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Rudy 5

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Entered: 07/04/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 5
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 52 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Goochland, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, Lyme-, benefiting from a supplement for joint health, treatment for a UTI and ear
Health Cont.: infection complete
Temperament: Good with people as young as 11, good with other dogs, unknown with cats

Rudy 5's Story . . .
Update 08/06/2014:  "This sweet girl has come out of her shell now that she is feeling better."
Rudy was moved to a more experienced foster home to try to get a handle on some of her potential health issues.  It was determined that she had a severe urinary tract infection which has been treated and is now cleared.  Rudy also was experiencing some stiffness in her joints and was started on a joint supplement.  This has made a big difference in the way she feels.  One last health concern was addressed:  Rudy’s previous foster family suspected that she could not hear.  MAESSR had the BAER test performed and Miss Rudy is hearing just fine now that her ear infection is gone.
Rudy’s age had been a question mark since she came into rescue.  While her original owner gave her age as 2 years old, the vet at her first foster home determined that she was older and felt that 7 was a more appropriate age.  Her current vet says that Rudy is no older than 5 and is pretty sure that she is younger.  Oh, that we all could lower our age like that!
This sweet girl has come out of her shell now that she is feeling better.  Good health certainly provides for a good outlook on life!  The only thing that would make Rudy feel even better is a home of her very own.  Wouldn’t you like to make her life complete?  She’ll certainly do the same for you!
Original:  "Ruby is currently living on a small farm and loves to be out in the barn and in the field. Typically, she is also content to cuddle inside on the sofa."            
Rudy, now called Ruby by her foster family, recently moved from her home in California to Pennsylvania when her elderly owner wanted to be closer to his family. Her master then moved into a retirement home, needed to re-home his beautiful girl and called MAESSR for help.   Ruby had come to her owner as a stray two years before and was loved greatly by him; he wanted the best for her, and now Ms. Ruby is comfortable in a loving foster home.
Ruby is about seven years old and just a gem! She has been a very good house guest in her foster parents’ home. She signals to go out by crying and has not had one accident.  She has gone a full ten hours on two occasions without needing to go out.   Ruby has never been in a crate and does a wonderful job out on her own. This sweetheart does not counter-surf nor chew inappropriately.  She is currently sleeping in the bedroom on a dog bed. Her foster family does state they have several baby gates, and she has no problem scaling them to get to her humans.........a Springer’s gotta do what a Springer’s gotta do!!
This majestic girl does great on a leash, but is even better off!  She is currently living on a small farm and loves to be out in the barn and in the field. Typically, she is also content to cuddle inside on the sofa.  Her energy level is about medium........right on for a middle-aged Springer.
Ruby responds well to “sit,” “down,” and “come” and is a fantastic car passenger.  Meeting a groomer and having her nails attended to are still in the future, but she was just a delight at the vet’s office for her checkup.  She was actually anxious to get up on the exam table to be petted!
MAESSR’s new lady has had no problem being fed in the kitchen with other dogs and is doing well with the foster and resident dogs.  But, she can be a bit nervous when meeting a new dog.  Her foster mom and dad feel she might do best in an only-dog home as she likes to be a piggy for attention. She would like a home where her humans want her around them all the time.  She’s a true Velcro and absolutely loves to be petted and hugged.
If you want a best friend that will love to be either outside with you or curled up watching your favorite show, Ruby is your gal!  Not only is she a keeper in her ability to love, but also she is a real looker!!!!