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Scout 7

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Entered: 12/08/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 61 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Gainesville, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for Lyme disease and whipworms complete
Temperament: Good with adults, good with children as young as 11, good with other dogs, exhibited no
Temp. Cont.: reaction to cats at the vet

Scout 7's Story . . .
Update 01/13/2014:  “Scout's foster family cannot emphasize how much they enjoy this sweet guy.  He makes their day, every day." 
Scout’s foster family reports that he is such a joy to have as a house guest.  This sweet boy just loves his people and wants to be next to them at all times.  He gets along well with all of the canines in his home and makes friends wherever he goes.
When he first arrived, Scout was not very happy about sleeping away from his foster parents.  They have relented and Scout now spends the night in the bedroom with them, sleeping peacefully by their bed.  It’s pretty hard to not give into the pitiful face that Springers are famous for!  This early bird wakes up around 5:30 ready to go.  If someone just looks at him, the tail starts to wag!    
Scout’s Lyme treatment is just about done and he has had his first round of Lyme vaccinations.  It was discovered that he has whipworms, so he’s currently being treated for that, too.
Crates are not Scout’s thing; he was extremely resistant to being crated so his family has not forced the issue.  He has freedom to roam the house, and there have been no problems with this arrangement.
Scout would do best with a family that has lots of love to give as well as another canine buddy.  Ideally, a family with someone at home most of the day would be good for him.  Scout’s future family will need to be committed to exercising him with either one really long walk or two shorter ones daily.  This boy thrives with attention from his people.
Scout’s foster family cannot emphasize how much they enjoy this sweet guy.  He makes their day, every day.  It will be a bittersweet parting when he leaves, but they’ll be happy knowing that Scout will be overjoyed to have his own, forever home.

Original:  “His foster family has let him off the leash in a field and he has enjoyed running and playing with his foster siblings.  He responds to a whistle to return. What a good boy!”

Scout's Maryland owners relinquished him and his sister, Maisy, to MAESSR because an illness in the family prevented them from providing the dogs with proper care and attention.  Scout and Maisy have spent the last few years living in a crate in the family barn with time spent in a pen during the day.  Their owners knew these Springers deserved a better life so they sought MAESSR’s help.
Scout is a Velcro Springer who wants nothing more than to be close to his humans. He enjoys getting love and affection from everyone he meets; he’s one big love machine!  Currently he resides with three other Springers: one playful, one crotchety, and one "macho"; this amiable guy gets along well with all of them!
While Scout does not appear to have a signal to go out, he seems to be housetrained.  His foster family lets him out on a regular basis and this seems to be a schedule that suits him.  He is free to roam the house during the day; however, his family keeps the bedroom doors closed just in case Scout decides to have a “Goldilocks” adventure.  He sleeps on a dog bed at night on the main floor of the house with his other foster siblings. This really is not Scout’s preference, since he loves his new-found human companionship.  His family has heard a little whimpering and pushing at the door as he adjusts to the nighttime sleeping arrangements.
Scout loves his walks and outside time!  His foster family takes him on two walks daily, for a total of three miles.  Exercise is good for Scout, and his forever family must be committed to walking him or running him so he can burn off his energy!  Walking on a leash has been a work in progress, but he is doing very well. His foster family has let him off the leash in a field and he has enjoyed running and playing with his foster siblings.  He responds to a whistle to return. What a good boy!  Scout rides well in a car and he has been great at the vet.  There is no problem with grooming, as well.
House manners are a work in progress.  This cute, former-outside boy just loves the sofa!   He does, however, respond to gentle reminders to get down. There have been some inappropriate chewing incidents – the poor ski goggles did not see it coming…so his foster family is working on correcting that behavior. His foster family also is working on curbing his enthusiasm when greeting people.  Scout just wants his family to know how happy he is to see them when they come home!  It’s gentle jumping, but he’s learning to greet with four on the floor.  He loves toys, especially a tennis ball, and always likes to play ball in the house!  Scout’s not much of a barker, as his foster mom has heard him bark just once. 
In his foster home, Scout lives with three children ages 11, 12, and 14.  They help walking Scout without any problems.  Scout’s foster mom believes that he also would be fine with younger children because he’s very gentle.
Scout is an energetic, loving, smart boy.  He would do best with a family that enjoys taking him for walks every day, one with another playful dog in the house. He wants to please, and is eager to show his people how much he loves them by giving kisses and parking himself right next to them.  Don't pass up this beautiful Springer!  He promises to be faithful, loving, and right by your side...Scout’s honor!