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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 08/24/2015
Status: Adopted
Age: 6 Born 10/11/2010
Color: Black/White
Weight: 63 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for an ear infection complete, dental and small benign growth removal complete,,
Health Cont.: losing to a healthy weight
Temperament: Good with people as young as 7 and possibly younger, good with other dogs, not good with cats

Xavi's Story . . .

Update 08/01/2017:  All in all, Charlie is a happy-go-lucky guy who has never met a stranger!”
Charlie has continued to charm everyone he has met.  When he went back to the vet to have his stitches removed, the vet had some difficulty removing them because they were tied so tightly.  She was amazed at how quiet and calm Charlie was while she was trying to remove them. What a good boy!
Recently Charlie’s foster parents had their floors refinished.  The workmen thought Charlie was very cute. In fact, they told her that Charlie got through a door that hadn’t been closed tightly and came in to see them to give them kisses!
Charlie has been discovered to be a counter-surfer, and he is very smart about it.  He will quietly put his front paws on the counter, on the table, etc.  If he gets something, great!  If he doesn’t, he doesn’t surf. He just moves on to the next flat surface. When opportunity knocks, Charlie is happy to answer!
Some basic obedience classes have begun and Charlie is doing VERY well.  He catches onto everything very quickly…particularly because he’s all about the treats.  His parents are working on “leave it” for situations like when they walk by other dogs.  They use big stuffed animals in place of other dogs to start the exercise.  Charlie is fascinated by the big black bear.  He thinks it’s his friend.
All in all, Charlie is a happy-go-lucky guy who has never met a stranger!

Update 06/15/2017
:  "He is very easy going and appears to like all people and other dogs. Nothing seems to rattle him."
Xavi, who was renamed Charlie upon adoption, was returned to MAESSR through no fault of his own. A relative who is severely allergic to dogs was coming to live with his adoptive family. 

In overall good health, Charlie is working on a few minor problems.  He currently has an ear infection for which he’s being treated; he has a teeth cleaning and some cosmetic surgery scheduled for early July. Some small, benign growths on his head are being removed to make him even more attractive than he already is. So, it is for cosmetic purposes.  Charlie was quite popular at the vet. He seemed glad to see everyone he had never met before! 

In his current foster home Charlie is adjusting beautifully.  He is very easy going and appears to like all people and other dogs. Nothing seems to rattle him.  He loves his toys…especially the ones with squeakers in them! 

Charlie is curious and loves to explore the back yard.  He also gets the chance to explore on his regular walks. His foster parents are working on getting a few excess pounds off of him. Fortunately he enjoys his exercise and loves his walks.  Inside the house
Charlie is completely housetrained and he doesn’t chew inappropriately.  What a good guest!

Recently his foster family had a lot of people over to the house for a party. Charlie was the life of the party; he gave each person some individual attention so they all felt very special. 

Charlie’s foster parents are continuing to expose him to different situations; so far he appears to be fine anywhere.  Charlie’s now looking for his forever home. Maybe your home will begin the next chapter in this sweet boy’s life.

Update 09/26/2015:
  “It amazes his foster mom how fast those dry brown leaves get sucked up and swallowed down!“
Did someone say "GO OUTSIDE" or was it "CAR RIDE?”  It doesn't matter; both are Xavi favorites.  To assure, the ALL CAPS is not a typo.  Xavi is an “all caps”, happy, super enthusiastic guy when it comes to just about everything and everyone.  This boy continues to be so sweet and gentle with everyone, including the grumpy, very old, resident dog.  At 32 pounds the senior has given Xavi several nips because he felt his space was invaded. Xavi has a few scabs but the little gent has not a mark on him.  Xavi is a lover, not a fighter.  Belly rubs, sitting close, giving kisses...these are more his style.
With a month in foster care, Xavi’s family now knows how he responds to cats, indoors and out.  He alerts to them and is VERY excited to see them and would love to run after them.  He would chase an outside cat for sure if off leash, same as a squirrel, and should not be asked to live with one.  Toward peace for all, no felines in this boy’s future!
Though still quite the porker, he has lost 2-3 pounds this month and is on his way to that 10 pound goal!  Alas, Xavi has to stick to his two cups of dog chow if he wants to be trim by the New Year.  He supplements his kibble with fallen leaves that he vacuums from the sidewalk on walks around the neighborhood.  It amazes his foster mom how fast those dry brown leaves get sucked up and swallowed down!  Acorns were of interest early on but must not taste very good now.   Fall seems the perfect season to increase one's fiber intake.

