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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Please take a few minutes to read about our Senior/Special Needs dog(s) “on hold.” Find out more at


Our program, SENIORS FOR SENIORS, charges a $75 adoption fee for adopters aged 60 and older who adopt dogs nine years old and older or special needs dogs.  If interested in one of our senior/special needs dogs, contact Candi Lynn at


  • Thanks to all of the families who feed VeRUS dog food. The free bags that MAESSR receives from the Rescue Frequent Feeder Program help the foster homes. To learn more about the Rescue Frequent Feeder Program, go to the Donations tab, then the Affiliates tab, find the Verus logo and click on the link or go to this link  for details. It is a really easy way to help foster homes. If you need a frequent feeder envelope, please email Debbie at

  • is another MAESSR affiliate whose mission is to bring humane, understandable and scientifically sound information to people who enrich their lives by working with, playing with, and loving dogs.  Many of the books, including the pamphlets, in the MAESSR library can be found at  You can support MAESSR and get great training advice by shopping there.   They also sell toys and other products.   Look for the $5 books on sale while you are there!

  • The Marketplace is open 24/7 for purchases.  Check out the MARKETPLACE RELAUNCH now that it is totally reorganized!   Click the Shop Now button on our Facebook page or go to and click on Marketplace under Categories. We’ve got cool toys for man’s best friend and companion.  Check out our Almost Gone/Bargain sections and Clearance items as well as our New items.  New products are adorable, and 2020 CALENDARS are available!  Go to to order.  We have a new shipping company which comes with technical support, make shipping a breeze.



  • NEW TO THE LIBRARY!  THE WELL-ADJUSTED DOG: DR. DODMAN’S 7 STEPS TO LIFELONG HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND (264 pages) by DR. NICHOLAS DODMAN. One of the greatest myths in dog ownership is that once a puppy is housetrained and has graduated from a puppy training class, an owner’s work is done. In fact, that work is just beginning. Forty-two percent of dog owners in this country report problems managing their dogs’ behavior. Our nation’s pounds and shelters are teeming with dogs who have been given up for just this reason. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As Dr. Dodman points out, almost every dog problem can either be treated or, better yet, prevented. Every dog has the potential to be happy and well adjusted. In The Well-Adjusted Dog, Dr. Dodman shows you how, offering what he calls “continuing education” for dogs and their owners. A comprehensive, seven-step approach takes on the whole dog—his health, behavior, and environment—and lays the groundwork for the proper care and training of your best friend, for life. You will discover • how much exercise your dog really needs (and why) • how diet can affect behavior • how to communicate clearly with your dog and understand dog body language • how to lead your dog, not dominate him • how to prevent or deal with fearful conditions • how to optimize your dog’s environment • how to address medical problems that might underlie unwanted behavior In this essential new book, Dr. Dodman draws on some twenty-five years of clinical experience to bring together the art—and science—of dog ownership. His approach is based on the latest research as well as a unique understanding of the whole dog. It’s also proven to work, and to work long term. Only in The Well-Adjusted Dog will you truly find what every good dog owner should know.  Donated by Fran Fisher.

  • NEW TO THE LIBRARY! THE SPRINGER SPANIEL MYSTERIES (197 pages) by NANCY T. LUCASScout is an only dog and sometimes lonely, but he does have some dog friends in his Charleston, SC neighborhood. Whether it’s a pair of Boston Terriers that go missing, a difficult ghost dog bully that needs re-homing, tulip bulbs that must be found, or a cursed carriage mule, it’s up to Scout (and later, NEW PUPPY Benne Wafer) to lead the rescue missions and solve the mysteries. Along the way, he encounters a terrifying boa constrictor, some unkind wharf rats and a chatty possum that’s obsessed with food. Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor and some extra palmetto bugs for these adventures that will take you through Charleston’s city sewers, King Street shopping and to the City Market! And in this volume, Part Four of The Springer Spaniel Mysteries includes the new adventure, The Curse of the Carriage Mule. 

**The MAESSR library has over 200 titles of DVDs, CDs, and books, both non-fiction and fiction, to lend out.  You can borrow items directly from the Library on the group’s website by simply adding them to the shopping cart and checking out or you can send an email with your name, address and material you wish to borrow to  The material will be mailed to you and is due back in three weeks; you are responsible for return postage.  Unfortunately we can no longer mail materials internationally. 

**To find the Training Library’s Amazon Wish List of books and DVDs go to  You can purchase a book (new or used) off the list, and it will be shipped directly to the library.  Pretty quick and easy way to help out MAESSR as well as educate adopters!

**Check out MAESSR Library’s Facebook page. You will find Facebook links for many of our authors under “Pages liked by this Page” plus you can also access the library on the “Learn More” button.



  • If you have a PET IN NEED OF PRAYERS please contact Linda Shope at  or Linda Johnston at springerlove@comcast.netThey would be happy to add your pets name to the pet ministry prayer list.

  • IF YOU SEE A SPRINGER NEEDING RESCUE:  For a springer being rehomed in an ad on social media or in a newspaper, please email   For a springer in a shelter, please email  In your email include contact information such as links to the online post, shelter name, state, and phone number.



If you want to share photos of your dog on our social media send:


  • RAINBOW BRIDGE CROSSINGS are noted on a monthly basis.  If you would like your MAESSR dog included, please send your name, dog’s MAESSR name if different than adoptive name, and year of adoption to Feel free to include who fostered your dog.

  • When you send your notes about events or requests for help to the website or Facebook, please cc: This will help ensure that all events are mentioned in the Weekly Update and attention is given to all. 

  • Mistakes happen!  Corrections or omissions to the Weekly Update can also be sent to


We have 20 dogs in our care this week.  There are 3 permanent fosters.  Four dogs are pending a foster home. 


Moving into Foster Homes were:  Maisey to Debbie Lipcsey

                                                          Avery and Harley 17 to Charlotte Ball

Springing into Furever Homes were:   None


Submitted by MAESSR volunteer Cathy Moyer

with thanks to all those who helped with submissions/information.