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  • Adopted Murdock in December 2006 when he was 10 Mos old. He has been the best boy ever! We just learned he has Lymphoma & are devasted. I can't imagine life without him & am hoping he responds well to treatment and lives many more months!!
  • Marie, PA
  • I lost my best friend, Evie, a year ago September. I adopted her in 2006, she was 2 years old. That sweet girl was the love of my life and I miss her dearly. Thank you MAESSR for bringing that beautiful dog into my life.
  • Carrie, VA

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    To view a video tribute to MAESSR dogs, click here

    WEEKLY UPDATE 6-18-17


    UPCOMING EVENTS – save the dates!


    • Sunday, July 9th thru Saturday, July 15th:  The ESSFTA National Specialty at the Purina Farms Event Center - 200 Checkerboard Loop - Gray Summit, MO.  MAESSR will again be at the national specialty and will help to host the Paws Across America cocktail party and charity auction. All proceeds are being shared by the springer rescue groups attending. Why not come, see a great show, and help MAESSR at our booth and the Charity Auction! 


    • Saturday, September 30th:  Fifth Annual MAESSR Williamsburg (VA) Golf Classic - See Special Events under Categories at for details



    • Stay tuned for future dates!


    CASTRO, RILEY 12, and COLE 2 are looking for their forever homes.  Go to to read their stories and check out their web pages for a complete description.  Check out Castro’s special write up on our Facebook page and general Yahoo mail group on June 12th.  Please consider making one of these deserving dogs the newest member of your family. 

    Dogs over 9 years old are considered senior dogs, although a great number of them still have more energy than their owners. It all depends on the dog, some may have slowed down, even gotten a little gray in their beautiful coat or have some minor health issues requiring daily medication.  However, they still have a lot of love and kisses to give a loving family. The big benefit to a "senior" dog is they are already trained, have good house manners and life experience.  Special needs dogs may require a special home, such as few or no stairs, no children and etc. Some of these may be shy or unsocialized dogs who have grown enough to move with a medical issue that needs to be controlled on a daily basis, which does not prevent the dog from living a normal active life.  Take a few minutes to look over these seasoned dogs that still have much love to give.  If interested, contact Candi Lynn at



    • MAESSR Pet Portrait Raffle:  One beautiful hand-drawn portrait of your pet worth $300.00 by artist Jean Bryer, a portrait artist who resides with her dog, Freddy and cat Hobbs. An illustration graduate of Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Jean is also an experienced corporate graphic designer and illustrator.  Working on your pet's portrait allows Jean to combine her two passions: a love of animals and drawing. Her portraits capture the beauty of your family friend. In order to capture the beauty of YOUR pet, Jean requests you to send 6 to 10 different photographs (copies - no originals, please!). Jean's portraits are in black and white, though sometimes she adds a touch of color. Her portraits come unframed and can easily be shipped. If you have interest in Jean's work beyond the raffle, please contact Jean for more info at (703) 537-6262 or e-mail her at Please mention MAESSR!  Go to Special Events tab under Categories to buy your chances! Tickets are one for $5 or 5 for $20 until July 4th.

    • Check out - Place your first order and will proudly donate $20 to MAESSR!  There is a huge selection of pet food (including 5-star dog foods), treats, and supplies delivered straight to your door!   They sell over 300 brands of pure pet love, have 24/7 customer service, free shipping on orders over $49, and are cheaper than your local store.  Sign up for automatic shipment of dog food or other supplies right to your door on the schedule you choose.  No more lugging big bags of dog food from your car to the house. 

    • iGive is a MAESSR affiliate which is an automatic donation when shopping at +1500 stores.  Register at under Donations category and choose Affiliates on the pull down menu.  iGive is at the top.  Simply fill out the form and download the application.  You can install the iGive button on your toolbar and when you go to eligible sites, a pop-up will appear to ask you if you wish to donate.

    • Thanks to the MAESSR team at Canal Pup Fest, $20 was raised from sales.


    • Clicker Fun: Click and Fetch DVD with Dr. Deborah Jones shows you how to fix your dog's behavior problems while using fair and humane techniques, rather than force and punishment. The focus is on the problem-solving methods of prevention, management, extinction and differential reinforcement. Problems such as chewing, nipping, destructiveness, jumping, barking, and hyperactivity are highlighted.

