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Salli Jo

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Entered: 05/19/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 9
Color: Black/White
Weight: 34 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Doylestown, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, overall good health
Temperament: Good with adults, unknown with children, good with other dogs, curious but not aggressive with cats

Salli Jo's Story . . .
Original:   “Salli Jo tends to want to be a lap dog, leaning against the person petting her until she finally
makes her way into his or her lap.”

When a former Springer breeder and rescuer developed serious health issues and could no longer remain in her Pennsylvania home, the Springers she owned needed to find new homes.  Salli Jo and her bonded buddy Virginia were taken to their vet clinic for updating on the vetting and then boarded until MAESSR could find them a foster home together.

Even though they were well cared for and loved by the kennel staff, Salli Jo and Virginia were thrilled to come to a home again.  Salli Jo spent her first hour in her foster home in the fenced yard, delightedly running free and sniffing.  She also seemed a little uncertain, as if not believing her good fortune! Salli greeted the resident Springer with great friendliness, not quite understanding that she was the newcomer in the home; however, she did not receive quite the warm welcome she was expecting. She took his rebuff in stride and continued to run and sniff happily, with frequent looks at the resident Springer to assess his response.  When all three Springers are outside – Sallie Jo, Virginia, and our resident springer – they each go their separate ways in the yard, without any play between them.

In the house, Salli Jo readily adapted to her new bed and, as long as her buddy Virginia is in sight, she is comfortable.  Well housetrained, she has had no accidents and waits to be taken out periodically.  She does not have a crate in her new home, but was crate-trained by her original owner and will respond to the request, “Kennel, please,” by going into her crate.  Salli also responds to the commands "sit" and "stay."  Walking on a leash with her is a bit of a challenge as she pulls and crisscrosses continuously, getting wrapped around her foster mom's legs.  She is very excited about walking, though.

Salli tends to want to be a lap dog, leaning against the person petting her until she finally makes her way into his or her lap.  She is also happy to be picked up and held and loves a tummy rub.  She loves to be cuddled and will talk to you in little purrs as you talk to her.  At night, she chooses to sleep on her bed outside the bedroom, with or without Virginia, who may sleep on another dog bed.  She occasionally will walk into the bedroom during the night to sniff the human in the bed, but Salli Jo is not a couch or bed sleeper.  She is also a good car rider, with no fuss, no barking, no jumping around.  She settles down quickly and rides quietly.

Extraordinarily well-mannered in the house, Salli Jo is too small to reach the counters, so she does not counter-surf, trash dig, or chew on anything but her food.  She loves attention and will whine briefly when her people leave her, but she settles down quickly.

Since Salli Jo and Virginia are such bonded friends, MAESSR would like to place them together in a loving new home.  Both are sweet, happy, and affectionate girls who are looking for a home where they can enjoy their golden years being showered in love.