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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.   Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Bertie 2

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Entered: 06/27/2015
Status: Adopted
Age: 11
Color: Black/White/Tan Setter Mix
Weight: 55.4 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Columbia, MD
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for systemic yeast infection complete, receiving a special diet and supplements
Health Cont.: to benefit kidney and joint health, Grade 3 heart murmur and trachea irregularity detected, dental
Health Contd.: and cyst removal deferred, treatment for UTI, ear infection and Lyme disease complete, deaf, has
Health Conts.: gained to a healthy weight
Temperament: Good with people as old as 92, good with children as young as 5, good with dogs, good with cats

Bertie 2's Story . . .
Update 10/09/2015:  “Unfortunately, the pictures also showed that someone had shot him with a pellet gun at one point in time  ...  Who would do that to such a sweet boy?”
Months back Mr. Bertie likely never envisioned that the kindness of a stranger could so turn his life around.  Since becoming a MAESSR boy, he’s responded so well to attentive health care and a loving home life...indeed, the “stuff” of rescue. 
With basic health gains in place, Bertie recently went to the vet to get some x-rays done.   While he was pretty scared, he stayed still.  Good boy!  The film showed the reason for his occasional “coughing”/retching...his trachea is irregularly shaped and easily irritated.  His lungs are clear and the trachea doesn’t slow him down one bit.   His “cough” minimally impacts his quality of life and never happens when he’s up and about, only after lying down a bit, so no treatment was recommended.   Unfortunately, the pictures also showed that someone had shot him with a pellet gun at one point in time.  There is still one pellet visible, but it doesn’t pose any threat to his health.  Who would do that to such a sweet boy?
Because of the heart murmur, MAESSR decided to leave the cyst and teeth cleaning alone too.   Bertie would have to be anesthetized for cosmetic reasons, and that is simply not important enough to risk his life.   Thankfully, neither cyst nor teeth are bothering him.
Bertie is ready for his forever family now!  Will you be the one to give an old man a good home in his golden years? He really is a super good boy and very spry for his age.  He loves long brisk walks and car rides, but most of all he loves to be with his person.  Ask about meeting him...he’ll impress!

Update 09/21/2015:
Seniors don’t bounce back as quickly as younger pups, but Bertie and his foster family are making their best effort to help him feel better.”
Bertie’s foster mom reports that restoring his health has been slow going for him.  He still battles a systemic yeast infection, but it is improving slowly but surely.  His ear infections are now under control, requiring just a daily cleaning.  Seniors don’t bounce back as quickly as younger pups, but Bertie and his foster family are making their best effort to help him feel better.
Another concern is a strange “cough” which Bertie has developed.  He seems to be hacking up phlegm and will be visiting the vet for an x-ray to determine its cause.  His dental cleaning and cyst removal have been put on hold pending those results.
Keep Bertie and his foster family in your thoughts as this sweet senior boy continues his journey to better health.

Update 08/24/2015:
“So, in summary, I have to watch what I eat, need pain medication and some supplements…sounds like every human (and dog) in my age group, don’t you agree?”
Hi all, Bertie here…

The good MAESSR folks are calling me “Bertie,” but that’s not really my name.  Not that it matters…my ears have stopped working and I can’t hear what they are calling me anyway!  You can give me any name you want and I won’t respond to it at all (a little deaf joke…don’t worry, I have my thoughtful moments, too.)  Nobody is taking my deafness too seriously, including me, and neither should you!  I am REALLY good at interpreting body language and hand signals.  I also know to look for you if the lights are being turned on and off.  See, I told you I’m not hindered in the least by my “condition.”
If you read my prior write-ups, you know that I have a few health issues, but who doesn’t at my age.  You’ll get there, too!  I’ve been feeling better in the past several weeks; I’m not so very thin anymore, I have put on some muscle mass, my hair is growing back, and I’m almost back to my former HANDSOME self.  Once those issues improved, I was able to tell my foster mom about my arthritis and that it was bothering me.  She’s put me on some pain medication and supplements, and voila!  I’m able to be goofy and hop around her when it’s time for our walk.  Oh, did I mention that I LOVE to take walks?  And car rides?  Don’t get me started!  Whenever we leave the house I run to the car and hop, hop, hop, so she knows to lift me in.  We have an SUV, so I can’t do it by myself; with a ramp I would have no problem.  Unfortunately, my foster mom doesn’t open the car EVERY time, but then it turns out we are going for a walk…and that’s very fine as well.
I still drink a lot, though, which means I have to pee more often than other dogs, I’m embarrassed to say. That’s because I am in the early stages of kidney disease. They put me on a “kidney diet” prescription dog food which is no more expensive than a good store bought kibble.  This is going to manage the situation; I don’t need any other medication for this, just some inexpensive supplements that support kidney health…that’s it.  Already, in the past 10 days, my thirst (and peeing) has lessened and I sleep through the night.  During the day, because I do not like to soil the house, I pace and huff and generally pester my foster mom until she catches on (sometimes she’s a little slow, you know).  Then I go straight out, pee, and come right back in.  No trouble at all.  Don’t let the kidney disease frighten you!  There is no reason why I should not live and enjoy life to the fullest until it’s my time to go to the Rainbow Bridge anyway.  It just needs monitoring.
What else is there?  Let me think… NOTHING!  Other than what I described, I’m doing well, and will have my teeth cleaned and a cyst on my back removed in the very near future. So, in summary, I have to watch what I eat, need pain medication and some supplements…sounds like every human (and dog) in my age group, don’t you agree?
I’m really excited to meet my new forever parent(s)!  My foster home is okay, but I would love to have a home to call my own…with my own bed, food bowls, and yard (which needs to be fenced; remember, because I can’t hear you calling and I might find a squirrel to chase…no guarantees!). Oh, and a family, of course!  I’m always in a good mood, even when my arthritis is bothering me, and I have sooooo much love to give!  Do you want to meet me and take me home when I’m ready?  I promise…you will not regret it!
Best Regards,


Update 07/23/2015:  “In Bertie’s words, ‘Joggers and hikers need not apply, but if you enjoy a good cuddle on the couch and lazy summer days, count me in!’"

