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Tucker 18

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Entered: 1/3/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Color: Black/White
Weight: 40 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Carlisle, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from treatment for anxiety and submissive urination
Temperament: Good with adults, good with children as young as four, good with other dogs and cats

Tucker 18's Story . . . 
Original:  “Tucker loves to run and is full of life.  He will need a family that can keep up with him.”

Tuck's Pennsylvania owners relinquished him saying he was too high energy for their lifestyle with their four-year-old child also being high energy.  Since Tucker loves to run and is full of life, he needed a family that could keep up with him!  Tucker’s owners contacted MAESSR knowing we could find their four-legged boy just the right new home.

Since going to his foster home, Tucker has been a sweetheart. His foster mom calls him “a joy, pure joy and a wonderful house guest.”  He enjoys running with the resident dogs and getting appropriate energy outlet time. A true field Springer, Tucker just loves to be outdoors. He is behaving very well in the home and though young has not tried to counter-surf or chew anything besides toys!   He enjoys chewing toys and his future family will have to continue with this fun activity.  He will, however, get into the trash if it is left out.
Tucker does need some socialization and reminders of other house rules, but he is learning and absorbing the rules very quickly.   He will need a family that will provide him with playtime and constant stimulation.  He loves to have your full attention and, of course, be right by your side: a true Springer!  He is a complete cuddle bug that loves tummy rubs. His constant tail wagging lets his foster family know how much he loves the attention and love he is receiving.
Tucker is a little nervous when meeting new humans, especially males. He does however warm up quickly if you wait for him to approach you. He has suffered from some submissive urination when a new person approaches; however, he has had great improvement lately with multiple problem-free days. He is learning to have better bladder control and will signal by pacing when he wants to be let out. The vet has said his submissive urination would not be a future problem with some minor work and time.

A gentle soul, Tucker does not like to hear loud voices or noises even when the other dogs are being corrected. With four dogs and a ten year old in his foster home, there are loud voices constantly and he is quickly getting acclimated.  He has lived with a child as young as two and a cat with no issues.   He is gentle and calm with the young kids in his foster house and plays with them appropriately. 

Tucker waits patiently for his food in the kitchen and will wait until he is told to eat. He has no food aggression or toy aggression. Tucker pulls some on a leash and his new family will need to continue to work on this skill.  He rides well in a car and was a little nervous at the veterinarian but handled himself well in this new environment.  He has not been professionally groomed but he behaves well in most other circumstances when being handled.  He is crated when his family is not home and for 8-9 hours at night and has done great.  He knows to go right in with one command!

Currently, Tucker’s only health concern is anxiety.  He is on medication for this and is doing well.  The veterinarian and his foster family feel he just needs to be exercised and socialized. Tucker has made terrific progress with his foster family and every day has been better.
Tucker would do best with a family who will have time to get him outdoors to run and play every day.  He loves kids and loves playful dogs.  Do you have the time to devote to Tucker’s socialization skills, exercise, and training?  In return, this beautiful, gentle, boy will be your best friend.