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Entered: 02/25/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 13
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 37 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: West Chester, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from medications for incontinence and a gall bladder issue, benefiting from
Health Cont.: treatment for itchy ears and medication to curb her bottom licking, treatment for ear infections
Health Contd.: and bladder infection complete, vision compromised by advanced cataracts, hearing is declining
Temperament: Good with adults, reportedly good with children as young as 1 but would do best with those
Temp. Cont.: old enough to respect a senior dog, good with other dogs, unknown with cats

Sofi's Story . . . 
Update 07/08/2014:  “Sweet, sweet Sofi continues to be a love bug and is the apple of her foster mom's eye!" 
Sweet, sweet Sofi continues to be a love bug and is the apple of her foster mom’s eye!  She still loves her Kong, going on walks and being with people.........a total Velcro Springer!  She visited her foster mom’s family for the 4th of July and handled the car ride with much less shaking than on previous trips.  Did she know she was going someplace she loved and where she would be loved and receive the attention due a lady of her advanced age?
Strange noises still baffle this beautiful senior, and she responds with barking.  But, that reaction is most likely due to her compromised eyesight and much less-than-perfect hearing.
Sofi continues to have some health issues that are being addressed by her vet and foster mom.  She does not drag her bottom as much as she did when she first came to her foster home, but she still does lick a few times a day.  Her vet is also monitoring a growth in her rectum, hoping it’s  just a polyp.
Miss Sofi has posed for camera shots to go in the 2015 MAESSR calendar, so watch for this beauty to make an appearance on at least one page.  She is truly a classic Springer grand dame and loved by all who meet her!

Update 06/03/2014:  Some of Sofi's health issues are doing much better but it’s her overall disposition that has greatly improved.

Miss Sofi, Miss Sofi……………her foster family is giving their best so she can begin to feel her best.   Some of Sofi's health issues are doing much better but it’s her overall disposition that has greatly improved.   Sofi has become much more playful, cuddly, affectionate and interactive. Even the vet said at the last visit that she seems more connected to what's going on around her and to people. At Easter she traveled with her foster family to visit distant families.  She did shake in the car but once she got to both destinations, she was great! She acted right at home, so sweet and friendly.  She got along great with the one family’s dog and loved being with all the people. She also went to the MAESSR picnic in Langhorne and was quite the social butterfly………..saying hello to everyone and enjoying the beautiful day. Her foster mom arranged a sitting with the photographer that day for Sofi.  Given that all of her pictures came out great, the only dilemma now it which to add to Sofi’s album!                     


At home Sofi continues to LOVE the Kong, which her family introduced her to!   She carries it around all day and wants treats in it all the time.   Aside from treats, this gal continues to be very picky about what she eats.  Her meals have been fine-tuned to include some dry food and some soft food; then each meal is topped off with either chicken or beef broth and she's eating!  She needs to eat something when taking her medication, so getting the right combination is truly a labor of love.


As mentioned, some of Sofi’s health issues are responding well to treatment.  Medications for incontinence and her gall bladder problem have brought great improvements.  She continues to work with her vet on some licking issues and is receiving a trial of medication for that………fingers crossed for you, Sofi. 


The one issue that medication won’t resolve is Sofi’s deteriorating eyesight.  At her age, according to her vet, the cataracts that are making her vision worse can advance quickly.  Some days she struggles with the changes.  When out for a walk, she does some drifting to the side.  Her barking has increased, whether outside and inside. Outside, she's barking at anyone at a distance.   And inside, she's barking at every noise she hears. If her foster mom happens to drop a pen on the desk, Sofi may think someone is at the door.  For now, the hope is that Sofi will slowly but surely adapt.  Her family is there to monitor her changing needs and will help guide her at every step.


Though still with some health issues, Sofi is such a joy to be with.  She is easy to love and gives 10-fold in return.  Kindly keep her and her family in your best thoughts………….

Update 04/13/2014:  “Life is good for Sofi right it should be!!"

