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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Pixie 2

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Entered: 10/03/2019
Status: Adopted
Age: 2; born 03/01/2017
Color: Black/White/Tan
Weight: 47 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Lewisberry, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for ear infection complete, overall good health
Temperament: Good with adults, good with teens and likely great with all children, good with other dogs, unknown with cats

Pixie 2's Story . . .

Update 11/23/2019: “She is very laid back and calm, which is very surprising for a two-year old Springer.”

The report from her foster family is in – Pixie is still as sweet as sweet can be. She loves everyone and will lean on her people for attention. Her ear infection is all cleared up and she was recently spayed. Once healed, she should be in great shape.

Pixie is doing much better with housetraining. When out on walks she still pulls a bit on the leash, but she is definitely getting better with that. Counter-surfing is improving only because she trained her foster family to keep a close eye on her while she's in the kitchen, LOL!!!  She is still a work in progress in that area.
The only children that Pixie has met are the two resident boys who are 13 and 17, but she is a super sweet and gentle gal who should be amazing with children of all ages. She is very laid back and calm, which is very surprising for a two-year old Springer. Pixie does love tennis balls and when she sees one, she wants to play non-stop (now that's a typical Springer!)
This cute little Pixie would truly fit in well with any home. Can’t you just picture her in your home for the holidays?

Original: "When she's not snuggling with her people or with one of the dogs, Pixie's next favorite thing is chasing a tennis ball." 

Pixie is one of four Springers who were relinquished to MAESSR when their Pennsylvania owner decided to give up his breeding program. 

This beautiful young tri-colored girl is as sweet as sweet can be!  She loves everyone she meets.  In her foster home, Pixie gets along very well with the four resident dogs but has not been cat tested.  Her relinquishing owner said she chases cats. 

When she's not snuggling with her people or with one of the dogs, Pixie’s next favorite thing is chasing a tennis ball.  She will retrieve for hours if her foster family would let her.  She and the resident three year old Springer love to play ball in the yard and see who can get to the ball first.  This is a wonderful way to get this duo good and tired! 

In her original home, Pixie had a doggie door and could come and go as she pleased.  Her foster family does not have that luxury for her here so she is getting used to going out on a schedule.  This is a work in progress for her.  

When mealtime rolls around for the dogs, Pixie is fed separately from the resident pack as she tries to eat their food when she’s done with hers.  There is a gate between the kitchen and breezeway, so Pixie eats in the breezeway.  She is not food possessive or object possessive. 

Pixie also had a fenced in yard at her original home and again, her foster home does not have that.  However, they live in the woods and Pixie is trusted off leash as she does not get too far away from her people or the other dogs.  When taken for a leashed walk, she will pull on her lead.  Her foster family is working on that with her daily.  At this point, Pixie just knows the command “sit” but she is being taught more by her foster family. 

A gold medalist in counter-surfing and trash diving, Pixie is being taught that those are not desirable behaviors.  Her foster family is sure that her forever family will not think that being a gold medalist in those events is something of which to be proud!   

At night Pixie sleeps in bed with the teenager in the family.  Some pups have it made!  When everyone is out of the house during the day, Pixie is crated. 

Pixie was a real trooper at her vet appointment.  She had an ear infection for which she is now receiving treatment.  She just came into heat so her spay surgery will be delayed a bit.  Overall, Pixie is in really good health! 

Pixie would love to have another dog in her forever home as she seems to rely on them to show her the way.  She is a very easy going girl who blends into whatever environment she is in.  Is there a spot in your home and heart for Pixie?