MAESSR’s honorary Springer, Bertie, has been with his new foster mom for two weeks and settled in without a problem.  He is very polite with everyone, human or canine, and loves attention.  Nothing is better than being cuddled and petted and given kisses!
At the vet’s office, Bertie behaved like a champ.  No problems with being prodded and poked.  Even drawing blood did not elicit a response other than a “help me” look at his foster mom.  Because of his overall poor condition, the vet was hesitant to put an age on him, but this will be revisited at a future appointment.
Since his vet visit, Bertie’s condition is slowly improving.  He has gained some weight, is able to hold eliminations for approximately eight hours now, his ear infection has almost cleared up, his energy levels are rising, his skin is much improved, and his hair is growing back.  It’s obvious that this poor boy was out on his own for quite a while. But, despite his poor condition, he is such a happy boy!  With a loving foster home and MAESSR’s care, he’s grateful for all the attention and help he’s receiving.
By the way, Bertie is the best dog ever when it comes to having his ears treated for infection.  He just stays on his bed and lets his foster mom do what she needs to do.  No flinching or trying to get away.  Taking a bath?  No problem!  He just stands still and endures.  Good boy, Bertie!
Bertie signals when he needs or wants something…be it water, food, or having to eliminate…by pacing, prodding/pestering his foster mom, and doggie telepathy (that deep, intense look into his human’s eyes that goes on and on, where he’s certainly thinking, “Why is she not getting it?  I’m giving her my best stuff!”).
Not one for the crate, Bertie is allowed free access to the house, and is absolutely trustworthy.  Being an older gentleman he just follows his foster mom around and plops down for a nap wherever she settles.  He loves dog beds, but is not adverse to a couch.  However, he knows the “off” command and will climb down immediately.
Although Bertie is able to go up and down the steps, ideally he would find a forever home with few.  He has some arthritis in his hind legs, which could present a problem in the future.  Being older, it would also be best if he could find a new home with a more mature mom or dad, preferably without puppies or small children that might pester him.  He enjoys his walks greatly, but does not have the stamina for long hikes.  In Bertie’s words, “Joggers and hikers need not apply, but if you enjoy a good cuddle on the couch and lazy summer days, count me in!”
Stay tuned for updates on Bertie’s condition.  If he continues to improve at this rate, he will be looking for his forever home soon!  Will you be the one to give it to him?
Original:  “As an older gent, Bertie is not much for playing with toys, but does trot around the yard after the resident dogs when they're playing.”

Bertie was found trotting down the median of a busy road in New Jersey by friends of a MAESSR volunteer.  They called to him and he came, jumping into their car.   Not having the resources to keep him, they took him to a nearby shelter.  Though he seems more English Setter than Springer Spaniel, he was soon given honorary Springer status and brought into MAESSR foster care. 
Completely housetrained, Bertie will walk over and put his head in his foster mom's lap if he wants to go out during the day.  Preferring not to soil his fenced yard, he likes to do his business on leash walks but will make do if need be.  Because the resident dogs use most of the available crates in the house and Bertie is trustworthy, he just sleeps on a dog bed under the table at night or hangs out on a different bed during the day.
This sweet, polite guy has no bad habits at all.  He doesn't counter-surf, trash dive, or even beg at the table.  He does sit if there is the possibility of a treat.  Although he is mellow indoors, if a leash is picked up, he's always ready to go.  His car manners are great; he just flops in the back making himself comfortable.  In fact, he loves the car and seems to want to go inside if he is anywhere near it. 
As an older gent, Bertie is not much for playing with toys, but does trot around the yard after the resident dogs when they're playing.  He's alert for birds but not obsessed with them. There is no guarding of anything with Bertie; he doesn't even mind sharing beds, food bowls, or walking in tandem with his house mates.  On leash walks, he's always more willing to be outbound.  Once headed back towards the house, he goes into a loose leash slow mode, showing no hurry to go back.  Bertie likes his walks! 
When he first came to his foster home, his foster mom gave him a good bath and grooming that helped start him down the road to healthier skin-- but he still has some issues with scabs and sores from his days as a stray.  With dry skin and some scabbing from prior neglect and flea issues, Bertie loves to be brushed, twitching away happily. 
 A really good-natured guy, Bertie would love to be the center of attention in his low key way.  His full tail wags away, responding to tone of voice and seeming to want to tell his foster folks all the commands that he probably knows but they don't.  “Sit” and “Who wants to go for a walk?” are definitely two things he understands.
Bertie is ready to be someone’s best buddy and love them forever.  He knows that senior dogs rule!  And Bertie’s right!