With back and forth to the vet for her continued care, Sofi has had a busy month.  She continues to have urinary incontinence issues while she's sleeping and some dripping between naps.  This leads to some skin irritation as well, so further testing was done in hopes of pinning down the cause.  An ultrasound didn't show anything majorly wrong except for some nodules on her liver due to old age and early formation of mucous in her gall bladder………not so bad for this lovely senior.  The outcome of the diagnostics was a new medication plan.  Fingers crossed this will clear her gall bladder and help resolve those bladder issues.  She takes OTC meds for her tummy as needed and has been doing much better in that area.  She’s also been treated for ear infections that came on suddenly and have cleared up quickly, thank goodness!   
Fortunately, Sofi has been a real trooper through all of this. She's been a sweet heart at every vet visit and apparently she loves men! She was a total flirt with the doctors when she went for her ultrasound!

At home, Sofi’s been great with other dogs in the house.  She is a true Velcro Springer and follows her foster mom everywhere.  Sofi  loves going for walks and even loves to run during her walks.  She does bark in the yard and on walks when she encounters something or someone new. Her foster mom feels it's because Sofi’s eyesight is only 50%; she's alarmed because she can't make out what is coming her way but, as soon as she gets closer and can sniff out the unknown, then she's fine. 
Sofi celebrated her 13th birthday recently without too much fanfare.  Actually, she’s saving herself for some adventures later this month.  She’ll be traveling to visit with extended family for Easter and will also take in the festivities at MAESSR’s first picnic of the season on April 26 at Core Creek Park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.  Sofi seems to not like having her photo taken but, if you meet her during her travels, a pat on the head, the offer of a little treat and telling her how great she looks will made her day.
Life is good for Sofi right now……….as it should be!!

Original:  “This little girl loves to cuddle on the couch or bed, but is a total lady and will ask before jumping up on either.”

Sofi is a sweet senior girl from Pennsylvania.  Having reached retirement, her family wanted to travel more but didn’t want to leave Sofi in a kennel for extended periods of time.  They turned to MAESSR to help find her a good home.

Petite, friendly, and lovable, Sofi has adjusted very quickly to her new surroundings.  Just an upset tummy, likely due to her change in circumstances, has bothered her; she’s taking an antacid to help correct that.  Fully housetrained, she swiftly figured out which door to stand by to signal that she needed to go out and where to go for treats!

Sofi was great at the vet for her check-up.  A vaginal infection was discovered; when treatment is complete, she will have her vaccinations updated. Sofi is in generally good health but, as is the case with many seniors, her vision and hearing are declining.  Additionally, her liver enzymes were a little elevated, which the vet said is common in older dogs.

This little girl loves to cuddle on the couch or bed, but is a total lady and will ask before jumping up on either.  Very trustworthy, Sofi has complete run of the house when alone, but mainly stays in her crate with the door left open.  She sleeps on her bed next to her family’s big bed at night.  No jumping, counter-surfing, inappropriate chewing, or trash picking for this lady.  She will bark to alert her people when someone is at the door or in the yard.  With a few strangers who have come to the house (mainly men) she has initially grumbled, but is fine once she sniffs them.
Sofi knows basic commands: “sit”, “come,” and “stay.”  Every day her foster mom discovers new things that Sofi knows and likes to do; getting groomed is one of them.  She is fed in the kitchen and doesn’t guard her food or toys; however, she’s not happy if one tries to examine or take contraband (like a tissue) from her mouth.
Reportedly, Sofi loves children as young as one year old and plays with them well.  The activity of children wears her out more quickly than when she was younger, as does playing with and fetching toys.  Sofi does love a Kong filled with treats and playing with them outside.  She is still full of life after a good nap, and she hops and runs around in the morning when she knows she’s going outside.  She’s particularly animated when she’s getting a treat!  Sofi is good on leash, but pulls on it a little; she is a good passenger while riding in the car.  Well-mannered with other dogs, it is unknown how she reacts to cats.

Sofi is a little doll!  She would do great in a home that gives her love, cuddle time, and a place to run.  Experience the joys of adopting a well-seasoned Springer.  Sofi would be a great choice!