Xavi continues to be a perfect house guest with only two compromising habits.  On walks he gets so excited when he spots someone up ahead that he digs in and pulls and pulls, trying to catch up so that he can greet the stranger.  When nothing intrigues him, he walks at a quick pace but is easily managed on the leash. 
Also, despite being fed before his foster family sits down to eat dinner, Xavi is right there at the table, sitting up tall, looking like an over-eager busboy waiting to clear the table.  Breakfast and lunch are of no interest but, at dinner time, this boy is looking for something to come his way...keep dreaming, Xavi!
There is a special occasion coming up next month.  Xavi's 5th birthday is October 11th!  Wouldn't you like to celebrate with this sweet boy?  Just remember, only a tiny piece of cake since Xavi is watching his waistline...:)).

Original:  When he sees strangers, Xavi wiggles his tail so fast his whole back end joins in the fun.” 
Xavi, pronounced Chavee, was purchased as a puppy from a Pennsylvania breeder.  His owners named him for a star soccer player for FC Barcelona, and the husband and Xavi loved watching games together.  Unfortunately when he died, the wife needed to move to a home where no dogs were allowed.  She turned to MAESSR for help with finding this boy a new home.  During his first two weeks as a MAESSR boy, Xavi did great in two different foster homes and handled the changes from one to the other with ease! 
This easy going guy is a big sweetheart who LOVES people.   When he sees strangers, Xavi wiggles his tail so fast his whole back end joins in the fun.  He has enjoyed the attentions of toddlers to adults and would love to have a home with kids of his own for playtime.  As a big, enthusiastic kisser and cuddler, he might be best matched with children over the age of seven who won't get knocked down easily.

Xavi is housetrained and does not use a crate.  He sleeps beside his foster parents’ bed at night.  He tried out the couch one time on his first day in foster care but quickly got off when told and has not tried to sneak back up.  Good boy! 
Handsome knows "sit" and drops to a perfect sit as soon as the leash comes out for a walk.  He is learning that pulling hard on the leash does not get him the attention he so desires.  Leash walking is a work in progress when new people, especially children, are around.
Xavi comes when called and is learning to wait politely for his food.  He does not trash pick or counter-surf but is very interested in food and hangs around the table during meals, even though he does not get anything…hope springs eternal.
Despite his size, this young man loves to run and will even toss a toy to himself if no one is around.  He does not guard toys or food.  When playing fetch, Xavi amazed his foster mom with his athleticism.  Not only can he shoot straight up from a sit to catch a toy but he can leap in mid-stride while running toward her to catch a ball, all four feet floating above the ground!  Once he slims down, nothing will stop him!
Xavi rested quietly in the car when moving between foster homes.  He is reportedly good with grooming and has a light coat. 
Xavi is almost five, but his attitude is pure puppy joy!  If you are looking for a best friend who loves to play and snuggle and who gives lots of kisses, your search may be over.   Xavi is really looking to please which will make further training a breeze.  He would likely benefit from an obedience class; one would also provide a great way to bond with his new family.
One word of caution…Xavi steals more than hearts.  As a youngster he needed surgery to remove a sock, and his owner reports he has never lost his taste for socks and underwear!  Are you ready for a sock-stealing, kiss giving, soccer watching LARGE cuddler?  Does MAESSR have a dog for you!!