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Bella 15

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Entered: 04/28/2018
Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 45 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Goochland, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from prednisone for an immune mediated disease, benefiting from medication for anxiety, completed treatment for urinary tract infection
Temperament: Good with people as young as 16, would be happiest as an only dog, unknown with cats

Bella 15's Story . . .

Update 10/15/2018: “She is a cuddle bug who has gone through a very troubling time but has come out on top.”

Bella was doing wonderfully in her foster home and was just about ready to be made available when her foster mom noticed that she kept walking in circles to the right and would not bring her head up.  In addition, she could only open her mouth a little.  She was rushed to the vet.  The vet sent off blood work to see if that would help find what was going on.  An appointment was also scheduled with the neurologist.  All the tests did not reveal a definitive diagnosis.  The decision to start her on antibiotics and steroids was made because she could not open her mouth to eat.  Her foster mom was syringing soft food into her mouth.  Slowly she started doing better, and her mouth started opening wider.  After about a month on antibiotics and prednisone, she was doing great.  Then, the process of weaning her off of prednisone was started.  As the dosage was decreased the symptoms started reappearing, and she was put back on the original dose.  Once she was feeling better, the new plan became, “Let’s see at what dosage of pred she can live comfortably.”  This was a long, slow process, but Bella is now stable.

Bella’s condition in the words of her vet:
“Bella 15 is a super sweet, 6 year old liver and white spayed female who has a suspected immune mediated disease that affects the muscles of her jaw and when more severe her head positioning.  She otherwise is a very healthy girl.
Her condition is currently managed with prednisone, an immunosuppressant.  This will likely be a condition that will need management for the rest of her life.  While managed she is an otherwise happy, healthy, sweet and playful girl who is eager to please and ‘give paw.’  She will make a wonderful companion to someone willing to work with her condition."
Bella is wonderful girl that needs to be an only dog.  She is okay to take on a walk around other dogs, but another dog in her home can be nerve wracking for everyone.  She is in a foster home with about twenty other dogs and everyone has survived so far.
Bella is absolutely super fantastic with people.  Her foster mom can take anything out of her mouth and do anything to her; Bella is fine.   Her foster home would recommend crating her when she is home alone.  Bella is a master counter-surfer and crating her is the easiest solution.  
Bella would make a good addition to any home without other dogs and with children over 16. She is a cuddle bug who has gone through a very troubling time but has come out on top.  Yay for Bella!!!!


Original: "She loves to sleep in the big bed with her foster family and does not think she can get close enough."


Bella was relinquished to another rescue group when her Virginia family was moving to a smaller place and could only keep one of their dogs.  The other rescue group tried placing her, but, since her mental health was deteriorating in the shelter environment, they contacted MAESSR for help.


Fights had occurred between Bella and the other dog in her original home.  The owner said Bella would be sleeping and just wake up and attack the other dog.  This behavior has not been repeated in her foster home, but Bella will guard her "person" and/or food from other dogs.  For these reasons, Bella would be best placed as an only dog. 


Bella has a history of being an anxious girl.  Her foster mom worked with the vet to start her on an inexpensive medication to help relieve the anxiety.  Since she has been on the medication, Miss B has been much more accepting of the other dogs in her foster home.  Her new family will be required to keep her on this medication for a minimum of one year after adoption.  


This beauty is crate trained, but crate usage is not necessary as she has wonderful house manners.  She will, however, counter-surf if given the opportunity.  Hey!  A Springer’s got to do what comes naturally!  She loves to sleep in the big bed with her foster family and does not think she can get close enough to her people.


Bella rides well in the car and loves to go for rides.  She does pull on the leash when starting on a walk but calms down and walks much better after a few minutes.


Springer pups can be wild things and Springer seniors are the best of cuddlers and lovers.  Bella, at six years of age, is right in between.  She’s ready and willing for a forever home to give her all the attention possible, to walk and play with her, and to welcome her into its family.  She loves that “big bed,” so her future family needs to be prepared to snuggle with her!