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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Spud II

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Entered: 02/11/2010
Status: Adopted
Age: 7, Born 12/01/2009
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 55 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Dumfries, VA
Health: UTD, HW-
Temperament: Good with adults, best with older children as he may knock over young ones, great with other dogs,
Temp. Cont.: not good with cats

Spud II's Story . . .

Update 06/04/2017: He was lost temporarily and, although it wasn’t necessary to call in the Marines, that’s exactly who found him!”    
Sascha recently moved to another foster home and has adapted well. Because he’s trustworthy, he can be left uncrated and alone in the house during the day. At night he sleeps in his foster parents’ bedroom on the floor.
This boy has no bad habits, but he will counter-surf and eat directly from the dog food bin if it’s not properly secured. He’s a tall, thin boy and his foster parents are feeding him a bit more than he previously was eating. His sizable poops are a testament to that! Sascha’s foster mom notes that he pees quite a bit too, but he drinks a lot of water (even from the toilet); what goes in must come out!  He whines when he needs to go outside and does his business right away. Although he’s not a big barker, he will let his foster parents know that something is happening outside of the house.
Sascha walks well on leash. When told not to pull, he complies. Sometimes he isn’t ready to go home from a walk and stands still. By walking a little further and then turning around, this does the trick and everyone’s happy. His foster parents have discovered that Sascha doesn’t know the command, “come.” He recently got loose on a walk and, although he doesn’t run away, he will walk away. He will come to his people as soon as he sees them, but they need to move fast to catch up!
It seems that Sascha likes to chase deer, which resulted in a scare for his foster parents. He was lost temporarily and, although it wasn’t necessary to call in the Marines, that’s exactly who found him! Sascha was discovered wandering the nearby woods of Quantico and was returned to his very anxious foster parents. It turns out that he found some friends on the base who thought he was a pretty great guy!
Sascha’s foster mom says that this boy is a gem and he reminds her of the movie dog, Beethoven. He swaggers like him and looks at his people like he understands them. He even seems to know what they want him to do before it’s spoken. Additionally, he lets them know what he needs and will stand his ground until they figure out what he’s saying. That done, he happily goes with them.
Sascha is a pleasant gent who gets along with all of the dogs in his foster home. He loves to run and swim at his foster parents’ farm. He’s recently gotten a summer shave down which keeps his fur more manageable, given his active outdoor life. He has no problems with grooming and nail clipping. He’s a gentle boy that allows people to take things from his mouth.
If you’re an outdoor person, Sascha might just be the perfect fit for your home.

Update 03/28/2017:
Recently Sascha attended a DockDogs competition with his foster brother. He was very curious about the pool and dock.”
Sascha has been a character to say the least. He has gotten more and more comfortable and enjoys the routine that his foster mom and brothers have. He has learned how to quiet down inside and he settles in when his foster mom is reading or watching TV…although he still loves wrestling and playing with his little foster brother.
Sascha continues to work on commands. He has learned to sit and wait at dinner time and he drools until he is released (ah, Pavlov would be proud!)  Walking on leash still needs some work, but it should not take long to get him heeling like a pro. Walking with a collar instead of the Gentle Leader is preferred by Sascha and he has enjoyed going on adventures with his foster brothers and foster mom.
Recently Sascha attended a DockDogs competition with his foster brother. He was very curious about the pool and dock. With the help of a friend his foster mom was able to get him in the water a few times and, with some more confidence, his foster mom thinks he could be a great diver! (He even pulled her back to the dock a few times.) He can jump and loves his toys!
Speaking of toys, Sascha very much enjoys shredding fluffy toys and ripping the squeakers out. His foster mom has only left a few toys in reach, including his beloved dragon (which has survived so far), and a lot of bones to chew on.
It seems that Sascha has learned how to jump the fence at his foster home. It’s a short fence, so his forever family should have a taller fence in their yard. He usually only jumps over when he feels there’s something wonderful on the other side, like the neighbor’s dogs are out or a squirrel has gotten too close to ignore. While Sascha loves being outside, he still prefers his foster mom go outside with him. 
Sasha’s foster mom refers to him as a goofball. If you think this loveable, funny guy would fit in with your family, ask about Sascha.

