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Entered: 01/20/2018
Status: On Hold
Age: 11
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 46 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: West Chester, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, Lyme-, receiving medication to assist with slight incontinence, beginning supplements to assist with age-related arthritis, regular ear-cleaning has begun to calm irritation, losing to a healthy weight, several missing or chipped teeth with a dental pending for plaque removal
Temperament: Good with adults, was fine when meeting children as young as eight, good with other dogs encountered on walks, unknown with cats

Patty's Story . . .

Original:  "Sweet Patty is very mellow and happy…and she LOVES attention and affection!”

Pretty and sweet Patty was adopted when she was two years old and lived about nine years with her owner. When he passed away about a year ago, his son took Patty into his home; but, with two dogs of his own, this became too much for his family. MAESSR was contacted to help this wonderful girl find a new forever home.
Patty has been a complete doll since the day she was picked up by her foster mom. She loves affection and attention, and would be content having someone cuddle with her and pet her 24 hours a day. Patty is housetrained. Sometimes she goes to the door, but most of the time her signal is pacing and sniffing around the house. Then it’s time to go out!  Patty has never been in a crate and has full run of the house, which is a ranch. Her previous owner said that she’s not a fan of a lot of steps.
A wonderful houseguest, Patty doesn’t dig, chew, jump the fence, submissively urinate, beg for food, counter-surf, or jump on people.  When alone in the house, Patty is trustworthy and she sleeps on her bed in the master bedroom. She doesn’t have any bad habits except for her love of being on the sofa and the big bed anytime her foster mom occupies one of them. Because Patty is very persistent about this, her foster mom is working on getting her to go lie down on her own bed.
Patty knows some commands: “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” And if her foster mom points to the floor, Patty will lie down. She walks very well on a harness and loves to go for walks. She has responded very well to meeting both dogs and people on walks. Although Patty is nervous and exhibits some shaking when riding the car, she does lie down as soon as she gets in and seems to settle down once the trip gets going.

When she arrived at her foster home, Patty came with her stuffed octopus, which is her favorite toy.  Her foster mom also introduced her to the Kong, which she plays with every day. She does not guard any food, treats, or toys. She does bark when someone comes to the door and when she sees the neighbor’s dogs from her fenced-in yard. She loves running in the yard and sniffing!
Currently Patty is living with her foster mom who lives by herself. So, Patty hasn’t has a chance yet to interact with a lot of other people and she is the only dog in the house. She will be attending a Super Bowl party to meet her foster mom’s family, which will give her a chance to interact with other people and another dog. In her previous household, Patty lived with several dogs and interacted with a lot of people and she was great.
Patty went to the groomer and the vet just a few days after she arrived at her foster home and was wonderful. The groomer said she was perfect. She was nervous at the vet but let the vet examine her with no problem. Patty has some arthritis and she is beginning some supplements to assist with joint health.  Losing a few extra pounds through exercise should help her joints as well. Patty has frequent urination and a little spotty leakage when she lies down. She has begun a medication to help her with this. Her ears were quite dirty and irritated, so her foster mom has been cleaning them every night and she’s a good girl for that. She’s fine with having her ears wiped, but does not like the liquid cleaner being squeezed into her ears.
Sweet Patty is very mellow and happy…and she LOVES attention and affection! Described as “an angel” by her foster mom, Patty is a true Velcro Springer and follows her foster mom everywhere!
It’s likely that this beautiful senior girl would enjoy living with an older person or someone who’s home a lot. She’d also enjoy being the only dog and getting all the attention. Senior Springers have so much life and love left to give. She would love to be your Valentine…one that will steal your heart!