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  • Adopted Murdock in December 2006 when he was 10 Mos old. He has been the best boy ever! We just learned he has Lymphoma & are devasted. I can't imagine life without him & am hoping he responds well to treatment and lives many more months!!
  • Marie, PA
  • I lost my best friend, Evie, a year ago September. I adopted her in 2006, she was 2 years old. That sweet girl was the love of my life and I miss her dearly. Thank you MAESSR for bringing that beautiful dog into my life.
  • Carrie, VA

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    Zoe 7

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    Entered: 05/18/2013
    Status: Adopted
    Age: 4
    Color: Liver/White
    Weight: 70 lbs.
    Gender: Altered Female
    Location: North Potomac, MD
    Health: UTD, HW-, well-controlled diabetes with daily insulin shots
    Temperament: Loves people of all ages, good with other dogs, unknown with cats

    Zoe 7's Story . . .

    Original:  "Moderate daily exercise will help Zoe maintain her health and could lead to a whole new world of fun for her." 
    Zoe is a very sweet girl who loves all people. She had lived happily her entire life with a Pennsylvania family. Unfortunately, she was just diagnosed with diabetes and her family didn’t have the financial means to treat the disease. They came to MAESSR to get her life-sustaining medical care and the home that she needs. Since coming into foster care, Zoe has worked with her family’s vet. Her diabetes is now well under control with 2 shots of insulin a day. She is starting to lose weight and feels much better. What wonderful news for Miss Zoe!
    Zoe has never shown any aggressive behavior towards adults or children. Indeed, she was surrounded by little people in her original home. She grew up with 3 children, currently ages 9 to 14 years old. Additionally, her surrendering mom babysits for 4 children, ages 1 to 2 ½ years, during the week. Zoe interacted well with all the children from 1 to 14 years old.

    Though she hasn’t had formal obedience training, Zoe knows her basics: sit, stay (but not for too long), come, down and paw. She is crate trained and is crated if no one is home, but usually just for short times. She has freedom throughout the house when her family is home. Zoe will bark if someone comes to the door or if she sees a dog outside. She was not exposed much to other dogs in her previous home but has adapted well to living with many in her foster home.

    Her manners are what one would expect from a lovely springer. Zoe doesn’t dig, chew, submissively urinate or jump fences. She also doesn’t beg for food, counter-surf, or jump on people. She does pull on her leash but likely from inexperience; some training in this area would quickly sharpen her skills. Zoe rides well in a car and is always ready to step out with her family.

    At 72 pounds Zoe has been described as a couch potato and an “inside” dog. She enjoys walks but didn’t get any other exercise with her original family since there wasn’t a fenced-in yard at their home. At her foster home there is a huge yard for her to roam around in and a pool just for dogs……exactly what she needs. Moderate daily exercise will help Zoe maintain her health and could lead to a whole new world of fun for her. She really does love her people and, with attentive care, she can expect to love on her adopting family for a very long time to come!