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  • Adopted Murdock in December 2006 when he was 10 Mos old. He has been the best boy ever! We just learned he has Lymphoma & are devasted. I can't imagine life without him & am hoping he responds well to treatment and lives many more months!!
  • Marie, PA
  • I lost my best friend, Evie, a year ago September. I adopted her in 2006, she was 2 years old. That sweet girl was the love of my life and I miss her dearly. Thank you MAESSR for bringing that beautiful dog into my life.
  • Carrie, VA

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    Thor 2

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    Entered: 12/30/2015
    Status: Adopted
    Age: 8
    Color: Black/White
    Weight: 52 lbs.
    Gender: Altered Male
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Health: UTD, HW-, losing to a healthy weight, recovery from removal of a cancerous tumor complete, treatment
    Health Cont.: for Giardia and an ear infection complete
    Temperament: Good with adults, good with meeting children as young as 12 (younger unknown), good with other dogs,
    Temp. Cont.: unknown with cats

    Thor 2's Story . . .

    Original:  “Thor knows he has the good life now as he sleeps in bed with his family for part of the night before moving to the floor in the wee hours.”
    Thor was found as a stray in western Pennsylvania.  This young man had ear infections and had apparently been on his own for a while.  He was so very scared in the noisy kennel situation; he was even afraid to go outside!   The kennel folks called on MAESSR and Thor is now safe and warm in a loving foster home.
    MAESSR’s new guy knows “sit” and “come,” is housetrained and is learning to use a doggie door.  He will wait to go outside but comes back in on his own.  He has not been exposed to a crate as one is not needed for this well behaved gent.  Thor knows he has the good life now as he sleeps in bed with his family for part of the night before moving to the floor in the wee hours.
    As a well-mannered guest, Thor does not counter-surf or chew inappropriately.  Lids prevent any trash diving!  He does think he, along with the rest of the family, should enjoy the comfort of furniture.   He is fed in the kitchen and so far shows no signs of food guarding.  Thor is being kept quiet as he recovers from his surgery; fun toys and play time with his foster brother await him once he is healed.
    Outside, this handsome fellow pulls a bit at the beginning of his two mile walk, but then settles down to a healthy pace.  He enjoys everyone he meets along the way.  Car rides are another fun experience for him.  However, nail clipping, ear cleaning and all that poking and prodding by the vet were definitely not to his liking, and he was muzzled during those processes so that he did not become, as his foster mom put it, "a snapping turtle."
    Thor has wonderful days ahead of him.  Treatments for several short term health issues are either complete or underway, including ear infection, Giardia, and weight loss.  While being altered, a tumor was removed that has been confirmed as cancerous.  Thankfully, further testing indicates that the cancer has not spread...the best of all news!!   Keep Thor in your thoughts as he continues healing and becomes able to chase some squirrels and play with his new friends and family.