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  • We got Boone from MAESSR when he was 6 years old. He was not dog-friendly and not good with young children, which presented some problems for us.  However, he loved us unconditionally,and he deserved the same from us. We introduced him to swimming.  He was hesitant at first, but he quickly became a water dog.  He loved car rides and just being with his people. We lost Boone very suddenly and unexpectedly on Sept. 11,2018 due to a bleeding tumor in his spleen. It was one month shy of his 13th birthday. He was great up until that last morning.There is a huge hole in our hearts that will never be filled. Even if we get another dog, there will never be another Boone.
    Mary, NC

  • MAESSR is the best.  Debbie, VA                    
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Entered: 10/05/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 5
Color: Black/White
Weight: 65 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Altoona, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, Lyme-, treatment for severe flea allergic dermatitis complete
Temperament: Good with people as young as 4, good with dogs, good with cats

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Willard's Story . . .
Update 12/15/13:  This sixty-plus pound dog still believes he is capable of being a lap dog.”
Willard continues to be a happy and loving fellow in his foster home.  His fellow foster-playmate recently went to her furever home so he just has the resident dogs to keep him company. 

Due to winter weather and icy sidewalks, Willard's walks have been few and far between lately, but that doesn't bother this laid back fellow.  While he loves his walks, he is easily able to handle not getting out and burning up energy.  He occupies himself with a bone or tennis ball if he chooses not to nap. 
Since Willard finished his medication for severe flea allergic dermatitis, his hair is slowly growing in.  He most likely will be a low maintenance fellow but does enjoy being brushed.  He is not keen on having his feet handled; his foster mom will take him to the groomer for his nail trimming. 

This handsome guy continues to be a polite guest overall but does continue to try to occasionally counter-surf.  He also has a tendency to eat whatever may fall on the floor such as a pencil eraser or tissues, but will easily trade these items for a dog treat.  The only thing he has chewed so far is dental floss, normally left on the end table until Willard developed an affinity for the cinnamon-flavor.  Who knows, maybe he was just trying to keep up his oral hygiene! 

Willard has had no accidents since his arrival.  If he needs to go out, he will wait at the back door.  He crates well when his foster mom goes out and waits patiently when she returns, sometimes with a submissive grin, before being let out.  His foster mom doesn't see that grin very often, but one evening while Willie was trying to help clear soap suds off his foster mom's arm during her bath, he gave her the grin as she casually told him she could handle her own bath, thank you very much.
This sixty-plus pound dog still believes he is capable of being a lap dog.  He will occasionally jump up on his foster mom if he is lacking attention.   Since his arrival, she wakes up every single night to find Willard in her bed even though he starts out the night being told to get down and go to his pillow.  Often a single prompt will get him off the bed, but sometimes he still requires a good nudge.  Oh, how happy this boy would be to be allowed to share a bed with a furever family member.
Are you the family who will welcome this lovable, good-sized pal into your home and enjoy him as he keeps your bed toasty at night and your home happy with Springer slurps and butt wiggles?
Update 11/13/2013:  As a true Springer, Willard continues to believe that his sleeping arrangements are in foster mom's bed.” 
Willard is enjoying his time in the foster home.  As a result of a round of medications for severe flea allergic dermatitis, his skin is improving more and more with only his legs taking longer to heal. The skin on his body has gone from leathery to soft and light pink.  His hair is slowly growing in, and he no longer leaves a trail of flakes wherever he has been.  Willard enjoys his baths with soothing oatmeal shampoo, and he is being gently brushed to shed the dead skin. He certainly enjoys this personal attention. He is such a good boy for his baths and continues to jump in and out of the tub when prompted and stands patiently while he is lathered up.
The new guy on the block has become friends with the resident dogs and plays frequently with the female foster.  The two of them wrestle and play for long periods of time.  Willard is at least twenty pounds heavier but is gentle with his smaller friend.  The resident Springer, a real party pooper, does not like other dogs to play; his mom holds on to him so the fosters can have a good time.  Every once in a while the resident Springer tries to put Willard, who is larger, in his place if he takes the resident’s precious tennis balls.  Fortunately, the boys' altercations are more noise than anything else.  The other resident Springer gets along well with Willard and even allowed Willard to plop down on top of him when he lay on the couch. 
A polite guest, this guy continues to have fairly good house manners.  There have been no accidents, inappropriate chewing, or trash diving. He does try to counter-surf and will try to eat items found along the sidewalk when walking.  At meal time Willard is fed with a brake bowl as he tends to quickly chow down.  He is fed inside his crate so he does not try to eat anyone else's supper since he is convinced that his foster mom is starving him.  When his foster mom eats, Willard will quietly watch, hoping to get lucky.  Sometimes she has to count her fingers after giving treats as he can be grabby.  Usually a reminder to gently take the item will alleviate the behavior.
As a true Springer, Willard continues to believe that his sleeping arrangements are in his foster mom's bed.  Sometimes he will remove himself with a single prompt; other times he requires multiple prompts and/or a good nudge to get off the bed.  Generally he will retreat to a dog pillow until he thinks everyone is asleep.  When he has the bed to himself, Willard enjoys a good roll around, moaning with delight and kicking off the pillows.  He continues to consider himself a lap dog.  If his foster mom lies down on the couch, Willard will jump up and lie on her side if she allows him.   

