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  • We got Boone from MAESSR when he was 6 years old. He was not dog-friendly and not good with young children, which presented some problems for us.  However, he loved us unconditionally,and he deserved the same from us. We introduced him to swimming.  He was hesitant at first, but he quickly became a water dog.  He loved car rides and just being with his people. We lost Boone very suddenly and unexpectedly on Sept. 11,2018 due to a bleeding tumor in his spleen. It was one month shy of his 13th birthday. He was great up until that last morning.There is a huge hole in our hearts that will never be filled. Even if we get another dog, there will never be another Boone.
    Mary, NC

  • MAESSR is the best.  Debbie, VA                    
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Taffy 4

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Entered: 02/20/2016
Status: Adopted
Age: 13, Born 12/02/2002
Color: Black/White Cocker Spaniel
Weight: 39 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Northampton, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from drops for glaucoma, ongoing care for otitis externa, nuclear sclerosis in
Health Cont.: in both eyes, corneal pigmentation in left eye, mild heart murmur, hearing impaired,
Health Contd.: dental with 10 extractions and lump removal complete, treatment for giardia complete, benign toe
Health Conts.: tumor removed
Temperament: Good with adults, unknown with children, good with other dogs, good with cats

Taffy 4's Story . . .

Update 11/08/2016:  "Consider giving the gift of a home to Taffy or another senior like her.  It could be the best giving of the season…"

In a few weeks Taffy and her sister Tippy will have a birthday!   On December 2nd, they will be fourteen years old, and one would hardly know except for the gray on their faces!  Taffy is pretty spry for a senior lady…age is only a number, you know.   It's all about how you feel, how much you are cared for and especially how much you are loved!

Taffy has felt so much love since coming into MAESSR's care last February!   She gets her spa days to make her look so pretty; her coat of fur is so shiny and soft!  She did lose a toe recently, but it's okay because it really hurt when it became infected.  She does just fine with a missing toe; in fact, she doesn’t even miss it because she has no more pain.  The biopsy results were negative for cancer which is simply wonderful!

Taffy’s ears are cleaned regularly on a daily basis so they stay clean and free of any issues, and her eye drops are given daily to maintain the glaucoma and keep eyesight in her right eye.  She certainly doesn’t want to miss seeing anything, especially when her food bowl comes around and those delicious treats!

Miss T’s foster mom gives her the so loved belly rubs…those are the best!!  She'll hold her, cuddle her, and Taffy gives back many thankful kisses.  This love goes for short walks, car rides from time to time and simply hangs out with her foster mom.  Life is good!  She may not be able to hear anything, but what she sees with her eyes is worth every sound that she could possibly hear!

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away.   Ah, the smell of turkey baking away in the oven!  Then Christmas is right after that with more wonderful smells of baking and dinner cooking.  People shop for gifts for those they love and also for their furry companions!   Taffy will get gifts of treats since she’s been such a good girl!
Please, all, remember that the great art of giving consists of this:  the gift should cost very little and yet be greatly coveted, so that it may be the more highly appreciated.   It's not how much one gives but how much love is put into the giving.  Consider giving the gift of a home to Taffy or another senior like her.  It could be the best giving of the season…

Update 09/12/2016:
  Under MAESSR’s wings of love, she can really enjoy her senior years with a lot of love and care!

Summer is on its way out, making room for autumn and children are back at school.  If Taffy was writing her essay on "What did you do on your summer vacation?” she would be saying that she enjoyed each and every day!  She’d go for walks, when it wasn't too humid or too hot!  When her foster mom was out back with all the dogs for a while, sometimes she’d see that Taffy went missing.  Taffy wasn't really missing; she just thought enough of this heat and would retreat inside.  Her foster mom would find her lying on the kitchen floor, all sprawled out in the AC and facing the door, just waiting for all to come in. Miss T’s a pretty smart gal for her age!!

Recently Taffy had to go visit her vet; she was limping on one paw.  Nothing is broken, no nail or anything but, after close examination, the vet found a suspicious tumor and recommended that a toe be removed.  The vet started her on a pain med to take as needed and it does help.  She’ll return for the small surgery and is hoping for a quick and full recovery.  It was also discovered, that she has glaucoma in her right eye.  She can still see since it was caught early.   She just has to get drops in her eye to control it so it doesn't get worse.  Her foster mom laughs when giving the drops, which Taffy is very good at taking, because right after the drops are done, Taffy has to shake her head!  Why?  No one knows; she just does! 
Her ears are a work in progress, as she has persistent ear infections.  It is under control now but ears must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep the infection at bay.  Now Taffy’s not really thrilled about this but she knows it must be done.  And afterwards, it is time to roll all over the floor!  Her foster mom can't help but smile when Taffy does this and always plays with Taffy then and rubs her belly!  So, getting the ears cleaned is not so bad after all!!!

