12/19/2012:  "Bex is hale, hearty, and healthy since having his seizure medicines adjusted a month ago."  

Bex is so happy to report he is hale, hearty, and healthy since having his seizure medicines adjusted a month ago. His recent blood work to monitor how the thyroid and epilepsy medicines are working show all indictors are within normal range.

This affectionate, laid-back boy is ready to go to his forever home and is thinking that he would be the perfect Christmas present under some lucky family’s tree! Can’t you just picture Bex with a big bow around his neck on Christmas morning?

Update 11/28/2012:  "Every morning begins with a spirited play session with the resident Springer who has become his good pal."

Bex has thrived in his foster home. Every morning begins with a spirited play session with the resident Springer who has become his good pal. This mischievous fellow loves to steal his foster mom’s slippers to instigate a chase around the house!

Unfortunately a series of seizures hit Bex in mid-November. A trip to a canine neurologist resulted in an adjustment to his daily regimen and he thankfully has been seizure-free since going on new meds. Bex now takes two medications for his epilepsy and one for low thyroid levels, none of which are very expensive. Although Bex may continue to have seizures from time to time, his doctors are confident that his epilepsy can be well-controlled by the medicines. For sure this playful and affectionate guy does not let his medical condition slow him down!

Since coming to his foster home, Bex has been to a party with lots of adults and two 7 year-old boys. He was in his element as he and the boys chased each other around the house. Bex thinks his perfect forever family would be one where people are home a good part of the day and there are kids for playmates. Can’t you picture this playful pup sporting a big red bow and sitting under your Christmas tree?

Original:   "This handsome guy is one of the most affectionate Springers his foster mom has met."

Bex is a four and a half year old big bundle of love! He came into MAESSR’s care when his New Jersey owners sadly decided they could not afford the medicine and preventive care for his epilepsy which was diagnosed in July 2012. Bex’s condition is under control with twice-daily doses of Phenobarbital.

Since coming into foster care, Bex has adapted very well to the household routines and to sharing his space with the resident Springer. He has met several adults and has a tendency to jump when first meeting people, but quickly settles down. Bex hasn’t met any children since he came into foster care, but is reported by his former family as being good with children. He’s not known with cats yet. He is completely housebroken, doesn’t chew inappropriately, and has exhibited no unusual fears.

Quirks? He wouldn’t be a Springer without some, right?! Bex is a serious counter-surfer. He “gets it” that this is not good behavior. He will retreat from the kitchen when so directed, but he has to be reminded quite often that counter-surfing is considered bad doggie etiquette. He also needs to be watched around the trash can as he can’t resist sticking his nose in there to see if there’s anything good. Bex’s leash manners are quite good. He doesn’t pull at all, except for some occasions when he sees something he’d like to check out. Then he pulls quite hard; he’s strong boy! So far, Bex has not met other dogs well and tends to bark and lunge at them when he meets them on walks. An obedience class for Bex to help him learn the best walking behavior would help him a lot.

Bex rode in a crate when he was transported to foster care without complaint, but he doesn’t seem to like the crate at home. Instead, he sleeps in a doggie bed on the floor in his foster mom’s bedroom and has the run of the house when she is not home. In the car, Bex rides pretty well. He whines and is restless in stop and go traffic, but settles down for a long ride. He knows and responds to “sit,” but not to any other commands. He does pretty well off-leash and will come when called, but not always immediately.

This handsome guy is one of the most affectionate Springers his foster mom has met. He loves to cuddle, will nudge you to be petted, and really loves to get belly rubs. He’s playful, yet laid-back. He enjoys a good game of fetch and even enjoyed a camping trip recently. He had a great time on the long hike he took with his foster mom, his foster auntie and his Springer pal.

Like all MAESSR dogs, Bex has had a trip to the vet for a check-up, which he passed with flying colors. All his vaccinations are current and he has the appropriate medicine and dosage to keep his epilepsy under control. Besides the medicine, Bex will require regular bloodwork to make sure the dosage remains at the right level. He had a skin condition earlier this year and now enjoys a grain-free diet as well as regular baths with a medicated shampoo to keep his skin healthy.

Bex would be a wonderful addition to many homes. He will need owners willing to understand and treat his medical condition. He could be happy as an only dog or with a canine companion dog and in a family with or without children. The family who opens its heart to this guy will be a lucky family indeed!