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Shakespeare 2

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Entered: 07/30/2017
Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 48 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Dumfries, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from medication for anxiety, benefiting from supplements for arthritis and digestion, allergy to dust and dust mites being addressed with a grain-free diet
Temperament: Good with adults and teens who are calm and can respect his need for space, becomes anxious around younger children, good with other dogs but seems to prefer females and would be content as an “only” dog, good with cats

Shakespeare 2's Story . . .

Update 01/31/2018:  Shakes is a beautifully marked boy…a good dog who has just not yet found the right family.”
A new foster dog has come into Shakespeare’s home and this love is doing better.  He is showing he is good with sharing and taking his turn; he is also showing he is competitive by running more at the family’s farm and being more independent about sniffing and looking around in the fields.

Like many Springers, Shakespeare needs to have his ears cleaned once a week with a liquid ear cleaner and dried with a cotton wipe; he is prone to yeast infections and the vet said once-a-week cleaning will help.  The arthritis in his left leg is not too bad; it seems to be like a Charlie horse and is affected by the weather.  He limps until he can get that foot on the ground but, once he is up and moving, he is fine.
Shakespeare will probably never be a people dog, as in friendly to strangers.  He is cautious and does not want anyone to rush at him. He accepts older children, but would rather just sit near his owner and be a Velcro boy. 
This middle-aged fellow does need a family that will take him on walks as exercise helps his arthritis.  And, maybe a home with another Springer or sweet dog might be a good match.  He needs a little competition or he seems to think he can be waited on!
Shakes is a beautifully marked boy…a good dog who has just not yet found the right family.  Will you be the one for him?

Update 12/28/2017:
 “He is content to be with his person, lie around in a quiet spot, take walks, or run in wide open spaces…even if it hurts.”
Shakespeare’s foster mom declares him to be a sweet boy. He is a Velcro boy that needs to be near his person or have that person in his sight. Shakespeare will be good with teenagers, but does not care for little children or quick moving tweens who make him nervous.  He would rather be left alone and just adore his owner.  He appears to be the kind of dog that would prefer a home with just one person.
At this time, Shakespeare is walked three or more times a day because there is no fenced yard at his foster home.  He walks well and does not pull or chase squirrels when on a leash. He does not care to be friends with other dogs or people when on a leash and will become agitated, bark, and lunge if there is a dog that has an aggressive attitude nearby on a walk.
While he has pretty good house manners, Shakespeare will sometimes counter-surf if food is left where he can see and reach it.  He also enjoys lying on furniture when his person is not home to catch him in the act.  Otherwise he sleeps on his doggie beds. Shakespeare should not be allowed on the big bed at night.  He becomes possessive and guards the bed and will not allow but one person in the bed with him. Being on his own bed, nearby his person, works best for him.
Shakespeare only barks when someone comes near the house.  He is a quiet dog and does not require a lot of work.  He has arthritis in his left leg and has begun a supplement to reduce pain.  When he visits his foster family’s farm and runs for 30 minutes or so, he will limp for a while from all of the running. He loves to hunt the fields and comes in with burrs.  He lets his foster mom take the burrs off but, when he has had enough, he will lift his lip to say that’s all of the hurt he can stand from the tugging on his fur.
Shakespeare needs an owner who will let him have a quiet day. He loves to be loved and petted. If kids visit he needs to be crated so he can watch the activity but not have people bother him.  He is fine if you leave him home alone but, if you go outside of the house without him for a while, he carries on because he wants to be with you. He is happy on a secured leash just watching you outside.
With other dogs Shakespeare is good; he cannot handle a lot of kids and people near him as this makes him nervous.  He will snap when scared or overwhelmed. He has simple needs: to sleep near his human and keep that person in his sight.
Shakespeare’s foster mom emphasizes that he is such a good boy at his foster home. He is content to be with his person, lie around in a quiet spot, take walks, or run in wide open spaces…even if it hurts. Shakespeare will be a terrific companion when he finds the optimal home for him.

Update 11/16/2017:  “He was started on an anxiety medication that really made him happier with the world.“
Shakespeare returned to MAESSR after some personality clashes with his adopter.  He would try to guard the wife from the husband, etc.  After a good faith period to adjust, the situation did not appear to be getting any better so Shakespeare once again settled into foster care.
With his return Shakespeare went to a different foster home to get further evaluation of his temperament.  He was started on an anxiety medication that really made him happier with the world.  His new adopter will be required to keep Shakespeare on the anxiety medication for a minimum of six months after adoption.
Shakespeare continues on a grain-free diet.  It may give him just the edge he needs to keep allergies at bay. 
He’s good with the other dogs in his foster home, but was used to being an “only child” in his surrendering home; he could likely be content in a home without other dogs.  If sharing a home with another canine, Shakespeare’s foster mom thinks he would prefer the companionship of a female. 
Oh so characteristic of his breed, Shakespeare learns quickly.  He is also more comfortable with older children than little people.  His foster mom is thinking that, if there are children in an adopting home, they should be at least 12 years old and dog-savvy in the sense that they respect a dog’s space.  Teens and/or only adults in his home could be a good match for this wonderful boy too; all the more attention for him!
Keep an eye on this sweet boy while his evaluation continues.

Original:  "A Velcro boy and couch potato, Shakespeare is happy just being with his people."

Shakespeare became a MAESSR boy due to his reactions to changes in his Virginia family.  He was not doing well with the two year old toddler who had taken over his number one dog place.  The stress of this child made Shakespeare run and hide.  Although he never bit and was not otherwise aggressive, Shakespeare would grumble and bare his teeth in warning when the toddler would not leave him alone.  To complicate matters more, the family was expecting another baby soon.  They felt it best to relinquish Shakespeare to MAESSR where a baby and toddler-free forever home could be found for him.
A Velcro boy and couch potato, Shakespeare is happy just being with his people.  He barks and may jump on a stranger, but holding him by your side makes him feel safe.  Then, he is fine with the new person.  Although he disliked the persistent chasing of his toddler, he is good with children five years and older who will play ball with him.  On the four legged end of the spectrum, Shakespeare is fine with other dogs once he gets to know them.  Cats are no problem with this good boy!
Housetrained and reliable, Shakespeare has the run of the house and can stay alone all day. When he needs to go outside, he signals by standing by the door. He sleeps in a doggie bed in the bedroom with his foster parents.  A bit Puckish at times, Shakespeare will steal the toilet paper roll and turn over the trash can to get food.  He needs to learn that counter-surfing is a No No.  On the positive side, he is not a digger and he doesn’t chew on anything inappropriate.  He does not guard his food either.  Although he will run at his foster parents’ farm, he does not particularly like this exercise.  Instead, he loves to swim or just lie in the water.  His paws are a little soft from not a lot of exercise.
Like his namesake, Shakespeare is very smart.  He knows the commands ”shake,” “play dead,” “come,” and “find it” and waits until his person says it is OK for him to eat his food.  He walks well on a leash and is good in the car.
Overall, Shakespeare is a healthy boy who just has a little anxiety.  If he becomes nervous over something new, he scratches his ear or chews his paw.  He is given an over the counter anti-itch medication and this manages both the itch and his stress.  It was reported that he has allergies to dust and dust mites and that he has had yeast infections in his ears in the past.  Currently, he is on a grain-free diet.  Reportedly, he needs to be muzzled at the vet to have his ears cleaned.  He is fine with shots, grooming and nail clipping, though.   
Shakespeare is the perfect dog for a family with older children.  A low-maintenance Springer, Shakespeare likes to please.  Can this sweet boy find a permanent role with your family?  He will steal your hearts as well as the show!