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Riley 10

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Entered: 12/07/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 5
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 47 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Goochland, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from an inexpensive supplement and a medication for anxiety
Temperament: Good with people of all ages, good with other dogs, cats confuse him

Riley 10's Story . . .
Update 10/27/2014:  "His foster mom's take on him is that he would love to be somewhere with wide open spaces where he can run all day." 
Riley’s family has been working with him and definitely has seen improvement with some of his anxiety issues.   His progress is the result of a multi-prong approach.  For openers, Riley is getting regular trips to a dog park to let him run off steam.  He’s a high energy boy and, though his foster parents aren’t sedentary folks, the off-leash time enables them to give him enough exercise.  He loves to swim too and is walking on leash regularly.  Toward furthering his training, Riley and his family met with a trainer who visited in the home.  The resulting recommendations have been helpful with leash walking, “leave it” as with laundry treasures, and exchanging a toy for a treat.  Some triggers set off frantic behavior in Riley, such a seeing a critter out the window, and are easier to manage now, but there’s more work to be done for sure.  Coupled with these measures is also daily use of calming aids, a supplement and a medication.  His family’s work is showing; Mr. Riley is a different dog in many ways from the bundle of nerves that hit his family’s doorstep months ago. 
Other news on Riley…………while he doesn't like to be left behind with no humans around, he is not destructive to anything in the house or to himself.   His foster mom’s take on him is that he would love be somewhere with wide open spaces where he can run all day.  When well-worn out at day’s end, Riley’s a sweet, Velcro dog that will snuggle on the couch with you.  He can hang out and just enjoy being with his family.  He’s very calm and quiet overnight while everyone is sleeping.

Riley has a compelling personality and wants so much to please.  He is super friendly to people he meets when out walking and will politely lay down if his canine walking buddy needs to take a break.  Riley is a great dog that will always need a committed family who is willing to work with him……… bring out the best in him.  The investment of time and love will be returned……….as only a dog can do! 

Update 08/05/2014:  "As a typical Springer, he loves his people and wants to be close by them even if he has trouble sitting still to do so."    
Riley was returned to MAESSR after being adopted in February.  His anxiety issues were not a good fit in that family’s structure, and he was returned to see if another home might work better.
This handsome fellow is back in his original foster home, and his foster mom finds him to be the same sweet boy he was previously.  He is such a sweetheart and has good house manners........except for his counter-surfing.  After all, he is a Springer!!
Riley knows several commands and likes to learn new behaviors.  As a typical Springer, he loves his people and wants to be close by them even if he has trouble sitting still to do so.    This love is very big on giving kisses and does jump up to be affectionate and to greet people.
Does your family need a love bug?  Are you ready to have some adventures playing with this guy who loves to learn?  And, what fun you’ll have with a companion for hiking, watching TV and cuddling.  Can you make room in your life, home, and heart for Riley?

Update 01/22/2014:  "He is so very gentle with the children in his family, who are 18 months and four years old."  
Riley’s foster mom describes him as “a super-sweet guy.”  He loves taking runs with her and going on numerous walks during the day.  
This good boy has never had any accidents inside the house.   He is so very gentle with the children in his family, who are 18 months and four years old.  He listens very well and is a great cuddler!
His foster family currently is working on a few correctable issues.  Riley likes to chew socks and toys.  He will, however, happily exchange them for a treat.  While he gets along terrifically with young children, a house with older children - who do not have as many toys lying around - might reduce Riley’s ability to claim the toys as his own playthings! 
Additionally, Riley has some issues with being alone and is taking a medication for separation anxiety.  He definitely would thrive in a household where one member is home regularly and could work with him to alleviate his anxiety.  With medication and training, his foster mom feels that he can work through this issue since he’s a very smart boy.
This sweet love bug is ready to join his forever home.  If it sounds like he would be a good fit with your family, please ask about Riley soon.

Original:   "He even has saddle bags that he wears when hiking and he loves to have them on!"  
With the recent addition of a baby, Riley’s family in Maryland found that they did not have the time to work with him and his anxiety issue. It seems that when they would leave the house, Riley would pace and throw himself at the door.  Attempts to crate him resulted non-stop barking while confined.  MAESSR was contacted to find a good home for this sweet boy.

Riley loves to be an active part of a family.  He’s a champ at playing fetch and he is an avid hiker.  He even has saddle bags that he wears when hiking and he loves to have them on!  Riley walks well on a leash and can be trusted off leash.  He rides well in the car as he will just lie down in the seat and go to sleep. He has attended basic obedience class and knows basic commands.

Riley has been put on an inexpensive medication to help with his anxiety.  It really seems to be making a difference.  His foster mom has not seen any anxiety when she leaves and Riley always seems very relaxed when she returns home.  He appears to enjoy having the company of the other dogs in his foster home.  While there are no cats in his foster home, Riley previously lived with one and seemed puzzled by it.  He wasn’t quite sure if he should play with felines or chase them!

A very cuddly guy, Riley loves being with his people.  He’s willing to snuggle and watch TV or take a hike…what more could you ask of a canine companion?  Riley would love to start off the New Year by beginning the next chapter in his life with a new family and home to call his own.