    • Sirius Puppy Training Redux (40 minutes) In 1982, Dr. Dunbar created and taught the world's first off-leash puppy socialization and training classes - SIRIUS Puppy Training. Before there were no puppy classes; dogs had to wait until they were six months to a year old before attending school.  SIRIUS Redux shows classes how they were originally taught and how they should be taught today. Owners spend the entire class learning how to observe, handle and train their puppies. Puppies lean to play with other puppies and socialize with their owners. There are no separate playtimes or training times, instead, all puppies are off-leash for the entire class and numerous short training interludes are integrated within the play session. Thus, rather than becoming a distraction to training, playing with other puppies becomes an effective reward for training. In no time at all, compliance becomes a simple matter of puppy preference, puppies lean to listen to their owners because that's what they want to do.  Watch SIRIUS Redux and learn Dr. Dunbar's quick and easy, simple and effective, gentle and enjoyable, scientifically-based methods of off-leash, lure/reward, dog-friendly dog training, that made the SIRIUS philosophy the hallmark of pet dog training.

    The MAESSR library has over 150 DVDs, CDs, and books, both non-fiction and fiction, to lend out.  You can borrow books and other training material directly from the MAESSR Library on the group’s website by simply adding the books/DVDs you wish to borrow to the shopping cart and checking out. You will not be charged for this process. Or you can send an email with your name, address and material you wish to borrow to The material will be mailed to you and be due back within three weeks; you are responsible for return postage.  Unfortunately we can no longer mail materials internationally.

    The Training Library now has a WISH LIST on!   If you would like to purchase a book for the library, search for Wish List on Amazon to view the list of books and DVDs we would like to add to our library.  You can purchase a book off the list, and it will be shipped directly to the library.  Pretty quick and easy way to help out MAESSR!




    If you have a pet in need of prayers please contact Linda Shope at  or Linda Johnston at springerlove@comcast.netWe would be happy to add your pets name to the pet ministry prayer list


    MAESSR 2018 CALENDAR!:   It is that time of year to submit the best photos of your MAESSR adopted dog. All Photos need to be submitted by Wednesday July 4th!  YOU HAVE just over TWO WEEKS!  Make your MAESSR dog a star!  We are also continuing the Memorial Page, so if your MAESSR dog passed away in 2016 or 2017, consider submitting a photo.


    1. Deadline for submissions is July 4th, 2017.  Email the photo to:  Each family can submit up to 4 photos. No humans in the photos, pets only.  

    2. THE FUN STUFF:  There is no limit on the subjects; Springers with toys, getting into trouble, travel, multiple dogs, sitting pretty, action shots, funny shots, and seasonal shots -- anything goes!  Multiple dogs - at least one dog in the photo needs to be a MAESSR dog. Make it fun!   Fill your viewfinder with your dog. Background is nice, but show your dog!  Watch your photo background for busy-ness.  Try to capture your dog's personality. Keep your camera close -- you never know what your Springer is going to do!

    3. THE TECHNICAL STUFF:  Be very careful with cell phone photos. Jpgs are preferred. If sending a jpg, please try to have the image originate from an 8-mega pixel or higher digital camera. If the resolution is not high enough, we may not be able to use the image in the calendar.  Preferred photo size is 4”x 6” or 3.5” x 5”. Both landscape and portrait (up and down) images are acceptable.

    4. If you have changed the dog's name, please provide the pre-adoption name.

    5. MEMORIAL PAGE:  If your MAESSR dog passed since the last calendar was released, please send their photo and be sure to identify the photo for the Memorial Page.

    6. Please note that photos may be used in future MAESSR publications or merchandise.

    Questions? Contact Vicki at Please help make the 2018 calendar our best to date!  Did you know that the calendar committee now accepts pictures of your MAESSR dog year-round?   Just send your best shots to email accepts calendar pictures all year.  So now you can submit a photo whenever you have a good one...


    If you want to share photos of your dog on our social media send:


    As a reminder, when you send your notes about events or requests for help to the website or Facebook, please cc: This will help ensure that all events are mentioned periodically in the Weekly Update and equal attention is given to all.  Mistakes happen!  Corrections or omissions to the Weekly Update can also be sent to this address.  Also, if you have a favorite resource to help MAESSR earn some extra cash or goods for our four-legged charges that hasn’t been mentioned, please let me know so it can be highlighted, too.   Thanks!


    We have 23 dogs in our care this week.   There are now 6 permanent fosters as Candy crossed Rainbow Bridge.  Two dogs are pending a foster home. 


    Moving into Foster Homes were: Obi to Liz Watson  ~  Ronin to Debbie Lipcsey

    Springing into Furever Homes were:   Addie 2 to McCombs  ~  Woo-Hoo!


    Submitted by MAESSR volunteer Cathy Moyer

    with thanks to all those who helped with submissions/information.