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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.   Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 02/25/2017
Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Color: Liver/White/Tan
Weight: 40 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Sperryville, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, recovery from growth removal on back complete, overall good health
Temperament: Good with people as young as five, has shown some aggression towards dogs especially when food is
Temp. Cont.: involved, good with cats, will chase chickens and ducks

Amelia's Story . . .

Update 03/24/2017:
“Her foster parents are determined to help this sweet girl become the best Springer she possibly can be.”
As Amelia has become more comfortable in her foster home, she has demonstrated how energetic a girl she is!   Initially relatively calm and well-behaved, her real energy-level has now revealed itself and her foster mom is working to keep her focused. 
Amelia also has been urinating in the house even though she goes outside frequently.  Her foster parents are working to determine the cause of this behavior and correct it, whether it be a medical or behavioral issue. 
Recently Amelia has demonstrated some aggressive behavior toward other dogs as well as some food guarding.  She is a wonderful dog, but needs focused attention to address these issues. Her foster parents are determined to help this sweet girl become the best Springer she possibly can be.

Original: “She’s naturally curious, has a total body wiggle, and needs lots of attention, especially during this adjustment period.”

Bonded siblings Amelia and Manni lived with their Pennsylvania owner since they were puppies.  Manni was the first to arrive and two years later, his owner went back to the same breeder to get Amelia; the duo share the same mother. Recently, the owner accepted a new job which required him to relocate.  Unfortunately, he could not take his beloved Springers with him so he relinquished them to MAESSR knowing a wonderful new home would be found for them.
Amelia loves people and is good with cats.  Her former owner reported she was good with the neighbor’s children ages five years to teenagers.  With the elderly resident female Springer, Amelia has shown some food aggression but her foster mom is working on alleviating that.  Initially, Amelia wanted to chase the resident herd of goats but it only took a week for her to break that tendency.  Chickens, ducks, and guineas on their foster mom’s farm are another issue and a work in progress.
Housetrained and crate trained, Amelia is trustworthy when her foster mom is out of the house.  Dogs are not allowed on the furniture in her foster home and Amelia respects that rule.  Despite the fact that Amelia and Manni have their own dog beds, they often choose to sleep together on the same bed in their foster parents’ bedroom at night.
Amelia loves to run and play, burning off her nervous energy.   She barks when she hears unfamiliar noises as she adjusts to life in the country.  When given a firm “No,” she is fairly good about stopping her barking.   Although she has not counter-surfed, Amelia is very interested in food and tends to put a paw in her person’s lap for attention.  She also has been caught with her head in the trash.  (Hey, a girl has to take a look!)  She’s naturally curious, has a total body wiggle, and needs lots of attention, especially during this adjustment period.
Home trained by her former owner, Amelia knows and generally obeys the commands “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “slow.” She also responds to hand signals for these commands.  What a smart girl!  She walks well on the leash and can be trusted off leash except around birds.  She makes no attempt to run off when let outside or when off leash.  This girl wants to be with her people!  Her foster mom can let her out to potty and rely on her to be waiting in the garage or the front porch a little while later.  The previous owner reported she does not like thunderstorms but that has not been put to a test yet.  Amelia rides quietly in the car and seems to have no anxiety.  She can be seen riding around her foster mom’s farm in the Kawasaki Mule!   
Amelia likes to be groomed and she enjoys swimming in her foster mom’s pond although she tends to flail around a bit unlike her brother who is a strong swimmer.   She is getting used to going in her mom’s dog shower to be washed off after hiking or swimming and does not appear to resist bathing. 
Amelia had surgery to remove a large, golf ball-sized growth from between her shoulder blades. The lab report was negative, but she must be monitored for future growths.  She is healing well and overall is in good health.
Would you like to add this beautiful Springer girl to your family and maybe her brother Manni too?  Such an addition would bring you double the joy!