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Bandit 11

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Entered: 03/26/2017
Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 43 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Aston, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, all around good health
Temperament: Good with people of all ages, but may knock young ones down in his excitement, good with other
Temp. Cont.: dogs, unknown with cats, tolerated chickens in his previous home

Bandit 11's Story . . .

Original:  “When chastised for minor issues, he drops, flops, and grins his Springer grin.  This smartie knows the humans are suckers for such behavior and will give him belly rubs.”

When this youngster was found roaming as a stray in Pennsylvania, he was taken to a man who had a Springer and kept for a bit in the hope that his former owner would come forward.  With no name of his own, he was christened Bandit, and, after a few weeks, MAESSR was contacted to find him a new home.
The new houseguest marked a time or two inside during his first few days in foster care,  but since then has been completely housetrained.  He doesn't seem to have a signal to go out, but, with a senior living in his foster home, yard visits happen often.  Reportedly, he climbed his way out of a six foot high kennel run when contained and had to be tethered, but since coming to his new foster home, he hasn't jumped the five foot fence.  Perhaps he just prefers to stay inside with his new foster sister, a leggy Afghan hound.
Bandit is fine in a crate if he can see his humans or if his doggy friends are nearby; otherwise he'll give an “arf” or two in protest at the unfairness of being crated while the other dogs are in a different room.  With his athletic abilities, he could easily jump the short puppy gates, but since the other dogs don't, he apparently figures it's not something that one does. He just hangs out and waits for the humans to return.
As a bit of a newbie to indoor life, Mr. B. will jump up in excitement when his foster folks appear;  he might also put a paw on the table to look before getting a “NOPE” and taking it back down again. He doesn’t guard his food, but eats it politely at a leisurely pace.  He's learning the ropes quickly, aided by clues from his foster siblings and his desire to please folks.  When chastised for minor issues, he drops, flops, and grins his Springer grin.  This smartie knows the humans are suckers for such behavior and will give him belly rubs.
In the car, he's a champ, either sitting in the passenger seat and trying to sneak his head across to the driver’s lap or being quiet while tethered in the back.  Though not yet formally groomed, he was fine with bathing at his initial temporary home, good with having his overly long nails clipped, and seemed to like being brushed.  Bandit had his shots and was neutered at the same time; he seemed fine with going off with total strangers at the vet's office since they said hello nicely.
Bandit still pulls on leash, wanting to explore the sights and smells of his new neighborhood so a Gentle Leader is recommended.  He loves all dogs he's met--no aggression at all from Mr. Waggy Tail.  His energy level is reasonably high outdoors and medium indoors while he tries to figure out what indoor behavior should be. He doesn't seem to understand the concept of “'toy” and just watches as the resident youngster chases and occasionally retrieves soft toys.
This friendly guy is just a diamond in the rough, needing direction and gentle guidance to make him into a great dog.  Bandit would love a home with another dog friend, either male or female, or at least a place where he would be given a lot of love and a mission in life.  He would benefit from obedience training, but, in the meantime, he has all the makings of a fine dog.  Spring, spring, spring into this spring with your very own Springer!!