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Seamus 3

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Entered: 06/23/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 5
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 60 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Altoona, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, overall good health
Temperament: Good with people as young as 5 (younger unknown), good with other dogs, reportedly good with cats

Seamus 3's Story . . .
Original:  At home this Velcro guy is great and has no bad  habits........the  perfect house guest!” 
When canine companions Seamus and Sally’s owner could no longer afford to care for them, the two traveled from Tennessee to become MAESSR dogs.  These sweet pups are now looking to find their forever homes.

A handsome boy, Seamus was found to be healthy at his visit to the vet.  At home this Velcro guy is great and has no bad habits........the perfect house guest!   Because he is trustworthy, Seamus can stay all day uncrated in the house without a problem.  He’s always happy to greet his people when they come home.  He shows his love without jumping up; he just gives lots of tail wags and displays his happiness to see them.  Seamus does not jump up on the furniture; he’s content to just lie around the house on a cool wood floor or on a dog bed.  At night he would love to snuggle in the big bed with his people, but, since he’s not invited there, he settles nicely on the floor.

When outside, Seamus stays around the house and will come when called.  He does love going on walks and is polite on leash; he doesn’t pull and shows no interest in other dogs he encounters.  This boy travels well, too, and is good in the car.  Seamus is not a high energy boy, but he loves playing fetch and chewing on toys and bones. 

Seamus loves people and he particularly enjoys the company of children and men.  This is a very trusting boy who allows his people to touch him all over. He gets along well with all of the dogs in his foster home, too. He does not guard his food dish; in fact, he walks away when he’s had his fill, allowing another resident dog to finish his meal.  Reportedly he was fine with cats in his former home.

This sweet, laid-back gent would be right at home with a family that includes children.  Other dogs would be fine, or, Seamus would do well as a solo dog.  Most important to Seamus is having people to love and who love him.   While he loves to play, Seamus would be just as happy lying next to his people.  Does it sound like Seamus would fit in with your family?   This terrific boy should be able to join his new family soon.