Update 02/08/2017:
  "Sascha’s foster mom has highly enjoyed his juicy wet kisses and night time snuggles in bed."  
Adopted as a MAESSR puppy in 2010, Spud who was renamed Sascha upon adoption, had been living with his family since that time. Life has changed for the family which now has two young children. There was a concern that the little ones would be knocked over due to Sascha’s high energy, so he was returned to MAESSR in order to find him a more suitable home.
Sascha was very anxious when first meeting his foster mom but has been happy and smiling since that first car ride with her. Over the course of his first week in foster care, he settled in and enjoyed learning a routine.
True to advanced billing, Sascha is full of energy and everyone who meets him thinks he’s still just a young puppy. He has a wonderful time tearing up fuzzy, fluffy squeaky toys, wrestling with his little foster brother, chewing on bones and, of course, running around in the fenced yard. He has been great with his canine brother (a MAESSR alum) and is still working on his relationship with his bigger foster brother.

Sascha knows basic commands such as “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “leave it.” His foster mom is working to get him into the habit of a good “sit/stay” before meals. He has watched his foster brothers and is starting to pick up on the fact that he gets his food when he stays. This is improving every day. Good boy!

This active boy came with a Gentle Leader harness for walking and, while it works in the sense that he does not pull, he seems to hate it. His foster mom plans on trying another option on their next walk to see if he enjoys walks more. Without this, he does pull and is very strong.

Slowly Sascha is getting better in the car. He gets anxious and paces and whines. The more he’s been in the car, the better he has gotten. He’s gone on an adventure to a friend’s house, about 45 minutes away, and settled in on the way home after a busy day of grooming and playing with the resident human teenager and other dogs.

Sascha’s foster mom has highly enjoyed his juicy wet kisses and night time snuggles in bed. It took him a few days, but he began to learn that when she crawls into bed and turns off the light, it’s time to sleep.  He only gets on the couch when invited; otherwise, he has not enjoyed the couch. His foster mom thinks he would rather play than sit still, so he’s been working on calming down when appropriate and getting lots of exercise and playtime.

While his foster mom is off at work, Sascha stays in his crate next to his little foster brother. He has shown signs of being crate trained and is learning the command “house” with the help of his foster brothers…along with some tasty treats. He is highly food motivated (reportedly an expert clandestine counter-surfer) and very smart. He should flourish with additional training, a firm hand, and having a job.

Sascha would do best in an active home with lots of options for exercise, firm leadership, and a solid routine. His foster mom thinks he would be best with older children due to his high energy, food drive and since he is still learning to greet people without jumping up.  A fur-sibling that is willing to play would be great for him as a release for his abundant energy. Ask about Sascha if you’re looking for a fun, active guy to join your pack.

Update 03/06/2010:  "He uses the dog door now and flies through it in both directions."

Spud is making great progress in his foster home.  He weighs 20 pounds and is a lovely puppy.  He uses the dog door now and flies through it in both directions.  As long as he can use the doggie door, he has no accidents too.  Good boy!!!!
This little guy is extremely sweet and has been introduced to some puppy obedience.   Spud catches on very quickly and he really is a handsome puppy.  He will be a continuing success and treasure in the hands of his adopting family!!!

  "It’s raining puppies at MAESSR!"

It’s raining puppies at MAESSR!  In addition to the previous litter of six from South Carolina, there are five little Springer brothers from Virginia who are looking for homes!  Talk about cute little wiggle butts full of love and fun!

The concern of a good Samaritan started them on the road to becoming MAESSR pups.  When she found nine puppies eating a deer carcass, she kept one of them, found homes for three others, and took the remaining five little boys to a local Virginia shelter.  The shelter contacted MAESSR for help in their placement. 

At approximately 10-12 weeks old, each puppy is ADORABLE beyond words. More news will come as unique personalities emerge and each puppy makes progress. Soon they will be ready for loving families who will take them to obedience classes, be their new playmates and soon their very best friends. Check back soon………this won’t take long!