Taffy’s getting really excited for her foster mom's fall events as she gets to go along!  She likes meeting people and other dogs!!  She’ll get to go on those short little walks more often as the weather cools and that will be much fun!   She’s a simple girl at heart, just simply enjoying what life has to offer!  Under MAESSR’s wings of love, she can really enjoy her senior years with a lot of love and care!  

Update 07/19/2016: 
Taffy continues to love car rides and walks, her spa day, meals and treats, and, most of all, belly rubs!!!!”
Remember all those shore towns with their salt water taffy?  This summer, Taffy says she has all those ingredients already combined!  Sweetness, smoothness, a little bit of "sass" and a cool, calming aura!  No calories, plus soothing to the eye and touch!  What more could you ask for? 
Taffy continues to live in a foster home with her sis Tippy, three other resident dogs and two (seldom seen) cats. She gets along with everyone; she’s the peacemaker of the group, and, although she likes to bark at people passing by, she’s just telling them, "Hey, just don't walk by and not say Hi!"
This Cocker takes life in stride and seems to make it her goal to enjoy everything life has to offer!  She’s been to several MAESSR events and thoroughly enjoyed meeting other people!  Once she was in a rescue parade and had the privilege of being an ambassador for MAESSR!  How about that?!! 
Taffy continues to love car rides and walks, her spa day, meals and treats, and, most of all, belly rubs!!   She’s a good girl for the groomer and when her foster mom gives her a bath, quick trim and ear cleaning; those ears need that consistent attention!!
All in all, Taffy is a pretty laid back kinda gal who just goes with the flow.  Nothing really upsets her.  The resident cocker can't see and sometimes bumps into her or trips over her-…that's okay-…she doesn’t mind, she understands! 
All sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what Miss Taffy Is made of!  She’s beautiful and just so proud to be an honorary Springer!!  The home she’d like could be with other dogs and/or cats.  She can do stairs, but a lot of stairs could be perplexing to her.  Taffy would love a quiet life, just being with her people, enjoying and loving each other.

Update 05/15/2016:  
‘Springer’ is a state of mind, and this gal loves to be where her foster mom is, a very Velcro ‘honorary’ Springer she is!” 
Taffy continues to do well in her foster home.  Her little tail wags constantly when she sees her foster mom come home from work!  She gets all excited and will bounce up and down a bit in her excitement with her stub wagging happily!

She is such a sweet lovable little lady!  All she asks for, besides her meals, is a satisfying belly rub!!  Oh, how she loves belly rubs!  She rolls all over the floor in excitement after the belly rub is over and loves to play at this time while on her back knowing this will ensure extra belly rubs from her foster mom!  Taffy is a passive girl; nothing fazes her in the least, not even when the resident blind cocker bumps into her on his escapades in the house.  This mellow senior simply just looks at him as if to say, "Ahh, it's okay!”
Taffy doesn't play with toys but sometimes when her sister Tippy is chasing a ball, Taffy runs along with Tippy, not to get the ball but simply because she enjoys the chase!
 As all girls need from time to time, Taffy had her "spa" day, and her groomer gave her an A+ with getting her bath, nails trimmed and hair cut!  Taffy looked so pretty afterwards and pranced around just showing all how wonderful she felt! 
Miss T did very well for her dental and lump removal procedures, and after the removal of ten teeth (!) and a couple of cysts/lumps, she had a poodle cut on her leg from the IV…but this love didn’t  care about trivial things such as that!   She healed very nicely with no problems! 
Taffy's ears need constant care as her ear canals are narrow from the polyps and warts that are inside.  She does so well with getting her ears cleaned, not saying she loves it, but she will stand perfectly still until the treatment is done.
This Springer wannabe gets all excited when she sees the leash come out as she likes to go for her walks!  She can't go for very long jaunts, but totally enjoys the short sprints she takes!  And, going in the car for a ride is a favorite thing for Taffy to do!  Of course, she needs help getting in the car, but she's a perfect passenger, just sitting in her seat, maybe looking out the window for a bit until she decides to take a quick snooze! 
When Taffy first came into foster care, she seemed to be unable to navigate the three deck steps; she sure had her foster mom fooled!  Now, she does the stairs quite well!  Many stairs would be an issue for her but a short staircase is just fine!
Taffy did quite well at a MAESSR event she attended.  She liked walking around and checking things out; however, she would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been rainy and chilly!  She was grateful for the blanket in the back of her foster mom's truck where she simply took a quick snooze! 
This love knows when it is meal time and that is on the top of her list of favorites!  She knows exactly where her bowl is going and once the bowls start moving, she runs to where she knows the food will be!  Taffy cleans the bowl so it looks as if it just came out of the sink!  She is also very concerned about the quality of water in the water bowls!  When the water bowls are cleaned and fresh water put in, Miss Taffy tests each bowl to ensure the water is cold and tasty!  Sometimes, she goes back for a second opinion!

