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Sophie 14

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Entered: 01/05/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 10
Color: Black/White
Weight: 43 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Audubon, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, recovering from a broken toe, gaining to a healthy weight
Temperament: Good with adults, good with children 12 years and older (younger unknown), good with dogs,
Temp. Cont.: unknown with cats

Sophie 14's Story . . . 
Update 02/13/2014:  “Are you looking for a best friend to spoil?  How about a friends who relishes the attention but then settles down without being needy?":  
A recent vet visit resulted in a surprising change in diagnosis for Sophie.  Rather than limping due to suspected arthritis, an x-ray of her front legs revealed that this poor sweetie was suffering from a broken little toe!  This is healing and, despite the awfully cold sidewalks, Sophie still loves to go for walks.  She currently walks about a quarter of a mile as not to put too much stress on her foot.  It is hoped that in time it will continue to heal and she’ll be able to take in a longer stroll.  Sophie already is walking further than she was, as she previously began limping after a shorter distance.
It was decided at this visit to the doctor that Sophie would discontinue the thyroid supplements.  Since her thyroid levels were just border-line, the supplements likely put her levels too high resulting in ravenous hunger and excessive thirst.
Sophie was a wonderful patient at the vet’s office and she fully cooperated with all of the tugging and manipulating to get the best x-ray views.  She only took issue with the discomfort that came when the toes on her painful right foot were spread wide.  In the waiting room, Sophie was calm and nicely greeted the other dogs. In usual Springer fashion, she interjected herself in between two strangers having a conversation and, since she is right at hand height, got herself some nice petting from the ladies.
More good news for Sophie came from the scales.  She has gained four pounds!  This poor baby came into MAESSR’s care with no body fat; her skeleton could be felt just under her fur.  She’s now filling in nicely and she’s not so desperate to eat…although she still LOVES her food!
Sophie just loves to cuddle and give kisses.  She will make a wonderful companion for anyone who does not need to go for long walks.  Are you looking for a best friend to spoil?  How about a friend who relishes the attention but then settles down without being needy?  Add this: a pup with wonderful house manners and knowledge of commands.  Sophie’s your dog!

Original:  “This pretty girl is very well trained and has wonderful house manners - no counter-surfing, no sitting on furniture, and no inappropriate chewing.  What a good girl!”

Sophie was taken to a Pennsylvania shelter when her owners, who were expecting a child, decided that she might not care to have a new baby in the house.  Perhaps this was for the best, since this sweet senior girl was not getting all of the attention she needs.  Sophie entered foster care quite thin, exhibiting a limp, and her skin had several dry patches.
This pretty girl is very well trained and has wonderful house manners - no counter-surfing, no sitting on furniture, and no inappropriate chewing.  What a good girl!  Sophie knows the commands “sit,” “come,” “wait,” “go to your bed,” and “paw.”  It’s possible that she knows the “down” command, but it is hard to tell whether that behavior is on cue or just something she does automatically to get some extra belly rubbing!
Sophie walks well on a leash, but currently is going for only brief walks since her front leg is hurting her.  The vet suspects that she has some arthritis in her shoulder; it is hoped that with rest and some anti-inflammatory medicine she will be bouncing along soon.  Sophie did not like all of the poking and prodding during her vet visit and needed a muzzle to have that sore leg manipulated.  Blood work shows a borderline low thyroid level and she has started on an inexpensive supplement, which should make her feel better and clear up her dry skin patches.

A low energy girl, Sophie is content to nap with the resident dogs during the day.  She’s not much interested in toys; her main pleasure (after belly rubs) is going outside, and she knows to stand in front of the leashes hanging near the door to get hers on.  After some early scuffles with the bossy resident male Springer, both dogs know to give each other some space around the food bowls and toys.  Sophie has just discovered the toy box and will occasionally find a bone she enjoys.
Sophie is a good car rider and knows her place is in the backseat (unlike the resident dogs who insist on jumping in front.)  She received a bath and a haircut on her first day in foster care and enjoyed the spa treatment.  Although she allowed her foster mom to clip the fur on her feet, she is reluctant to have her nails trimmed so her family will need to work with her on this.  In the meantime, a muzzle might be best when it’s time for a nail trim.  Sophie has no problems with touching her ears; they are so nice and clean that it’s likely she will not have problems with them in the future.

Sophie will be ready for a forever home in a few weeks, once her thyroid levels are rechecked.  This girl gives lots of kisses and is looking for someone to pamper her and give her lots of belly rubs!