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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 12/08/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 52 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Enola, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from medication for incontinence, treatment for Lyme disease and hookworms
Health Cont.: complete
Temperament: Good with people as young as 9, good with other dogs, reportedly not good with cats

Maisy's Story . . .
Update 02/07/2014:  “But even as cold as it has been, Maisy still loves to roll in the snow." 
Maisy continues to do extremely well.  She passed the three week mark after her last deworming pill, and her fecal exam came back “parasite free!”   She hasn’t had a true accident in the house for a couple of weeks, and with a little bit more vigilance on the part of her foster parents, she has had no recent incidents of incontinence either.  Her folks just try to remember to let her go out if it looks as if she's ready to settle down for a nap and they know she's drunk some water recently. 
Unfortunately, her only new adventures have consisted of negotiating snow and ice.  But even as cold as it has been, Maisy still loves to roll in the snow.  And she likes to chomp on snow and ice too,  Her foster mom thinks she looks at her backyard as one giant snow cone!!  She is a bit leery of the snowmen that have recently been built in the neighborhood though.  She's not quite sure what to make of them.
In addition to her good behavior, Maisy is a quick study.  Her foster mom is amazed at how quickly she learns.  Sometimes she's not exactly being trained but picks up the behavior anyway.  One smart cookie!!
Are you ready to keep up with a fast learner and a “snow cone lover” sweetheart of a Springer?  Maisy is quickly getting ready for her furever home and looking for the right family to be ready for her!
Update 01/05/2014:  “This girl is just fun to have around."
Maisy made a return visit to the vet for her Lyme vaccine booster.  She did well, just as she did on her first trip, plus, she lost the 5 pounds that the vet wanted her to lose!!  She now weighs 52 pounds.  Her activity level has increased.  She has more energy and is more playful both indoors and out.  

She gets her second and final hookworm pill in a few days and then a stool check three weeks after that.  She also continues on her medication for incontinence. There have been no more leaking incidents and the occasional accidents in the house are fewer and further between.

Overall Maisy’s just feeling better and more comfortable in her foster home.  She now goes in her crate with just a little urging and she settles right down.  She's enjoying the car more now too.  She even jumps right in, but she'd much rather go to the park than to the vet.

On walks around the neighborhood she's been approached by people and dogs that are sometimes leashed, sometimes not.  While wary at first, she usually ends up being the calm one in the encounter. 

Maisy had a visit from her foster mother's friend and her 9 year-old daughter.  The little girl has two big dogs of her own and was not shy in touching and playing with Maisy.  Maisy thoroughly enjoyed romping around with her and even cuddled with her and her mother. This girl is just fun to have around.  She’ll be ready soon and make a fine addition to one very lucky family!

Update 12/24/2013:  “Her coat is so gorgeous that she is the best chenille blanket that one could ever wish for.”
Miss Maisy is blossoming in her foster home.  Her silly side is emerging and her foster dad calls her a goofball, which appears to be fitting for this special girl.  Maisy loves to sit on her foster parents’ feet and lean into them when she wants attention, which is most of the time!  If it’s not received fast enough, she rolls over on her back and gives them her irresistible doe eyes.  As one can imagine, attention is bestowed upon her!
With her particular coloring around her mouth, it really looks like Maisy has a perpetual smile.  Adorable!  Her coat is so gorgeous that she is the best chenille blanket that one could ever wish for.  An additional interesting feature is Maisy’s eye color.  She has one blue eye and one brown!
Maisy’s few health issues are being resolved.  She will have a follow up vet visit in early January to make sure the nasty hookworms are gone.  She's also begun an inexpensive daily medication to address incontinence.  Soon she’ll be looking for that forever home to call her own.  This special, sweet, goofy girl would love it to be with you.

Original:  “This sweet, affectionate girl is happiest the nearer she is to her humans and her foster brother.  She wants to be close to her people and she relishes touch and attention.”

Maisy's Maryland owners relinquished her and her brother Scout to MAESSR because an illness in the family prevented them from providing the dogs with proper care and attention.  Maisy and Scout have spent the last few years living in a crate in the family barn with time spent in a pen during the day.  Their owners knew these Springers deserved a better life so they sought MAESSR’s help.

Adjusting well to life in foster care, Maisy now realizes that she does not have to resource guard her new-found humans and her toys.  When she first came into foster care, she had a couple of skirmishes with the resident ESS due to these issues, but there have been no incidences since.  Maisy knows there is plenty of attention and plenty of toys in her foster home and that she can share.

Maisy is basically housetrained, but she has not learned to signal when she needs to go out yet.  She keeps her crate dry, though.  Her house manners are good; she does not counter-surf, get into the trash, or chew any inappropriate items.  At her family’s mealtime, Maisy does not beg.  Dogs are not allowed on furniture in her foster family’s house and she has shown no inclination to do so.  What a good girl!

Maisy stays in her crate at night and also during the day when her foster parents are at work.  She goes in with some encouragement and settles nicely after a few minutes and some barking.  This sweet, affectionate girl is happiest the nearer she is to her humans and foster brother.  She wants to be close to her people and she relishes touch and attention.

The basic commands “sit,” “stay,” and “lie down” are part of Maisy’s repertoire.  She also responds to “no” and “off” for the few times she has tried to jump up on her people.  Maisy walks very well on a leash and is learning to heel.  She is tentative when meeting others on a walk but has not exhibited any aggressiveness.  She is somewhat startled by loud traffic noises but that is understandable as these things are probably all new to her.  Maisy has ridden in the car on a trip to the vet and on a trip to the local park.  She doesn't jump right in the car but allows herself to be lifted in.  Then, she settles nicely and seems to enjoy the ride.

When Maisy went for her vet appointment, the vet said he would like her to lose about five pounds. Since she just loves to go for long walks and play in the yard, her foster family feels that all this good exercise, combined with some lite food for now, will help Maisy easily achieve her ideal weight.  Maisy eats in the privacy of her crate and has a good appetite.  Maisy’s blood test revealed that she is Lyme positive.  The vet said that protocol for Lyme disease is to both vaccinate and treat.  Maisy got the first vaccination and then will get a booster in three weeks.  Plus, she is on a course of antibiotics.    She was very well behaved at the vet, docile and even a bit submissive.  She let the vet poke and prod and examine her thoroughly without any fuss. 

Maisy's playful side is starting to emerge.  She loves to run in the yard, play ball and bat around the stuffed toys that surround her.  Much to her foster family's delight, she loves to romp in the snow and make snow angels!  A happy, moderately active dog, Maisy has great energy but knows how to settle down and relax.

Shortly, Maisy will have her first visit to the groomer; however, her foster mother has easily been able to brush her, clean her ears, and generally handle her without an issue.  Maisy has a thick coat and with each brushing it shines more and more.

Maisy’s foster parents believe she would do best in a moderately active home with people and dogs who can shower her with affection and allow her to be close by and share in family activities.

Stay tuned for more on this sweetheart as her personality continues to emerge and her foster family discovers the things that make this loving ESS so special!