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Winston 25

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Entered: 08/27/2016
Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Color: Parti Cocker Spaniel
Weight: 25 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Columbia, MD
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from medication to assist with anxiety, overall good health
Temperament: Under-socialized with a need to meet people on his own terms, not good with children, good with dogs
Temp. Cont.: if properly introduced, good with cats

Winston 25's Story . . .

Update 11/15/2016:  "While he may never be an outgoing dog, he has made great strides in the bravery department!"
Winston is now benefiting from an inexpensive anti-anxiety mediation that has helped him a great deal.  While he may never be an outgoing dog, he has made great strides in the bravery department!  So much so that his foster mom thinks he is ready to meet the person who will patiently assist him on the road to recovery. 
There is still much work to be done, but seeing him taking his first treat from a complete stranger instead of refusing it was unbelievably rewarding.  So was him taking a walk and actually enjoying the smells the great outdoors had to offer.  Will you be the one to help him blossom?

Update 10/23/2016: 
"Winston continues to be the perfect little man while inside the house…always willing to play or cuddle, be it with his humans or foster sister."
After an appropriate time to allow for settling in, Winston was started on an anti-anxiety medication in an attempt to alleviate his stress levels.  He is now nearing the 2 month benchmark at which the success of treatment can be evaluated.  When a full discussion of his foster mom's observations is shared with Winston's vet, it seems likely that he will switch him to another medication, looking for the best possible benefit for Winston. This means he will have to stay with his foster mom a while longer.  She doesn’t mind one bit! 
Winston continues to be the perfect little man while inside the house…always willing to play or cuddle, be it with his humans or foster sister.  He now ventures out to the backyard by himself but prefers to come back in quickly if no one accompanies him.
He still gets upset when anything changes, such as a new box on the floor, strangers appearing, or noises he doesn’t know, but he tries very hard to be brave!  His foster mom is optimistic that with proper medication and patient handling, Winston will blossom and begin to enjoy life in true doggy fashion.
Stay tuned for the next update.  Winston is hoping to get a forever home soon; as soon as he's ready, there will indeed be a family for him!

“He is a clever boy and learns quickly, but must be handled gently as he is very sensitive.”

Winston was relinquished to MAESSR by his Pennsylvania owner with whom he lived since he was four months old.  It was a tearful good-bye as Winston was much loved, but the family no longer could give him the attention he needed and he had begun to act out.
Housetrained and crate trained, Winston is trusted to have the run of his foster home when he is by himself.  Although he would love to sleep right next to his foster mom at night, he makes due with his doggy bed.  With lovely house manners, Winston is a perfect gentleman who does not counter-surf, get into the trash, or chew inappropriately.  However, it is clear that he prefers the furniture over the floor, but will stick to his designated chair/couch.
A graduate of puppy and obedience classes, Winston knows many commands including “watch me” (which he will do upon hearing his name), “come,” “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “off,” and “out.”  He is a clever boy and learns quickly, but must be handled gently as he is very sensitive.  When he arrived at his foster home, Winston pulled on the leash and could not be deterred, which was confirmed by his prior trainer, who admitted defeat.  Now, he wears a Gentle Leader and walks on a loose leash, which is much more enjoyable for him and his foster mom.  Always up for a car ride, this little man jumps in and sits quietly while observing everything around him.  Once under way, he will lie down and take a nap.
Being young and energetic, Winston loves to play fetch and will bring back his toy over and over.  He also loves to play with his foster sister until she is tired of his puppy enthusiasm.  Again, he shows good manners and stops when she tells him.  Then, he just hops on the couch and naps until his foster mom moves. 
Being a Velcro Springer wannabe, Winston absolutely has to be where his people are and follows his foster mom around the house.  He has not shown any resource guarding behaviors, is fed side by side with his sister, and will give up readily whatever he has in his mouth.  What a good boy!
Having had a cat companion for more than a year, he would do well with a dog savvy cat - he actually liked to cuddle with them!  However, Winston was attacked twice by other dogs while he was still a pup and now has a difficult time meeting other dogs.  It is understood by everyone who has had any contact with Winston, that he is simply fearful, unsure how to proceed, and must be allowed to meet other dogs slowly and in his own time.  Dogs with poor social skills will not be entering Winston’s inner circle!  Quiet and gentle dogs with proper etiquette may make a friend for life.
The same goes for humans.  If allowed to meet them on his own terms, Winston will warm up to visitors, but not if he feels overwhelmed and threatened.  It is imperative that one does not make eye contact, talk, or try to touch him; instead, simply ignoring him is best.  He then will come around and check out the new person - especially if his favorite treats are involved!  But his foster family is working with him to overcome some of his fearfulness and he is making progress.
Despite being a bit afraid, Winston is an experienced spa customer and does not mind being handled, having his ears cleaned, or his nails clipped. 
Ideally, Winston will find a forever home without children and with someone who is retired or at least able to spend much time with him.  His wish list includes a possible dog buddy to make him feel more secure.  He truly is a lover once he gets to know his people and nothing makes him happier than to be with them.  Being a young dog, although not overly active, he benefits from regular walks and must have a fenced in yard to explore. How about opening your home and heart to Winston?