Taffy seems to know when approximate bedtime is.  If her foster mom is not quite ready at the given time, Taffy just takes herself to bed.  There she waits, because she knows that right before "lights out," bedtime snacks will be coming! 

“Springer” is a state of mind, and this gal loves to be where her foster mom is, a very Velcro "honorary" Springer she is!  When her foster mom goes into a room with a door closed, Taffy scratches at the door asking to be let in.  She sniffs around for a little, then simply lies down and waits until her foster mom comes out  When Taffy's foster mom is working outside in the yard, Taffy sniffs around for a bit and then simply lies down and watches what her foster mom is doing.  She is very relaxed and comfortable with just lying in the yard and watching whatever is going on!
While Taffy enjoys being with her sister Tippy and will follow her around, each sister has her own independent state and would most likely do fine in a home without the other.  Taffy would make a wonderful addition to a family who is a bit active to a point and would enjoy taking leisurely walks, going for car rides and just hanging around the house.  She is a very friendly girl who has done very well meeting people; she has not been around children, so her thoughts on the little people are unknown. 

This precious sweet senior gal has a lot of love and life to share.  Taffy would make her forever family very happy with the love she has to give.  She'll even test the water to make sure it's safe for her loved ones.  All she asks is a home that is filled with love and a lot of belly rubs!

Original:  “Taffy likes to go on walks and does very well. She enjoys sniffing what there is to sniff and just taking a leisurely stroll.”
Taffy came into MAESSR care along with her sister Tippy when their Pennsylvania owner was moving and relinquished them to a shelter.  Taffy and Tippy are a bonded pair; where one1Z4310X30302614346 is, the other is close behind!

Taffy is a very friendly, very Velcro cocker who just loves attention and is happy to hang out with her people for her beloved belly rubs.  She will follow her foster mom everywhere; when her foster mom goes into a room with a door closed, Taffy will cry and scratch at the door to be allowed inside too so she can be with her foster mom.

This love is crate trained and housetrained and signals by crying or going to the door to go out.  She quickly mastered the doggie door and will easily let herself in and out.  Taffy goes down the three deck stairs with ease but some times needs assistance to come back up.  If their foster mom is not home, “the girls” stay in the bedroom with a gate across the door.  At bedtime Taffy and her sister both sleep in a puppy pen.

At mealtime Taffy is fed in the living room with her sister and one of the resident dogs and has no resource guarding of her food.  Sometimes she doesn't want to eat out of the bowl but will eat if hand fed or if her foster mom holds the bowl.  She does like treats and takes them very gently! 
As a properly behaved young lady, Taffy does not counter-surf, trash dive, go on the furniture or chew on anything she should not.  She does not seem to know any commands as she cannot hear, but she does know the hand command for “come.”  The new girl in the home gets along well with the resident dogs and cats.  She knows they are there, and that's about it!  She doesn't interact with any of her housemates, except for a sniff or two every now and then. 
Taffy likes to go on walks and does very well. She enjoys sniffing what there is to sniff and just taking a leisurely stroll.  She is very passive and does not play with any toys; she takes her day in stride and then likes to snuggle in a soft doggy bed near her foster mom.  When her foster mom gets up to go into another room, she is close behind unless she's in a deep sleep.
When she came home from the shelter, Taffy was treated to a warm sudsy bath and did well.  She did not mind her ears being cleaned, as her foster mom was super gentle because of the warty lumps inside those ears.  Taffy takes her ear medication like a champ too.  Her spa day is coming soon and her foster mom feels she should do as well there as she did at the vet.  She had no issues with having her temperature taken or having her ears and body checked out.  On the way to the vet’s office, Taffy was an excellent passenger.  She likes car rides and does not get sick, but needs assistance to getting in and out of the car.

Taffy simply goes with the flow and just wants to be loved with lots of attention!  She will roll right over to get ready for tummy rubs!  With grunts and moans she tells of her immense pleasure. This honorary Springer greets everyone she meets with a tail wag and a nudge for a pat on the head!  Her tail constantly goes when her foster mom comes home from work to show her happiness that “mom” is home!

Taffy would do well in a home that is quiet with her people at home a lot and few to no stairs....and she would be very happy if her sister Tippy could come along too!  Stay tuned for further updates on her blood work and grooming for this very sweet senior girl!