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Entered: 02/21/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 42 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Richmond, VA
Health: UTD, HW+ and beginning the "slow kill" method of treatment, overall good health
Temperament: Good with adults, supervise with children, good with dogs, lunges at cats

Neal's Story . . .
Original:  "He loves to give kisses and, given his excited greeting, one would think they had been gone for weeks!"

Neal came to MAESSR with his brother, Billy, via Tennessee where they were picked up as strays. He is an energetic, beautiful boy with a gorgeous coat.

A visit to the vet determined that Neal is slightly heartworm positive. He is beginning the “slow kill” method of treatment which means that he will receive one Heartgard preventative on the 1st and the 15th of each month for one year. He also will take doxycycline on alternating months, taking it for six months total. MAESSR will supply the medication to Neal’s adoptive family. At the end of the year, he will need to be heartworm tested. MAESSR will pay for the vet visit and that heartworm test. Although most dogs are heartworm-free after one year, MAESSR will pay for another year of treatment if Neal is still positive.

Neal gets along well with the three dogs in his foster home, though he guards his food at feeding time by grumbling at the other dogs. He has no problems with his foster mom placing her hand on his dish while he’s eating, however. When outside Neal has begun playing with the 14 month old Brittany but, when he’s in the house, he doesn't play with the other dogs at all. Nor does he play with toys.

When it comes to cats, Neal is on high alert, constantly watching for them. If told “NO,” he will do his best to leave the kitties alone. At some point his will power fades and he is compelled to lunge at a feline. The best home for happy living with Neal would be one without cats.

Although he is housetrained, Neal will occasionally try to mark. His foster mom believes that this is due to the number of animals in his foster home. He knows to use the dog door to go outside when he needs to potty. If he is behind a closed door and needs access to the doggy door, he will stand quietly and look at the door until it is opened……good boy!

Neal understands "no" and "sit." He does not chew inappropriately and since the trash is housed in a pantry and not available to him, he’s not been into mischief there. His foster mom reports that he will put his paws on the table, but he has not counter-surfed. He does get on the couch whenever he can, but will use a dog bed if his foster mom is working in the kitchen and he wants to be near. When taking walks, Neal pulls somewhat on the leash; he likes to greet other dogs that he meets along the way. He is an easy guy to take on a car ride, as he lies down and falls asleep very quickly.

When Neal’s foster mom is not home, he is left in a large utility room with three other dogs; the doggy door is available to him should he want to go outside. At night he sleeps in his foster mom's bedroom. Sometimes he sleeps on the big bed, other times on a dog bed. He prefers to cuddle and wants to be in contact, at minimum, with his human’s leg.

Neal is very attentive to his people. When he knows they have returned home, he tries to get to wherever they are as soon as he can. He loves to give kisses and, given his excited greeting, one would think they had been gone for weeks! Whenever his people sit down, whether on a couch or in a kitchen chair, Neal is right there, trying to get as close as possible. He wants to be in a lap getting and giving as much attention as he can! As long as Neal knows where his people are, he’s a mellow guy and can be content to sit at their feet. What a love muffin!

Although he has not been to the groomer since arriving in his foster home, his foster mom feels that he would have no problems being groomed. He has been fine with having his ears touched and was excellent at his vet visit. For Neal, the more touching, the better! He’s just a very cuddly and lovey guy.

Neal's ideal home would be cat-free with a fenced yard. He would do best as an only dog or living with a non-dominant dog. Neal will adapt well with his new family because he’s a good listener who wants human approval. Are you ready for this sweet, cuddly boy?