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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 07/26/2015
Status: Adopted
Age: 7
Color: Black/White
Weight: 46 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Kenna, WV
Health: UTD, HW-, overall good health
Temperament: Good with adults, unknown with children, good with other dogs, ignores resident cat

Sirius' Story . . .

Original:  “He even enjoys the leftover blueberry pancakes on Sunday mornings, sitting among eight dogs in a line and patiently waiting for his pieces.”

Sirius found himself staying with relatives after his West Virginia family moved to a place where dogs were not allowed.  MAESSR was contacted to find this handsome fellow, with a full natural tail, a good inside home.

Sirius is housetrained and has been trusted loose in the home while his foster parents work each day.  He has not been crated because he has not been a problem in the home.  He hangs out with another dog in the large kitchen and laundry area during the day and sleeps on a dog bed in this area.   Sirius is a foster family's delight as he does not get into the garbage, counter-surf or chew anything inappropriate.  This love is fed in a crate, but shows no resource guarding when fed or given treats alongside the other dogs in his foster home.  He even enjoys the leftover blueberry pancakes on Sunday mornings, sitting among eight dogs in a line and patiently waiting for his pieces.  He is a very mild-mannered and easy going mature boy.

Sirius LOVES to go for a ride in the car and will run to the car when he is leashed.  He does pull and would benefit from some basic obedience training.   His foster parents do not live in an area where they can take him for walks, but feel certain that Sirius would be a quick learner and a good student with some basic training.  He is so eager to please his folks!!

In foster care, Sirius has not shown any interest in the large basket full of toys.   He is content to enjoy the air conditioned comfort of the house and, when outside in the fenced yard, enjoys sitting in the shade and watching what is going on in the surrounding yards.   Any moles or voles hanging in the yard are investigated and eradicated!!   He likes to run alongside his foster mom’s other dogs while they retrieve balls but, so far, has not shown any interest in doing any retrieving himself.
Sirius’s foster mom has groomed him at home, and he is fine with ear cleaning, basic grooming/scissoring and toe nail trimming.   When taken to the vet, he was anxious to meet everyone with his tail wagging pretty much non-stop.

The ideal home for Sirius might have one or two other dogs although he would fit in pretty much anywhere.  If moving in with other dogs, he would be better in a home in which the resident dogs were on the submissive side or larger than he.  He is easy going and has a very happy-go-lucky personality.  And please be sure to note that this guy is the brightest star in the solar system—can he also be the brightest star in your home??