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  • We got Boone from MAESSR when he was 6 years old. He was not dog-friendly and not good with young children, which presented some problems for us.  However, he loved us unconditionally,and he deserved the same from us. We introduced him to swimming.  He was hesitant at first, but he quickly became a water dog.  He loved car rides and just being with his people. We lost Boone very suddenly and unexpectedly on Sept. 11,2018 due to a bleeding tumor in his spleen. It was one month shy of his 13th birthday. He was great up until that last morning.There is a huge hole in our hearts that will never be filled. Even if we get another dog, there will never be another Boone.
    Mary, NC

  • MAESSR is the best.  Debbie, VA                    
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Polly 3

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Entered: 01/18/2018
Status: Adopted
Age: 1
Color: Black
Weight: 29 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Manassas Park, VA
Health: UTD, HW+ and receiving slow kill method of treatment, treatment for ear infection complete
Temperament: Good with adults, good with children 5 years and older, good with dogs, shows no interest in cats

Polly 3's Story . . .

Update 02/25/2018: “Sadie is an affectionate girl who would love to share her kisses with you.”
Polly, or Sadie as she’s known in her foster home, continues to thrive.
Sadie is on round two of her ear infection treatment. Currently she is receiving the “slow kill” method to clear her of heartworms. The “slow-kill” method of treatment involves giving the infected dog monthly Heartgard tabs over the course of a year. She receives an antibiotic for the first seven days of the month as well. At the end of the year the dog is retested for heartworms. MAESSR will supply medication to the adoptive family and will pay for the follow-up vet visit and heartworm test. Although most dogs are heartworm-free after one year, MAESSR will pay for the treatment if the dog is still heartworm positive. When receiving pills, Sadie LOVES liverwurst and takes her pills so very gently!
Sadie is an affectionate girl who would love to share her kisses with you. Consider adding this active sweetie to your pack!

“Although Sadie is 12 - 18 months old, she is puppy wild!  No one has taken the time to teach this sweet, affectionate girl good manners.”   

Polly quickly became Sadie Rose because her foster home has resident dog named Molly and rhyming names are confusing!  Sadie was originally adopted out of a shelter in Virginia, but her first home only lasted a couple of weeks because the family had several young children and not enough time to train a puppy.
Although Sadie is 12 - 18 months old, she is puppy wild!  No one has taken the time to teach this sweet, affectionate girl good manners.  Sadie has a gentle mouth when taking treats and when her foster mother has to "rescue" inedible items she's found.  Currently Sadie is not housetrained and is working on this important skill.
This affectionate girl wants to be in her foster family’s laps all the time, and she gives the best kisses!  She constantly stands on her hind legs and very politely rests her front paws on her foster family to get their love and attention. In fact, as her foster mom crafted her write-up, Sadie probably thought that her name was "Off!"  Sadie also counter-surfs and she loves to investigate the contents of bags.  Along with housetraining, her foster family is working on the commands “off” and “sit.” Sadie also has been exhibiting some resource-guarding of her foster mom when the other dogs approach; this is being addressed as well.
Sadie is crate trained, but she would prefer to be with her foster family and the resident dogs.  She is being fed separately because Sadie eats very quickly.  She then tries to horn in on the other dogs’ food…a big no-no as far as the resident male is concerned!  She loves to snuggle with her foster family on the couch and the bed.  This loving girl prefers to use the resident male as a pillow when they ride in the car.
Sadie is heartworm positive, so her activity is a bit restricted right now. She was very sweet and well behaved at the vet, even giving the techs kisses when they took her blood and fecal samples. She is very people-oriented!
Sadie Rose is still very much a puppy and needs a family that has the time and patience to teach her good manners.  Potential adopters should note that MAESSR only places puppies in homes that are committed to training and bonding with the pup in obedience classes.  Puppies require a lot of care, attention, and patience, and they do chew on things!  The decision to get a puppy and raise it to be a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted dog is a serious commitment.  To reinforce this commitment, MAESSR requires all adopters of dogs one year old and under to enroll their puppy in obedience classes. These classes will help establish the bond between Sadie and her new family.
This sweetie is a diamond in the rough, but her sweet nature and eagerness to please means she will be a fabulous addition to someone's family!