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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Rocky XV

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Entered: 05/27/2011
Status: Adopted
Age: 8
Color: Black/White
Weight: 65 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Aston, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, overall good health
Temperament: Good with all people, good with other dogs, ignores cats

Rocky XV's Story . . .

Update 04/19/2015:  “This beautiful boy is as sweet as can be.“

“Once a MAESSR dog, always a MAESSR dog.”  This commitment has been part of the organization’s service since its inception, and, continues to be a meaningful aspect of every adoption.  Thus, it is that Rocky has returned to foster care, through no fault of his own.  This beautiful boy is as sweet as can be.   Though not too outgoing, he likes everyone he meets…dogs and people alike.  He’s an easy foster and will be easy to live with in any Springer-loving home.

Update 08/10/2011:  "
He has an adorable bark when he gets that actually sounds like he is saying, "woof, woof, woof!"  

What a time it has been for this pup! Rocky’s heartworm treatment is complete and he can finally have free run in the house instead of being confined to resting in his crate. He is gradually getting used to exploring the house a little more, although he is very cautious. He takes some time to warm up to visitors and still gets nervous, but everyone who meets him comments on his sweet personality and calm temperament.
The technicians at the vet's office where he spent a lot of time during his heartworm treatments recently told his foster mom how well behaved he was during those very long days. They said that inserting and removing an IV from a dog is typically a two person procedure.  With Rocky, though, he just laid still and allowed one vet tech to do the job without interfering.  What a trooper!!!
Rocky returned to the animal shelter where he was first taken after being seized by animal control to have his neuter surgery. The shelter staff members were so excited to see Rocky, and, they could not believe how good he looked!  Unfortunately for Rocky, he developed a hematoma during his recovery and had to go back under the knife so it could be resolved. This poor guy just can't catch a break! Fortunately, a few days of crate rest and pain medicine have him feeling like new again……… the “Rock” star he is!
The most rewarding thing for Rocky's foster parents has been to see more and more of his Springer personality emerging. He has begun prancing around the backyard and attempting to join the spirited play sessions that the other three Springers in the house get going. More frequently, he can be found standing on the sidelines, but he is clearly interested in what the other dogs are doing.
Rocky's foster parents often comment that he reminds them of a cartoon dog. He has an adorable bark when he gets excited………one that actually sounds like he is saying, "woof, woof, woof!"  His big eyes and expressions as he observes everything going on around him are also quite cute. 
This is a very special dog that will soon be looking for a very special forever home. He'll need a gentle family to continue bringing him out of his shell as he continues to adapt to life as an indoor pet.  And adapt he will.  Rocky may be a dog that hasn’t had many breaks in life but, with health restored and his wonderful Springer outlook intact, the days ahead assure him the life of good care and love that every dog deserves!!

Update 07/09/2011:  "Every once in a while Rocky's foster mom will turn around to find him in the room with her, staring silently as if trying to figure out exactly what she is doing. Once he is noticed, Rocky darts back to his crate

With good food, appropriate health care, and a lot of love from his foster parents, Rocky is showing improvement every day. He was not impressed when he had to go to the vet two days in a row to receive his final injections of heartworm treatment, but seemed relieved when his foster mom came to pick him up. Now, Rocky has four more weeks of crate rest while the medicine continues to do its work.
Rocky is still a very shy guy. His crate in the living room is left open but he generally chooses to stay there rather than venturing out to investigate the rest of the house. Every once in a while Rocky's foster mom will turn around to find him in the room with her, staring silently as if trying to figure out exactly what she is doing. Once he is noticed, Rocky darts back to his crate. Since rest is very important for his heartworm treatment, his foster mom hasn't been forcing the issue with him. As his health improves, Rocky will be encouraged to interact more with his environment.  He’ll also be exposed to more experiences through walks and trips to dog-friendly establishments. This should go a long way toward increasing his confidence in a number of situations.
Overall, Rocky has shown himself to be an extremely sweet Springer boy. He was a little intimidated by the energy level of his harmless (but hyper!) fieldie foster brother and tended to keep his distance from the other dogs while they were all outside. Now that this other foster Springer has found his forever home, Rocky trots happily along behind the resident Springer girls as they wander through the backyard, eager to investigate anything they think is of interest. 
Rocky is getting much better with people and now accepts treats directly from his foster mom's hand. He recently had his first bath and was well-behaved overall. Once he realized he was going to be there for a while, he chose to lie down in the tub while his foster mom worked on cleaning him up. Afterwards, he enjoyed being toweled off and brushed out. He even let his foster mom trim the fur around his paw pads without protest.
Rocky is still a way off from being adopted, but he’s making great progress.  Once he is ready, his forever family will be lucky to add this handsome and sensitive boy to their pack.

Original:  "Having been kept in a concrete dog run for the previous five years, everything was new to Rocky."

Rocky was seized from his Delaware home by the county's animal control officers after a report that animals on the property were not being cared for appropriately. Along with 26 other dogs, four horses, and six goats, Rocky made his way to the local shelter where they shaved ten pounds of mats and hair off his body. Afterwards, a vet examination revealed that Rocky had an advanced heartworm infection that would require treatment. The shelter staff called MAESSR, knowing that they would provide the help he needed.
Just a few short hours after the staff made that phone call, Rocky was safe in his foster home. Having been kept in a concrete dog run for the previous five years, everything was new to Rocky. He lifted his feet high above the grass when walking in the backyard and took a few spills trying to figure out his balance on the smooth wood floors inside. A resident cat strolling by didn't even get a second sniff, but Rocky was clearly relieved to see that his foster home was occupied by three other Springers. He looks to the other dogs for cues on how to behave and to make sure that all is OK. 
Since he has never been inside before, Rocky's house manners need a little work. He shows mild interest in the trash cans and counters, but seems to be cautiously investigating his new environment more than he is actively seeking to cause trouble. Rocky's house-training is also a work in progress. He loves his crate, and kennels readily for a treat when his foster parents leave and at bedtime. Rocky also spends some time in a kennel in the living room when his foster parents are home to ensure that he rests quietly while the heartworm treatment does its work. On leash, Rocky does not pull. Instead, he is more likely to lag behind his foster mom. He seems more comfortable when he has someone to follow. Rocky rides nicely in the car, whether he is crated or not. 
Because of his heartworm infection, Rocky is not allowed to run, actively play, or do anything that might elevate his heart rate, as that could cause very serious complications to his treatment. When he is leash walked outside to do his business, he watches the other dogs play with obvious interest. His foster parents are eager to see his personality emerge as he begins to feel better and learns what life as a pet should be. Don't worry, Rocky, your best days are yet to come!