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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Toby 14

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Entered: 07/09/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Color: Liver/White/Tan
Weight: 87 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Goochland, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, receiving a supplement for low thyroid levels and an inexpensive medication to help with
Health Cont.: anxiety
Temperament: Good with adults, will not be placed with children due to his resource guarding, good with other
Temp. Cont.: dogs, unknown with cats

Toby 14's Story . . .


Update 04/02/2017:
  "Toby is very smart, very stubborn and a bully if he is allowed to get away with it… His foster mom has refused to be intimidated and that has helped Toby to learn what his boundaries are."
Toby was returned to MAESSR due to some behavioral issues.  His family had done everything they could to make the situation work for everyone, but it just was not right.  There had been many changes in the family's world in the last couple of years, including a move and a new baby.  These changes could have led at least in part to Toby's misbehaviors.  His family was heartbroken but felt that it was the right decision for everyone to return him.
Of help to Toby is that he is on a daily supplement to correct low thyroid levels.  This had helped with weight loss and attitude.  He is feeling much more energetic now. 
Toby had shown some resource guarding.  In his foster home, this primarily shows up when he has been counter-surfing and gets something good.   When he gets something, he won't give it up and will growl and show his teeth. Toby is a MASTER counter-surfer...even though he is a fat boy, he can be extremely agile when he wants something.  Toby's foster mom has been working with him on trading for something else when he steals items.  She has been fairly successful so far.  This practice will need to be continued in his forever home. 
Though he isn't crazy about being on leash, he gets walked twice a day.  Toby pulls on the leash and is one who does better when he's in a harness.  His owner said he is reactive to dogs he meets on leash.  For exercise he does go to an empty field where he runs around off leash. 
Toby has an unusual problem in his foster home.  His foster dad leaves first in the morning.  With his departure, Toby runs around, paces, jumps on the door, etc.  Basically it looks like Toby's throwing a fit and wants to go to work with him.  A little later in the morning when his foster mom leaves, he does nothing.  He goes and sleeps on the sofa.  When people come and visit, he gets wound up when it is time for them to go; he doesn't seem to like people leaving.  Yet, if his foster mom and dad leave together, he doesn't get excited…all rather perplexing.
When Toby gets to go, he is OK in the car but is a little anxious in stop and go traffic.  Anxious about having his feet and ears examined, he needs to be muzzled for such care. He DOES NOT like to be crated at all.
What Toby loves, besides counter-surfing, is to run around the yard and follow the birds flying in the sky.  He is very good at locating them and tracking them.  He also loves attention and being with his people.  He sleeps on a rug on his foster dad's side of the bed at night.
Toby is very smart, very stubborn and a bully if he is allowed to get away with it.  He uses his size to try to intimidate people to allow him to do what he wants. His foster mom has refused to be intimidated and that has helped Toby to learn what his boundaries are.  His forever family will need to be willing to continue working with him so he stops his bullying behaviors.  Consistent and fair leadership has brought gains for this "big one."  A committed family can keep that going and help Toby realize the rewards of good behavior…
Original:  "He’s a very friendly guy, and enjoys greeting all house guests with a wagging tail and swiveling body."
When his family in Pennsylvania faced a move that could not include Toby, they began to search for a new home for their much loved boy.  MAESSR has stepped in to help him find the perfect family.

When he first arrived at his foster home, Toby was a bit anxious, but his foster parents found him to be a beautiful, typical, Velcro Springer who is really sweet and very smart.  Toby was trained to sit and give his paw on command.  He’s a very friendly guy, and enjoys greeting all house guests with a wagging tail and swiveling body.  This polite boy does not jump up on people, although he has stood up occasionally when greeting his foster dad.  He would like to play with the resident female English bulldog but, since she chooses not to play with other dogs, Toby’s content to play with her squeaky toys, instead.  There have been no opportunities for Toby to interact with children or cats in his foster home but he was disinterested in the felines he encountered at the vet’s office.

During his vet visit Toby was a terrific patient.  He’s a big boy who weighed in at 71 pounds.  Because he is quite tall, Toby carries the weight well but he could still stand to lose a few pounds.  It was discovered that he was positive for Lyme disease and had slight infections in both ears, so he is receiving treatment for both.  Toby’s not a fan of his ear medication but his foster dad agrees that he wouldn’t like it either.  The foam is dispensed through a pump which makes a decidedly annoying noise…….the challenges that Springers have to endure to maintain their ear health!
A well-mannered houseguest, Toby is housetrained.  He reportedly signals if he needs to go outside but, since he is let out frequently, his foster parents have not witnessed this yet.  Toby attempted to get up on the furniture the first few days in his foster home but respected his foster parents’ “NO.”  A good boy who likes to please, he no longer tries to get on the couch and chooses a spot on the floor as close as possible to his humans.  Since he loves to stay by their side, he quickly gets up and follows them around the house when they’re on the move.

Toby’s eating habits were a little unusual for the first few days in his foster home.  After receiving his food, he would take a mouthful, leave his bowl, and walk around the kitchen island.  He would then go back, take another mouthful, and repeat the process until finished.  Feeling more at home now, Toby eats his food at one sitting as long as his foster dad remains in the kitchen with him.  Showing no food aggression, Toby allows his foster dad to reach into his bowl to add or remove food.  As for human food, Toby has not been witnessed counter-surfing, but he is a tall boy and he loves to smell what’s cooking on the stove, so his foster parents will continue with the surveillance.

When going for a walk, Toby did pull on the leash for the first week.  His foster dad attributes this to Toby being excited to see his new surroundings.  Although he still pulls on occasion, he has calmed down greatly and is much better on the leash.  Riding in the car is something that Toby loves to do, too.  He is excited to go for a ride and stays in the back of the vehicle for the trip.

In his former home Toby slept in a crate in his owners’ bedroom, and his foster parents have adopted the same routine for him.  He is a bit resistant about entering the crate but will go in if his foster dad leads him in with the leash.  This same method is employed when Toby is left alone in the house for a while, but his foster dad is working on getting him to enter without the leash.

It has been reported that Toby was fine with a professional grooming as well as receiving trims by his former owner between groomings.  The clippers were not a problem for him.

Toby’s foster dad describes him as a very sweet boy that is all Springer.  He has a medium energy level and gets very excitable only when let out of his crate.  When outdoors, Toby loves to chase the chipmunks and birds but he isn’t into the chase for the long haul, giving up quickly.  He would love to be with a family that can show him the outdoors and give him the exercise that he needs.  Toby loves his humans, so he would be happiest if he were not left alone for long periods of time.  He certainly enjoys having his foster dad at home much of the day.

If you’re on the lookout for a sweet, handsome Springer boy, then consider letting Toby into your heart and home!