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Entered: 07/26/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 1
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 48 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Owings, MD
Health: UTD, HW-, beginning a prescription diet to further skin improvement, continuing to monitor heart
Health Cont.: rate, ear treatment complete
Temperament: Good with adults, good with children over 8, may accidentally topple younger ones in play,
Temp. Cont.: good with other dogs but is sometimes fearful of new ones, reportedly lived with cats

PJ's Story . . .
Update 10/15/2014: “He does more of a hound-baying sound!  It sounds very funny coming from his Springer body!" 

A month ago PJ was “doing better.”  His latest news is that “PJ is doing fabulous!”  He’s growing in his fur!  He looks sleek and shiny.  Even better, he feels good.   He is learning to “sit,” “shake” and is working on “down.”  He’s ready for his first visit to the groomer, extra-special since he loves to ride in the car.  In all ways an active boy, PJ walks about a mile per day too.
PJ's skin is still itchy so he continues to see his dermatologist.  It’s now looking as if his problems stem from a food allergy, so he will be starting a prescription diet.  His family is still giving medicated baths; they can be so soothing!  And, another ear med will be added to his weekly cleaning routine.  Poor baby, but maybe the end in sight!
PJ does not seem to be afraid of thunder.  However, he does love to chase deer and squirrels, so his family does not trust him off leash.  He’s learning the pleasures of being on leash with his people and is pulling less…………..good boy!!
When he is home alone, PJ still somehow seems to find paper to shred.  He also loves to have something of his foster mom's scent in his bed when left alone. He’s getting much better when meeting new people; he does bark but quickly settles down now.  Speaking of his bark, PJ does not bark the “woof, woof, woof” of a typical Springer.  He does more of a hound-baying sound!  It sounds very funny coming from his Springer body!  
PJ brings grins and flat-out laughter to those around him…………an admirable strength in any Springer!!

Update 09/16/2014: “PJ is becoming more confident with meeting people.  He has gone to the park and really had a blast when a gaggle of girls surrounded him."   
PJ is doing better.  He did visit the dermatologist two weeks ago. She is not sure if he has allergies or if the skin loss and scratching are due to his long standing skin infection.  He will follow up with her again after five more weeks of antibiotics. He is also taking an anti-fungal medication and continuing to have two medicated baths per week.  
The good news is that PJ is growing new fur to cover his baldness.  No more baboon butt for this boy!  The prescribed kibble is also making his existing fur silky and shiny.  He is just beautiful with the autumn sun shining on him!
PJ and his foster mom are continuing his daily walks.  He still pulls somewhat when he is excited, so loose leash walking is a work in progress.  PJ now shakes hands to get his treat!  He also knows "out,” "off,” "sit," and sometimes "stay.”  He is a very bright boy!  His favorite thing to do, besides walking, is to go for a car ride.
The new guy in the house has warmed up to the geriatric resident dog.  He even holds her leash in his mouth and "walks" her.  The resident dog, at 15 years old, is not always happy with this turn of events!  PJ is becoming more confident with meeting people.  He has gone to the park and really had a blast when a gaggle of girls surrounded him. He was getting all kinds of love and attention. You could see him smiling!
Once this young man’s skin infection has healed, he will be neutered.  Life will continue to be a learning process and wonderful experience for him.  PJ is blossoming into a delightful Springer, and, once healthy, will be looking for his forever home.  Watch out for him, especially if you have older dogs you need walked!

Original: “PJ is truly a Velcro dog and, oh, can those eyes melt your heart!” 

PJ started life a little “ruff.”  His owners kept this runt of their home-bred litter, making PJ the fifth dog in their Pennsylvania household.  Eventually, this proved to be at least one dog too many and they relinquished PJ to MAESSR.
When he came into foster care, PJ had some skin issues, leading to loss of hair on his tail, back legs, paws, and chest. He also had severe itching.  Also, his ears had painful yeast infections. He is currently on steroids, antibiotics, medicated baths, and ear wash regimens. Currently, the vet believes his skin issues may be allergy related.  So, PJ is now ravenously eating a grain-free, venison and vegetable kibble.

PJ was fairly well-behaved at the vet, although the caring staff plied him with many a cookie to encourage him!  He was a bit grumpy when having his ears handled but who wouldn’t be when you have a bad ear infection.  He did, however, let them prod and probe him for his check-up. He was super with having his blood drawn.  After his infections and skin have healed, he will be neutered. PJ is housetrained and currently is let out every 3 to 4 hours due to drinking large amounts of water because of his steroid treatment.
PJ is mostly well-mannered in his foster home, where he has free-roam.  This young pup is past the puppy stage of chewing and understands the command "no.”  He will “sit” on command for turkey, in which his pills are wrapped. He has been known to counter-surf once or twice, but is being taught proper behavior in his current home.  His foster mom has found him lounging in her bed on rare occasions, but he submissively gets down when told, rolling over and showing his stomach.
There is just one resident dog in his foster home, a small female whom PJ ignores.  She also ignores him. At the dog park, PJ seems a little bit timid of other dogs.  Although his foster family has no cats, PJ reportedly lived compatibly with one in his original home.   Sadly, PJ has no clue what to do with stuffed toys and does not know how to play ball/fetch. His foster mom bought him a stuffed dragon, but PJ must have heard awful things about dragons, as he is having no part of it. 
PJ seems to warm up more quickly to women than to men, but he loves all the members of his foster family.  When his foster dad comes home, PJ likes to celebrate since his pack is complete!  His foster mom thinks that PJ would be good with children older than 8, as he may inadvertently knock a smaller child down during his play. Although a bit shy when meeting strangers, he can be coaxed into allowing anyone to pet him, particularly with his foster parents close by. His foster parents are actively working on acclimating him to new people and situations by taking him to the dog park and the public boardwalk.

Enjoying his walks along the Chesapeake Bay, PJ keeps his nose to the ground the whole time. He does sometimes pull on the leash, but his foster parents are working on that.  A car ride is fine by PJ. And really, he just wants to be close to his foster parents.  He is truly a Velcro dog and, oh, can those eyes melt your heart! 
At night PJ sleeps on a large, comfortable dog bed in the master bedroom.  A quiet dinner is served in the kitchen with no problem.  Grooming has not yet taken place for this sore-skinned guy except for medicated baths, of which he is not too fond.  Once his skin has healed, PJ may like water and baths a little more.
PJ is a wonderful dog that has been dealt some uncomfortable health issues that his foster parents are working to conquer with the help of their vet.  While he is regaining his health in his foster home, his future family must know that he will need to continue allergy support for this soon to be itch-free pup. Please keep this sweet boy in your prayers as he heals and watch for updates on his progress.  Who knows, maybe PJ will be your Springer someday.