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  • We got Boone from MAESSR when he was 6 years old. He was not dog-friendly and not good with young children, which presented some problems for us.  However, he loved us unconditionally,and he deserved the same from us. We introduced him to swimming.  He was hesitant at first, but he quickly became a water dog.  He loved car rides and just being with his people. We lost Boone very suddenly and unexpectedly on Sept. 11,2018 due to a bleeding tumor in his spleen. It was one month shy of his 13th birthday. He was great up until that last morning.There is a huge hole in our hearts that will never be filled. Even if we get another dog, there will never be another Boone.
    Mary, NC

  • MAESSR is the best.  Debbie, VA                    
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Murphy 14

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Entered: 01/11/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 34 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Glenmoore, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for eye infection and kennel cough complete, overall good health
Temperament: Good with adults and children, good with dogs and dog savvy cats

Murphy 14's Story . . . 
Original:  "This sweet love bug likes to be with his people and will accommodate them by placing his head in their laps for petting! "

Picked up as a stray in North Carolina and taken to a shelter, Murphy had some health issues and was very scared.  A MAESSR volunteer soon pulled him from the shelter and got him back into a home environment.  A few days later, he took a 9 hour ride to Pennsylvania with his new foster mom and canine foster brother and sister; all were excellent travelers!
Murphy’s health issues are on the mend.  His eye infection has cleared up and is currently on antibiotics for his kennel cough.  Once his course of meds is completed, Murphy will be neutered and then he will begin looking for a forever home.
Clearly, Murphy had lived inside before because he has nice house manners.  He is housetrained and goes to the door to signal his need to go outside.  He did try to mark in the house; however, a stern “ehhhh” was enough to stop him.  Since then, he has made no attempts to mark.  Good boy, Murphy!
His foster mom is hard pressed to find any bad habits in Murphy.  There is no counter-surfing, trash picking, or inappropriate chewing for this boy.  When his foster dad comes home, he does greet him by putting his front feet on him to be petted but Murphy doesn’t jump.  He will crate up but sleeps on a big pillow on the floor of his foster parents’ bedroom at night.  When his foster parents are away, Murphy and the resident dogs stay in the laundry room until they return.
This sweet love bug likes to be with his people and will accommodate them by placing his head in their laps for petting!  Also, he has met the neighbor’s children with tail wags and kisses. Although Murphy is good with dog savvy cats, he will chase a cat that runs.   He and the resident dogs get along well and enjoy playing together.
When out on a walk, Murphy does pull slightly on the leash but not excessively. He responds to his name and will “sit” on command.  He eats in the laundry room with the two resident ESS and shows no food aggression.   Lately, he has started to take an interest in toys. 
Murphy has a beautiful coat with a full tail and cooperates with the spa treatments that keep him looking great.  He was good for his bath and enjoyed being brushed.  His foster parents have had no problem looking in his ears or wiping his paws.  Such a good dog!
This super love bug will make a wonderful addition to some lucky family!