Willard is doing great in the crate while his family is out.  He would likely be trustworthy loose in the house, but is crated so the resident Springer does not become annoyed.  A good boy, he patiently waits to be let out of his crate, will submissively grin and wag his butt in excitement. 
He enjoys his walks immensely; he does need some reminders initially not to pull on the leash but is quite manageable.  Willard is not much of a barker but will join in with the other dogs.  He did get very excited one day watching a cat cross the parking lot across the street.  He most likely would have chased that cat had he been able………a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do!! 
All in all, Willard is a sweet, loving, and laid back guy who would most likely fit into any situation.  His foster mom says he has been a pleasure to foster and looks forward to seeing what the future will hold for this wannabe lap dog.  Would you welcome him into your home, your couch, your bed………your heart????
Original:  Willard is such a sweet, good-natured dog that he would probably fit into most situations. 
It will never be known why Willard was wandering an Ohio neighborhood with frostbitten feet last December.  He was found by a family of Good Samaritans who took him in, but they discovered that adding him to their pack of five children, another dog, and a cat was beyond their means.  Because he was loved, the family turned Willard over to MAESSR so he could receive the care he needs and another fresh start.
Willard has quickly become comfortable in his foster home and is peacefully coexisting with three other dogs – two senior residents and a three-year old foster.  He has proven himself to be a sweet, mellow fellow and a real wiggle butt.  His foster mom knows he will make someone a wonderful companion.  

Willard was taken to the vet where he was brought up to date on his vaccinations.  He had his thyroid checked, which was found to be on the low end of the normal range, and the vet pronounced his weight as being good for him.  Although generally in good health, Willard suffers from a severe case of flea allergy dermatitis.  This has caused the poor boy to be practically bald.  Although uncomfortable skin scrapings were necessary, Willard was a cooperative patient.  He was prescribed medications and soothing oatmeal baths.  His foster mom has given him two long baths and is already seeing a slight improvement in his skin after only a few doses of medication.  Willard was such a good boy for his baths.  Very cooperative, he jumped in and out of the tub for his foster mom and enjoyed the soothing lather while being bathed. Without much hair, Willard does occasionally get the shivers on chilly days; he is wearing a sweater or is covered up with a blanket while he sleeps.  

This housetrained boy has had no accidents in the house.  He is let out around his foster mom's schedule but will signal to go out by standing and crying at the door.  Sometimes Willard needs encouragement to go down off the deck and go to the bathroom, especially if it is raining, so his foster mom often has to accompany him into the yard.  His former family did not crate Willard when they were gone, and he had full freedom in the house.  The first night he was at his foster home he spent much of the evening in an open crate while he became comfortable with the other dogs.  He is crated during his foster mom’s work day, receiving a break during the lunch hour.  He quietly and patiently waits to be let out when his foster mom gets home. 
Willard has been found to be a counter-surfer at times, checking to see if anything of interest is on the kitchen countertop.  He has not touched the trash cans nor inappropriately chewed.  Willard does enjoy getting up on the couch or his foster mom's bed, but will get off with multiple prompts.  Although he has a dog pillow in the bedroom, his foster mom will wake up during the night to find Willard has jumped in bed after she has fallen asleep.  He would like to be a lap dog, which isn't always practical at 65 pounds!  This boy is not a beggar, but will quietly watch while someone eats.  When offered treats, he takes them very gently.  What a good boy!  Willard does have a submissive grin, which can make people cautious until his foster mom explains what it is.  There is not a mean bone in this boy's body as far as his foster mom can tell.  The four-year old at his last home used to hang on dear Willard!   

Willard knows the commands "sit," "lie down," and "get down," but is not always reliable to following these commands without edible re-enforcers.  His foster mom is working on "drop it" when playing fetch.  Willard loves to play fetch with a tennis ball but does not always relinquish it on command. Although he may drop it, he often picks it up before his foster mom can grab the ball to throw it again.  What a tease!  Willard has learned that he is expected to sit for treats.  He has been eating his meals in the crate and has allowed his foster mom to remove his food while eating. There is no resource guarding, although he may grumble if one attempts to take a ball from his mouth. Willie, as foster mom calls him, loves going on walks with the three other dogs in the foster home.  He may need some occasional reminders to stop pulling, but overall does very well on the leash.  He does not get excited about anything encountered on walks.  Willard is very good in the car and enjoys his rides.  This boy also enjoys a good roll on the couch or bed and does a happy groaning while doing so.  It must feel so good to him!

Willard is such a sweet, good-natured dog that he would probably fit into most situations.  His foster mom is anxious to see his current skin condition resolved and his hair growing in so that he can get a start on his new life with his forever family.  Maybe that would be you!