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Trevor 3

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Entered: 11/28/2017
Status: Adopted
Age: 10
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 94.6 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Hellertown, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, losing to a vet approved healthy weight of 80-85 lbs and is at 87.6 at time of adoption
Temperament: Good with people of all ages, good with other dogs, good with cats

Trevor 3's Story . . .

Update 01/18/2018:  “The vet thought that he most likely will not drop lower than 85, perhaps 80 pounds, because he’s just a big guy.”
Trevor continues to do very well in his foster home. Recently he’s learned a new trick: bringing his bowl over when it’s dinner time! Of course, he also can be found holding it in his mouth while sitting on the couch (too cute!) Like many Springers, Trevor is quite the chowhound!
Speaking of eating, this big boy has been doing quite well on his diet. At his last vet visit Trevor had lost seven pounds!!! Now he weighs 87.6 lbs!  Way to go, Trevor! The vet thought that he most likely will not drop lower than 85, perhaps 80 pounds, because he’s just a big guy. A blood test indicated no problems with his thyroid.
Trevor will go back for a follow-up visit with the vet. Check back to see how his weight-loss program is progressing!

Original:  “He walks very nicely on a leash and enjoyed his time at a local dog park, trying to keep up with the younger pups.”

Trevor is a very sweet senior Springer Spaniel who was surrendered to a shelter when his elderly Pennsylvania owner could no longer care for him.  When this elder statesman arrived, his fur was matted and dirty, his nails were long and he is very over weight. While being groomed, Trevor passed out and had to be given CPR to revive him. It is obvious that he had not been accustomed to being groomed.
Since arriving at his foster home, Trevor has enjoyed a low-fat diet, a lot of exercise and loving attention.  A good bit of time will be required for his excess weight to come off—but this guy is a trooper!    He is very social.
For his size, Trevor is surprisingly agile, jumping up on the couch and snuggling next to his foster family.  By about 7:00 p.m., he is ready to spend the rest of the evening on the couch snoozing away.  He cannot join his folks in their second floor bedroom at night though because he is not able to make it up the steps. After some quiet barking, he settles down at the bottom of the steps and sleeps all night.
Trevor loves it best when he can be with one of his foster parents all the time, although he has been a perfect gentleman when left alone. The most he has done is gather is his foster mother’s shoes on his blanket when she is not at home.  Trevor can be let out of the door into the yard when he needs to go out and will return when he is done. He gives a quiet bark when he needs to go out.
The new guy in the home ignores the cat in residence, or, possibly, she ignores him. So far he has visited with his foster family’s 1-1/2 yr. old granddaughter and behaved himself very nicely.  So, this handsome, albeit full-figured, lad, gets along with everyone!   He has traveled in the car for over an hour and just lies down to sleep.
Trevor loves to play in the snow!  So, you folks in our northern states, take note of this love who will go for car rides, play in the snow and love everyone (especially if they leave their shoes about).  MAESSR seniors are the absolute best, and this fellow is one to have in your family.