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Sunny III

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Entered: 12/17/2012
Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 54 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Arlington, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, losing to a healthy weight, small fatty tumor not requiring treatment
Temperament: Good with adults, unknown with children, good with other dogs, good with cats

Sunny III's Story . . .

Original:  "With her fluffy silky hair, she looks and feels like a great big teddy bear."

Sunny had lived the good life with her Pennsylvania owner since she was a puppy. When her owner became infirm and could no longer care for her, she became a MAESSR girl. With her fluffy silky hair, she looks and feels like a great big teddy bear. Oh, what a fabulous winter coat! Sunny's experience with monthly grooming makes her a groomer's and owner's dream dog in terms of her “maintenance” needs. Brushing is a relaxing activity for her. Like many Springers, Sunny is a true diva and she knows "it’s all about the hair.”

This sweet girl is adjusting well to foster care. She is good with the resident cats and doesn’t exhibit any aggression towards them. Overall, Sunny is of a submissive nature and also gets along with the resident female Springer. Sunny isn't so attached to her toys that she won't let the resident Springer play with them, although she does guard her food from that dog. Recently, Sunny was helping with the dishes and her foster parents thought she got a chicken bone. They immediately went to retrieve it. It turned out to just be a napkin that smelled like chicken, but Sunny did grumble while they were taking it out of her mouth.

As a princess, Sunny struts her stuff and prances on several long walks a day. She definitely likes being part of a pack with both people and dogs. With her foster parents, Sunny walks very nicely on leash. She sometimes pulls but is easily corrected. She is capable of being walked by a young person who can manage her exuberance in greeting strangers or thinking she would like to chase that squirrel!

Sunny knows no strangers, male or female. A typical Springer, Sunny thinks it is all about her. She wags her tail and wiggles her butt at everyone on the street, including the mailman! She politely greets people by sitting. Sunny is highly social, and this adorable angel steals everyone's heart.

Currently Sunny has the run of the house but may be gated in the kitchen as an alternative to a crate; she is not crate trained. She has perfect house manners and is housetrained. She sometimes submissively urinates when she meets new people but that may disappear as she settles in a little longer. She does all her potty business in the yard, not on her long walks. Sunny will jump on furniture, but not the bed. She is happy to sleep in her dog bed at night. Sunny likes to chill in the evenings and lies quietly on the floor during TV time. She likes to be petted and reciprocates with sweet kisses. Of course, belly rubs are good, too. What a love bug! Sunny is very affectionate without being demanding.

This lovely gal enjoys being outside with her foster parents. She is peppy and energetic but not hyperactive or high strung. As a Velcro Springer, Sunny follows her foster parents around the yard and house and is not a flight risk. She doesn’t bark in the yard but, in the house, she will alert her foster parents when people come to the door. Sunny is a smart girl who knows how to “sit,” “shake,” and “come.”

A loving and devoted companion, Sunny will soon be looking for her forever home. Because she can be a bit of a food snatcher, she shouldn't be placed with children. As long as her new people are able to give her the exercise and attention she craves, she could be happy in a variety of adult homes. Sunny is sure to brighten the days of one lucky family!